Child obesity
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Child Obesity. By Alejandro Montoya 4/28/2014. Personal Experience. Obese as a child Food choices Eat junk food every day Unhappy with myself. Child Obesity in Merced County. 4 out of 10 children are obese 40%

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Child obesity

Child Obesity

By Alejandro Montoya


Personal experience
Personal Experience

  • Obese as a child

  • Food choices

    • Eat junk food every day

  • Unhappy with myself

Child obesity in merced county
Child Obesity in Merced County

  • 4 out of 10 children are obese

    • 40%

    • “An estimated 43 percent of children in the county are overweight or obese.” (Giwargis)

    • Country 38%

  • Merced 2ndhighest obesity rate in the state

Obesity and what it is
Obesity And what it is

  • Obesity

    The condition of being obese: increased body weight caused by excessive accumulation of fat

  • Metabolism

    • Process in which energy is broken down

    • Body: A pit stop for energy (calories)

  • Calculated by BMI (Body Mass Index)

    • Calculated using height and weight

Why is child obesity a problem
Why is child Obesity a Problem

  • Higher risks of getting Type 2 Diabetes

  • High Cholesterol

  • High blood pressure

  • Depression

    • Bullying

    • Not happy about their weight

    • Inability to do physical activities

Interview stephanie russell
Interview: Stephanie Russell

  • Merced County Department of Health

  • What is the greatest cause of Child Obesity in Merced County?

    • “Parents don’t think obesity is a problem because they are uninformed of the risks like increase of diabetes, heart problems and depression because children are being bullied”

    • “Parents are not informed of what obesity is.”

    • “Children are not eating real food”

Parental influence
Parental Influence

  • Parental Influences

    • Why?

      • Children eat what they are given.

  • Parents put the food in the table

    • Children don’t have a choice

Home cooked meals vs fast food meals
Home Cooked meals vs Fast Food meals

  • Racheal Gussin reporter from LiveStrong claims, “Many restaurant meals are portioned excessively, and some can contain as much as an entire day's worth of calories.”

  • Stephanie Russell also claimed that “Children are not eating real food when they eat from fast food restaurants. Parents should consider making healthier meals at home

Is junk food really cheaper
Is Junk food really Cheaper

  • As reported by Brad Tuttle a reporter from TIME states, “Supper for a family of four at McDonald’s runs in the neighborhood of $23 to $28, a full roasted chicken dinner, with veggies, salad, and milk, costs about $14.” (Tuttle)

What can be done
What can be done

  • Inform the parents

    • Influence the change in diets

    • Less children eating junk food

  • Economic Benefit

    • Appeals interest

Event to raise child obesity awareness
Event to raise Child obesity awareness

  • Giveaway event at Rivera Middle School

    • Flyers given to elementary students

    • Give away food to the families who need it

      • Whole chicken, fruits, vegetables, and soups

    • Games for children in the playground area

      • Hopscotch, Jump rope, Capture the Flag, and Soccer

    • Volunteers

      • Adult volunteers

        • Regulating Games and distribution of food


  • BHC

    • Building Healthy Communities

      • Dedicated to fight against obesity

    • Funded by the California Endowment’s Fund

      • Seek financial help and professional help from

Why i chose this
Why I chose this

  • Personal Experience

    • Mother helped me

    • Changed her diet as well

    • Offer fruits instead of sweets

  • Children don’t have a choice

    • Parents prepare meals

    • Children don’t cook