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Battle of Gettysburg

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Battle of Gettysburg. By: Doug Ruhl. Civil War. The Civil War was fought between the Union army (North) and the Confederate army (South). North South Vs. Civil War Era.

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civil war
Civil War
  • The Civil War was fought between the Union army (North) and the Confederate army (South).

North South


civil war era
Civil War Era
  • The following is a political cartoon drawn during the civil war. What ideas does it raise about the reason for the war and the state of our culture at the time?

Gettysburg is located in south central Pennsylvania about a 40 minute drive from Manheim.

Gettysburg Location

battle of gettysburg1
Battle of Gettysburg
  • The battle was fought on July 1-3, 1863
  • The Union army was led by General George G. Meade and the Confederate army was led by General Robert E. Lee.





military strategy
Military Strategy
  • The map below shows the military strategy that each General executed.
cost of battle
Cost of Battle


Union 950 4,550 5,500

Confederate 900 4,350 5,250


Union 1,500 7,250 8,750

Confederate 1,175 5,325 6,500


Union 705 2,745 3,450

Confederate 1,425 5,575 7,000

This data was taken from the Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center based on documentation from both armies.

Data Website

gettysburg address
Gettysburg Address
  • The following link is to a site with the recording of the Gettysburg address. The address is read by five different, well known public figures.
  • The original address was given by Abraham Lincoln on November 19, 1863

Gettysburg Address

union victory outcome
Union Victory Outcome
  • Meade and the Union Army were able to defeat Lee and the Confederate army
  • Lee and his troops consequently retreated back to the south.
  • Although the war would last almost two more years, many believe that the victory at Gettysburg was the turning point in the North’s eventual victory.
  • The most well-known outcome of the Civil War was the abolishment of slavery.

Watching America political cartoon found at:

Poster of the Soldier available at:

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Audio recordings of the Gettysburg Address found at:

Google 2009. Google map available at: