rpq fhu khspifapy n afpjq fs ghblnthk rpnahd kzthsdld n.
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rpq;fhu khspifapy; n[afPjq;fs; ghbLNthk; rPNahd; kzthsDld; PowerPoint Presentation
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rpq;fhu khspifapy; n[afPjq;fs; ghbLNthk; rPNahd; kzthsDld;

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rpq;fhu khspifapy; n[afPjq;fs; ghbLNthk; rPNahd; kzthsDld; - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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rpq;fhu khspifapy; n[afPjq;fs; ghbLNthk; rPNahd; kzthsDld;. Mde;jk; ghb md;giu NrHe;J MWjyile;jpLNthk; - mq;Nf myq;fhu kfpikapd; fPhplq;fs; #b md;ghpy; kfpo;e;jpLNthk;. Jaug;gl;ltHfs; Jjpj;Jg; ghbLthH Jjpapd; MilAlNd - mq;Nf caukha; rPNahd; cd;djNuhL fspj;J ftp ghLNthk;.

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Presentation Transcript
mde jk ghb md giu nrhe j mwjyile jplnthk mq nf myq fhu kfpikapd fphplq fs b md ghpy kfpo e jplnthk

Mde;jk; ghb md;giu NrHe;JMWjyile;jpLNthk; - mq;Nfmyq;fhu kfpikapd; fPhplq;fs; #bmd;ghpy; kfpo;e;jpLNthk;

jaug gl lthfs jjpj jg ghblthh jjpapd milalnd mq nf caukha rpnahd cd djnuhl fspj j ftp ghlnthk

Jaug;gl;ltHfs; Jjpj;Jg; ghbLthHJjpapd; MilAlNd - mq;Nfcaukha; rPNahd; cd;djNuhLfspj;J ftp ghLNthk;


Ks;Kb ekf;fha; mzpe;j nka; ,NaRtpd;jpUKfk; fz;bLNthk; - mq;NfKj;jpiuapl;l Rj;jHfs; nts;sq;fpjhpj;Njhuha; Jjpj;jpLthH


g+kpapd; muir GJg;ghl;lha; ghbGd;dif g+j;jpLNthk; - GJvz;nzahy; mgpN\fk; gz;zg;gl;Nlhuha;kz;zhir xopj;jpLNthk;

mtuiuj j milahsq fnsy yhk jtwhky elf fpd wnj mth tuk ntis mwpahjpug gjhy vg nghjk maj jkhapug nghk

mtUiuj;j milahsq;fnsy;yhk;jtwhky; elf;fpd;wNj - mtHtUk; Ntis mwpahjpUg;gjhy; vg;NghJk;Maj;jkhapUg;Nghk;