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  1. Overview Naming Rights Benefits Audience Objective Annual Media Summary

  2. Naming Rights – Opportunity The FedEx Orange Bowl. The Nissan Pavilion. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. The New York Red Bulls. The Nokia Theater. Each of these represents a tangible, iconic asset that is now synonymously associated with a strong corporate brand through a naming rights agreement. Sponsorship opportunities like these provide a way to break through the clutter of everyday life and derive a halo effect from the association with a powerful property, team, or event or a well-known location or destination. Entercom Kansas City will integrate Comcast name into 98Rock by re-branding our broadcast and performance studios in all audio and digital messaging. We will provide the exclusive opportunity to leverage the loyalty of our listeners and create direct correlations with our unique personalities and unduplicatable content.

  3. Benefits Naming rights is a strategic tactic for sponsors to localize national branding Naming rights creates borrowed imagery which creates a halo effect Naming rights give implied endorsements with sponsor surrounding station brand, shows, streaming broadcasts and station events Naming rights produce media coverage that builds community goodwill Naming rights build consumer confidence and employee morale Naming rights are less intrusive so there’s no wear out/tune out Naming rights media weight results in higher ad recall

  4. The Audience: 98.9 The Rock • The Sports Nut – A18-54, male skew • Goes crazy for anything and everything that has to do with sports. He plays sports in the local social club. He probably has season tickets to the Royals and The Chiefs even though it’s been a long time since the last championship. And don’t try to schedule something with him during March Madness. He travels for his team and has to have a TV package that shows every game. And whenever he’s surfing the web and working on his fantasy lineups, he’s listening to The Rock. • The Guitar Hero – A18-34 • This guy or girl is all about music. Any music. All music. If you go to a show, you know you’ll see them in the pit (or as close to the stage as the bouncer will let them). They are loyal to their favorite bands and always looking for new music. They download a ton of legal music and definitely need Comcast to speed it up. They probably play an instrument and might even be in a band. And they love meeting the artists at shows that The Rock has put together. • The Gear Head – A25-54, male skew • Loves car, trucks, bikes, boats and racing all of them. You’ll find this guy at car shows or under the hood of his own car. You might even find him changing the oil for his girlfriend. One thing’s certain: whenever he’s working on an engine, he’s listening to The Rock to keep him going. • The Technophile – A18-34 • Always on the bleeding edge of technology, this is someone that definitely stood in line for both the new iPhone AND the new Zune player, just so they can have the best. DVRs, Blu-Ray DVDs, plasma, LCD, FireWire, Digital Cable with On Demand, Digital Voice, and HD Radio. They listen to The Rock on a killer sound system and if they aren’t a Comcast customer, they totally should be.

  5. Objective • Super-enhance Comcast’s connection and daily brand relevance with The Rock audience while developing greater impact for the regular advertising schedule. • Presenting: Live From The Comcast Studio at The Rock • Exclusive naming rights with continuous, persistent, long-term brand exposure and association with 98.9 The Rock broadcast, digital and performance studios.

  6. Campaign Content • Live Brand Mentions • At least once per hour, Entercom talent weave the Comcast brand into their live breaks or a recorded audio message plays stating that they are broadcasting “live from the Comcast Studio at The Rock”

  7. Notable In-Studio Appearances Dave Attell on 5.16.08 Dave Navaro on 5.16.08 Jeff Foxworthy on 5.12.08 Ali Landry on 5.06.08 Judas Priest on 5.06.08 Russell Simmons on 4.21.08 Jim Gaffigan on 3.27.08 Evander Holyfield on 2.20.08 Slash on 12.17.07

  8. Digital Content • Streaming Brand Mentions • At least once per hour, the Comcast brand is integrated into the station’s stream with an audio message stating that the broadcast is “live from the Comcast Studio at The Rock” • Persistent Display Ad • The Comcast logo appears as a banner ad within the streaming player, “taking over” that position for the duration of the campaign

  9. Streaming brand mentions and persistent display adfeature integrated Comcast logo and branding.

  10. Annual Media Summary *Source: KQRC, 52 Week Schedule Analysis, Adults 18+, 4BK SP07-WI08 MSA ARB • Timing: 52 weeks • July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009 • Audio • Live Brand Mentions: 1x per hour, M-Su = 8,760 units • This campaign will reach 10.8% of the Adult 18+ population an average of 408 times each and generate almost 63 million gross impressions* • Digital • Streaming Brand Mentions: 1,664,400 impressions • Persistent Display Ad • Naming Rights Investment: $296,390 (NET)

  11. Confidentiality Notice The preceding pages contain proprietary information of Entercom Communications Corp. and is to be used by the recipient solely for the purpose of evaluating a transaction or business relationship with Entercom Communications Corp. This Proprietary Information should be kept confidential and is not to be distributed, disclosed or disseminated to third parties.