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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. By: James Patterson R&E by: Molly K. Summary.

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maximum ride the angel experiment

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

By: James Patterson

R&E by: Molly K.


Maximum Ride is a girl that grew up in a dog cage, in a lab with crazy wack-job scientists (whitecoats) experimenting on her for the first ten years of her life. She and five other kids like her were saved by Jeb Batchelder. These six – Max (14), Fang (14), Iggy (14), Nudge (11), the Gasman (Gazzy, 8), and Angel (6) - were one of the only experiments that made it past infancy. They’re 98% human, and 2% avian. They have wings. For two years after that, Jeb was like a father to them. Then, he disappeared. They grieved over his death. Well, that’s what they thought happened to him. For two years, they have been living on their own. Then on one of those peaceful days, Erasers – half wolf, half human, the other experiment that made it past infancy – attack them and capture Angel! Now Max, Fang, and Nudge are rescuing Angel from the dreaded place they grew up in – the School. Will they succeed? Read Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment to find out!

r new cover
R – New Cover

Old Book Cover: New Book Cover

The Angel


e letter to the author
E – Letter to the Author

Dear James Patterson,

I recently read your book, Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. I loved it! I have a few questions, though.

  • Why did you choose to call the testing facility “the School”?
  • Why did you give Angel the power to read minds?
  • Why did you choose to make the flock part bird instead of a different animal?
  • Are there any other books you wrote that you would recommend?

Thank you for your time,

Molly K.

e other books
E – Other Books

2. School’s Out – Forever

3. Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

4. The Final Warning

5. Max

6. Fang

7. Angel

8. Nevermore

spoiler alert
Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!

All of these books spoil the books before them. (Number 7 will spoil numbers 1-6, number 4 will spoil 1-3, etc.) You have been warned.

school s out forever
School’s Out - Forever

When Fang gets severely injured by Ari, the flock has to go to a normal hospital

for help. Of course that means that the doctors discovered their wings. When

FBI agents find out about them they go to the hospital to question the flock.

One of these agents is Anne Walker, who gives the flock a home for Fang to fully

heal. But that of course, doesn’t stop the trouble from coming, the Erasers from

attacking, or Max’s Voice from telling her she has to save the world.

saving the world and other extreme sports
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Max and the flock finally find out what their real purpose was: to

stop the By-Half Plan. If the By-Half plan is a success, half of the

world’s population will be destroyed. This half will then be

replaced by super humans/mutant freaks. But that’s not the only

problem the flock is facing. After they re-escape the School, Max

decides that Ari should go with them. This leads to conflict with

Fang, and two different mini flocks. Plus, the scientists at the

school have created a new type of Eraser called Flyboys. (they’re

really just robots with Eraser skin.) Will the flock get back

together? Will they stop the By-Half Plan and the Flyboys? Read

Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sportsfind


the final warning
The Final Warning

Max and the flock are headed to Antarctica for a different type of mission; one

that will help stop global warming. Funny how they went from fugitives to

protectors. The flock is going to see if they can use their wings in any way that

will help get the message across. But of course their enemies aren’t going to

make this easy for them. ‘Cause it’s just never that simple.


Max and the flock have a new mission: save Max’s mother from the crazy Mr.

Chu. Through many hints they have discovered where Mr. Chu is keeping her,

it’s just a matter of getting there. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. Of

course that makes sense, ‘cause this is Max. Everything’s difficult when it’s

with Max.


When the flock decides to head to Africa to help the CSM there, they are met

by some terrifying news from Angel. “Fang will be the first to die,” she says.

The scariest part? Angel has never, ever been wrong. Just to make Max’s life

even worse, she meets Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen and Dylan the Perfect.

Apparently, Dylan is supposed to be Max’s “perfect other half.” And lately,

Angel has been getting scarier and scarier.


After Fang leaves the flock, Dylan and Max are getting closer. Max is still being told that he’s her “perfect other half.” Worst of all, she’s starting to believe it. In the meantime, Fang is starting his own flock. Both of the groups have the same goal: save the world from this new enemy, The Doomsday Group. The group is manipulating people into thinking that they should kill off most of Earth’s population, leaving only the mutants. Now, the two groups have to work together to stop this new enemy. But will they survive?


Now that Angel is possibly dead, Max and the four members of the original flock (plus Dylan) have to go on living. The first order of business? School. But soon the flock is back on track to rescue missions, saving the world, all the usual. And there is yet another enemy. The ninety-nine percenters. And this time, their enemy is not stopping at anything to achieve they’re goal. The apocalypse is coming; and nothing is stopping it now.