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Examination of the Eyes and Vision - Opti Guide ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An expert eye doctor would always recommend you to go for eye examinations because Eyes indicate the overall health state of your body and you must go for the regular eye examinations for your eyes and vision here some tips to select right one. Know more visit us https://goo.gl/fL9Xph

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Examination of the Eyes and Vision - Opti Guide !

Eye examination for proper vision is an activity that should be carried out regularly.

This does not only implies taking care of your vision but also helps to maintain a

healthy body state. Eyes indicate the overall health state of your body and you must

go for the regular eye examinations for your eyes and vision. At times, our eyes do not

show symptoms or any problematic signs, the regular eye examinations would help

you fight such situations.

An expert eye doctor would always

recommend you to go for eye examinations

but there are certain facts about the

same, that you must be well versedwith:

• The basic eye examinations

Eye examination is not merely confined to

check refractive errors in your eyes but







treatable eye problems that otherwise

remain undiagnosed. The basic types of eye examinations include refraction eye

examination, ocular examination, pupil functionality, retinal eye examination, visual

field testing, visual acuity etc. You can always consult an ophthalmologist for the

basic eye examination you must undergo.






• Comprehensive eye examination

This form of eye examination refers to detailed eye examination that would help you

reach the ultimate conclusions about your vision and eye health. This form of eye

examination deals all the way from preliminary eye testing to refraction, eye focusing

and movement testing, eye health evaluation and supplement testing. You must go

for comprehensive eye examination at least once so that you know that your eyes and

vision are in a safe state. You can always detect other health problems through this

form of eye examination which would help you find a solution for the same at the


• How to select the right eye examination

With technology offering different domains for different eye problems, there are

different forms of eye examinations available today and being a common person who

has little or no scientific knowledge about these aspects, selecting the right eye

examination can turn out to be difficult. The following points would however help you

select the one:

1. Reduced vision is one of the most common reasons for visiting an eye doctor and

refractive examination or visual eye examination is always recommended for the same

at an initial stage.

2. Visual acuity can always detect an in focus image at a certain distance and help

you attain the vision goals.

3. Pupil function eye examination would examine your eyes in case of pupil infection

or optic nerve related issues. The effect of light on pupils is assessed during this form

of eye examination.

4. If you are going through double visions, ocular motility eye examination can help

you detect and fight the problem.

5. External examination of eyes would help you detect all other eye parts including

eyelids, eye tissues etc. as it is not always the case that you are facing vision issue

due to internal problems.

• Evaluate the eye health with eye examinations

Eye examinations help you maintain your vision as they help to evaluate your eyes

present state and in case you are facing any of the eye health issues, treatment for

the same can start at the earliest. It is like an in-depth assessment report of your

eyes, which would analyze any potential defects and go for the possible treatment


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