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Alcohol and Marijuana PowerPoint Presentation
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Alcohol and Marijuana

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Alcohol and Marijuana
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Alcohol and Marijuana

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  1. Alcohol and Marijuana

  2. What is Alcohol? • Alcohol is produced by fermenting or distilling various fruits, vegetables, or grains. • In beverages, pure ethyl alcohol (clear and colourless) is mixed with other ingredients that affect the colour and reduce the alcohol content.

  3. Alcohol Content of Standard Drinks • The effects of any alcoholic drink depends on the amount of pure ethyl alcohol consumed • Standard drinks contain the same amount of alcohol regardless of the type of beverage • Regular Beer (5%) – 340 mL • Light Beer (4%) – 426 mL • Wine (12%) – 142 mL • Fortified Wine (18%) – 85 mL • Spirits (40%) – 43 mL • Coolers (5%) – 340 mL

  4. The Short-Term Effects • The effects of alcohol depend on how it is used – the amount consumed, the mood and expectations of the person, and the situation • Alcohol has the effect of depressing or slowing down the central nervous system

  5. Blood-Alcohol Content (BAC) • BAC is the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream and is a measure of how much a person will be affected by the alcohol consumed • Factors the affect BAC • Amount consumed in a given period • An individual’s size (smaller people reach a higher BAC from the same quantity of alcohol) • Gender (Women generally reach a higher BAC from the same amount than men) • Metabolism

  6. BAC and Effects on the Body

  7. Long-Term Effects • Heavy, long-term drinking (more than two drinks a day for men, less for women) leads to a number of serious health problems including: • Liver damage • Heart disease • Ulcers • Certain types of cancer • Blackouts (memory loss) • Brain damage • Sexual problems • Women generally suffer these effects sooner than men

  8. What is Cannabis and Marijuana? • Cannabis is the plant. • Marijuana comes from the dried tops, leaves, stems and seeds of the cannabis plant, which somewhat resembles oregano. • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is the major psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, and marijuana is its most popular form.

  9. Five Myths about Marijuana 1. Marijuana is Harmless • Sure, it does not kill you directly, but regular use has been shown to be associated with long-term problems, including poor academic performance, memory loss and lung cancer. 2. Marijuana is Not Addictive • More teens each year enter treatment centers with marijuana as their main substance abused • Marijuana is addictive and people become dependent on it 3. Marijuana is not as Bad as Cigarettes • Pot actually contains many of the same cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco • Smoking marijuana may increase the risk of cancer more than smoking tobacco does

  10. Five Myths about Marijuana Cont’d 4. Driving while High is safer than Driving Drunk • Marijuana affects alertness, concentration, perception coordination and reaction time – essential skills required for safe driving 5. I can smoke Pot and still get straight A’s • Researchers have found that heavy use may be especially problematic during teen’s peak learning years, when the brain is still developing, since it impairs your ability to concentrate and retain information • You may be doing well but you will never know if smoking pot is inhibiting your true academic potential

  11. Reason why young people choose to use marijuana • Have a good time • Experiment • Relax • Relieve boredom • Cope with problems • Be one of the crowd • Be different

  12. Reasons why young people choosenot to use marijuana • Health risks • Safety risks • It’s illegal • Waste of money • Bad effects on school or their future career choices • Escape problems instead of deal with them • It may upset their friends and family

  13. Activity – Independently • Answer the questions below from Pg. 242 - 246 • How long will the effects of marijuana last ? • What are some of the physical and psychological effects of marijuana? • What are some withdrawal symptoms of marijuana? • What are the immediate, short-term, and long-term effects of marijuana use? • Is having marijuana in your possession still a criminal offence?

  14. Question 1 • How long will the effects of marijuana last? 2 to 4 hours

  15. Question 2 What are some of the physical and psychological effects of marijuana? • Respiratory system • Damage to the respiratory system • Marijuana smoke contains more tar and higher amounts of cancer-producing chemicals • The mind • Problems with memory, concentration, and the brain’s ability to organize and process complex information • Mental and emotional system • Possible symptoms of schizophrenia worse than people who already have it • Pregnancy • During pregnancy can have a negative effect on the mental development of a child • Dependence • Will gradually need more to get the same effect

  16. Question 3 • What are some withdrawal symptoms of marijuana? Anxiety Irritability Sleeping Problems Sweating Loss of Appetite

  17. Question 4 • What are the immediate, short-term and long-term effects of marijuana use? • Immediate: • Red eyes, Dry mouth/throat, Short-term memory loss, Enhanced sensory perception, Paranoia, Increase HR, Anxiety, Concentration problems, and Trouble with problem solving • Short-term: • Short-term memory loss, Paranoia, Lack of coordination, Anxiety, Concentration problems and Trouble with problem solving • Long-term: • Cancer, Respiratory problems, Mental health problems and Dependence

  18. Question 5 • Is having marijuana in your possession still a criminal offence? YES!!!!!

  19. Homework • Review all your notes for Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana. • Finish any incomplete worksheets from this health unit.