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On business communication strategy and ecology PowerPoint Presentation
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On business communication strategy and ecology

On business communication strategy and ecology

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On business communication strategy and ecology

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  1. On business communication strategy and ecology

  2. GroupM in Ukraine since 2007 • #1 in the world • #2 in Ukraine • 150 persons • More than 60 clients • More than 150 brands • More than 150 campaigns in2012

  3. Advertising groups billings Source: RECMA 2011

  4. GroupM top ООН advertisers

  5. OOH in media split

  6. Importance of top advertisers for industry TV2012 OOH 2012 Top 10 advertisers Top 20 advertisers Top 30 advertisers Top 50 advertisers Market

  7. What is ООН for? Macro level Tactical level • Building/supporting brand/advertising awareness • Image • Sales outlets • Regionality • Coverages optimization • Recency effect

  8. Key questions to OOH How long locations are lighted (billboards/bulletins/wall murals)? Optimal formats for planning? Target audience ? Lightening as bonus. Service wasn’t provided and there is no compensation? Are frames cleaned in bad weather? COVERAGE BUILDING PROBLEM? TV regional vs OOH? Photo report must be provided only by 12-15 of the positioning month. Is it possible to do this quickly? IF CLATTER IS TOO LARGE, WHETHER 3×6 M SHOULD BE USED? What is GRP? All night light. If it is possible? What extender gives to you? Bonus - layout replacement once a month. Why there is no discount if the replacement is not done? FRAMES OPTIMAL QUANTITY FOR COVERAGE IN CITIES? Doors Consulting approach when planning by GRP? Why only part of inventory is researched? Should we trust to DOORS? How seasonal population migration can be considered? What kind of creative is more visible or effective?? Suspension is turned off. May we not to pay? TV VS OOH Extenders efficiency calculation? Does SOV planning approach can exist? Mobile billboards vs standard? Where the coverage is bigger? Should we buy by GRP? How non-standard constructions efficiency can be estimated? 20 boards vs 1 brandmauer? Why can’t we get a picture immediately after posting? WHAT COVERAGE IS AFTER 20 FRAMES BUYING? How many extenders should be bought in every city? Can we have “extra hanging” for days we lost when gluing? Is benchmark DOORS 50+ GRP per a day relevant? THERE IS A FEAR ABOUT LACK OF GOOD POSITIONS! Enhance with extenders! How many 3×6 m should be reduced?

  9. What is more effective TV or ООН?

  10. Inventory researched Not researchedResearches are not boughtResearched ?

  11. 18+ audience is 35574000 persons Researched Not researched

  12. Problems with coverage construction model

  13. Part of formats is not researched

  14. Contacts number inOOH is growing (e. g. Kyiv) OTSvs. Contacts number for 1 person

  15. Heterogeneity in Ukraine Chernigov Lutsk Rovno Sumy Kiev Zhitomir Lvov Khmelnitskiy Poltava Kharkov Ternoplo Cherkassy Vinnitsa Lugansk Iv.-Phr. Kirovograd Uzhgorod Dnepropetrovsk Chernovtsy Donetsk Nikolayev Zaporozhe Odessa Kherson Simferopol 200 95 40

  16. Advertising noise should be considered Kiev, March 2013

  17. How to break through the clatter Advertising volume Creative Non-standard solutions

  18. Creative

  19. Non-standard solutions

  20. Operational concerns Pricing Quality Posting Fines Photo report

  21. Thank you for your attention! Alexander Komarov CEO at GroupMin Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova