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IDC Herzliya – The Facts PowerPoint Presentation
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IDC Herzliya – The Facts

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IDC Herzliya – The Facts
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IDC Herzliya – The Facts

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  1. IDC Herzliya – The Facts Established 1994 by Prof. Uriel Reichman president and founder First private university in Israel Built on abandoned air force base. “Swords into Ploughshares “ 6000 students at IDC Herzliya 25% of the student body come from 80 countries

  2. IDC’s Mission Statement Interdisciplinary concept Zionist university Freedom and responsibility Free enterprise Start-up nation academia Students are our partner

  3. Who are we? • Highly ranked by the Council for Higher Education • Graduates of elite combat IDF units • Bureaucracy busters • Premier social science university • Cater to all parts of Israeli Society

  4. BA Degrees • Business Administration • Communications • Government • Psychology All taught in just three years (as opposed to North American universities) Kenneth Gotlib, Antwerp, Belgium Tamara Hirsch, Vienna, Austria Lauren Hasseck, London, England

  5. Graduate Degrees • MA in Government • Counterterrorism and Homeland Security • Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution • Track with thesis • Global MBA • Global Management • Strategic Management • Global Entrepreneurship • New Media Innovation • MA in Organizational Behavior (OB) • Track with thesis • Track without thesis Kyle Giddens, MA Thesis, Toronto, Canada

  6. Campus Life Community Service Debate Club Entrepreneurship Club Centers for Learning Skills Sports Internships Model UN Campus Magazine 106.4 FM Radio Trips across Israel Hillel Band Film Club Dance Group Choir Ambassador’s Club AEΠ Ulpan

  7. Observant Life on Campus • 25% student body observant • Daily Mincha • Weekly shiurim, parshat hashavua and other programming • “Adoption” of students by local families • Kosher campus • No school activities on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays

  8. Housing • Apartments • Private rooms with shared living space • Walking distance to campus • Shomer Shabbat/Kosher available

  9. Jack Gottesman, Chicago, US Talmor Sabo, Cape Town, South Africa Maurane Ramon, Aix en Provence, France Maia Duarte, Montevideo, Uruguay Danny Buchen, Sydney, Australia Mor Shmueli, Rome, Italy

  10. IDC Alumni Select Employers of IDC Alumni: High-Tech: Amdocs, Check Point, Elbit, GEIBM, ICA Telecom, Legend Business Technologies, Medcon TelemedicineMicrosoft Finance:Cedar Fund, Equity Group Investments, GersonLehrman GroupGoldman Sachs, McKinsey and Co. Government:Israeli Supreme Court, Israeli Foreign Service, Jewish Agency for IsraelKnesset, Ministry of Defense Select Graduate Schools IDC Alumni Attend: Columbia University, USACornell University, USAEmory University, USA George Washington University, Georgetown University, USAHarvard University, USALSE, UK MIT, USANYU, USAOxford, UK Toronto University, CanadaTufts University, USAUniversity of California, Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, USA

  11. BA Tuition is $9,700/year • Housing is $6,000/year • MASA grants available • FAFSA approved (US citizens) • Need-based scholarships • Merit scholarships based on academic excellence Financial Information

  12. Advantages Superb faculty, many from Ivy League universities Small classes Open door policy – students and faculty work together IDF Reservists treated with respect Personal profile considered during application process Networking with students from 80 countries Cultural and social absorption assistance Prestige Tuition significantly lower compared to American universities Exchange programs

  13. Disadvantages • Very high academic level • IDC demands a very high level of independence, maturity and flexibility • Far away from home, though you become part of the IDC family • Not for everyone

  14. Easy Application Process Rolling Admissions Process BA Degrees: • High School Transcript, Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statement, Resume • Good GPA • SAT or ACT MA in Government: • University Transcript, Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statement, Resume • 80 GPA for CT/ 82 GPA for Diplomacy & Thesis MA in Organizational Behavior (OB): • University Transcript, Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statement, Resume Global MBA: • GMAT, University Transcript, Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statement, Resume • Work Experience a plus

  15. Live in Israel, study in English! +972-9-9527-248