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  1. Please sign in at the back table next to your child’s name. Find your child’s seat. Please write a special note for your child and leave it on the desk. I know this will make him/her smile!  The other paper is for notes. Check out your child’s DATA BINDER. WELCOME TO OUR CLASSROOM

  2. Thanks for sharing your child with me this year!

  3. All About Me~ Born in Wyoming~ High School in Holland~ Graduated from the University of Wyoming~ Married for 10 years~ 2 kids- Hannah & Ross~ This is my 12th year of teaching( 8 yrs in Texas, 4th year in AZ) ~ 2nd Grade-7 years~ 3rd Grade-2 years~ 6th Grade-1 year~ 4th Grade- 2nd year 

  4. This year we get the opportunity to have two Teacher Candidates…Miss LiBrandi (1st Semester) & Mrs. Banghart (2nd Semester)CO-TEACHING

  5. All About Miss LiBrandi-Born in Long Beach, California -Twin brother Joe -AZ Native for 17yrs-Graduated from Mountain Ridge High School-Attending NAU and graduating in December! 

  6. Fourth Grade Expectations

  7. Overview of Reading

  8. Organized into themes • 1st theme is “You Can Do It!” • Focus of this year for reading: • Strategies • Individual/small group needs • Finding root causes for gaps in learning, and filling those gaps. • Stretching students into more mature, confident readers • State is moving to Common Core Standards • More rigorous • Focus on language development as a whole – reading, writing, speaking, and listening…across the curriculum. Weekly Harcourt Story

  9. Fluency Students will work towards reading smoothly with accuracy and expression. Comprehension Students will use strategies to help them understand what they read. Harcourt to introduce skills Literature studies and Expository Text studies to practice. Vocabulary Students will use knowledge of root words and affixes to determine the meaning of unknown words. Remediation/Enrichment Weekly Skills

  10. Overview of Math

  11. Common Core Math Standards as well User name: MRGrade4student Password: MRGRADE4 Math state standards can be found at…

  12. 4th Year of Adoption Lessons based on Arizona State Standards Hands-on activities to build foundational skills Real-world problem solving skills State Standards

  13. Last year, 83% of the students met or exceeded in Math. NCLB mandates that 100% of students meet or exceed by 2014. In order to meet goal, this years students must gain at least 6%. Our goal is for 89% or more to meet or exceed. Of course we are shooting for 100%  Math Goals

  14. Purpose – to group students who have common readiness to tackle a skill or set of skills. Mr. Lyons, Mrs. Orr, Mrs. Copenhaver will contact you by email. Teach according to needs Pre-test/Post-test Regroup as necessary Flex Grouping

  15. Purpose: Students need to be fluent in their facts so that when they get to multi-step multiplication, division, and fractions, it is easier for them and they can focus on the process rather than the facts. • Fact fluency makes math easier and more fun. • Goal • Multiplication: Facts 1’s though 12’s; 50 facts in 2 minutes • Division: Facts 1’s through 12’s; 100 facts in 5 minutes • Please help at home • Study in the car • At dinner • Free time • Flash cards Timed Fact Tests

  16. Overview of Writing

  17. Writing For 4th Grade Across the Curriculum

  18. Clearly communicate ideas Organize ideas in a logical manner Choose words appropriately to communicate ideas and paint mental pictures (Word Choice) Demonstrate Voice Use well written sentence structure to support sentence fluency Use appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling (Conventions) 4th Grade Students will be assessed using the Six Traits’ Rubric

  19. Expressive – Personal narrative, story, poetry, skit Expository – Expository paragraphs, essay, summary, Newspaper, article, reflective, paper, log, journal Functional - letters, invitations, messages, thank you notes, directions, recipes, procedures, rubrics, labels, graphs/tables Persuasive - advertisement, paragraph Literary Response - reflection to a Literature selection; journal entry, book review, response to a literature selection Research – Informational report 4th Grade Writing Portfolio Evidence

  20. Overview of Social Studies

  21. Field Trips Field Trips are an important part of experiencing Social Studies!

  22. What materials will we use to teach social studies? Text book Internet Simulations

  23. Types of Instruction? Reading instruction Hands-on activities Project based Integrated writing

  24. Overview of Science

  25. S – Science • T – Technology • E – Engineering • M - Mathematics STEM

  26. Weather is our school wide focus. Weather Bug- Gathering info. every morning. The Common Core Standards for Language Arts pushes more speaking and writing standards into content areas such as science. “Science Talk” Weather!

  27. Water Landforms Electricity & Magnetism Environments FOSS SCIENCE

  28. Glendale Water Department Focus is on principles conservation of water in Arizona Related to Project Wet Water Watchers

  29. Overview of Spelling

  30. Focus is learning spelling strategies and skills Word lists of 20 words not given out. Students can differentiate their challenge level by bumping up to using multisyllabic words for their conceptual assignments. Sitton Spelling

  31. Spelling test on THURSDAY Friday- We will go over the skills and concepts of the week. Students have the weekend, plus Monday – Wednesday to complete the activities. Thursday is an oral test. The next unit is given out on Friday and the cycle repeats. Weekly Spelling

  32. Birthdays…Please let me know if you are bringing treats so I can plan accordingly. Bring plates/napkins/plastic knife to cut it etc. ROOM PARENT for parties!!! Volunteers…Make sure you are trained. Next class is Volunteer Basic Training  2011-2012 Open Volunteer Training Dates AUGUST 30- 9:30 MEDIA CENTER Fun Stuff

  33. Students are given tickets for coming to school, participating in class, doing homework, doing what is right without being asked, helping others, etc. Owe me tickets if they don’t do homework, don’t follow our school/classroom rules, etc. Auction: candy, popcorn, free homework pass, sit at Viper Desk, sit by friend, sit in rolling chair, have lunch with me, character counts slips, mystery box. They have earned this!!! Good motivation to work hard and do what is right! Donate items/toys…THANK YOU!  TICKETS

  34. Please make sure to not bring snacks that contain peanuts. Lunch: It’s okay if you have a peanut butter sandwich, just make sure it is in a ziplock bag. SNACK TIME & WATER BOTTLE- Students are allowed to bring a HEALTHY (peanut free) snack to class. Please make sure your child brings a water bottle, it is so hot outside and they need to stay hydrated. Peanut Free/Snack Time

  35. WWP=Wednesday Work Packets ALL graded work will come home on Wednesdays. Papers will be stapled together with a half sheet on the front. Tells how many papers are attached. REDOS= If you child scored below a 70% it is considered a REDO. Student needs to correct and return paper. Grade will stay the same, but correcting paper will clear up misconceptions. SIGNATURE= Parents need to sign WWP, due on Friday. WWP/Grades

  36. What is the retake contract? Allows students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery. If your child doesn’t do well on an assignment, they can fill out the contract, do all the steps expected, and return with your signature. A different test will be given. Not about the grades, it’s about the understanding!!! Retake Contract

  37. BE RESPONSIBLE!!!! Every night your child will have homework. Math WS/Facts-turned in next day Spelling-turned in on Thursday Read 20 min. & record main idea each night. Journal/notebook paper, etc.-turn in Friday Tuesday Newsday-turned in Tuesday Study Vocab words-test Friday WWP- turned in Friday It is imperative that homework is completed and turned in on time. Notes, calling a friend, rewriting, etc. Homework

  38. Please check my website every Sunday night. I put a lot of time and energy into updating this site so let’s use it!  My Website

  39. You are able to access your child’s attendance and grades online. Go to There is a new system for logging in. If you go to the page, you can download detailed instructions of what to do. Power School

  40. Questions

  41. Thank you for coming to curriculum night! It’s going to be an amazing year! Keep in touch. We are a team working together to help your child! YES!