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Waste Tire Recycling Plant PowerPoint Presentation
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Waste Tire Recycling Plant

Waste Tire Recycling Plant

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Waste Tire Recycling Plant

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  1. Website: Email: Waste Tire Recycling Plant Introduction Automatic tire recycling plant is specialized for recycling tire and other rubber products by crushing them into powder. The tire can be either steel tires or nylon tires with outer diameter of less than 1200 mm. We have two kinds of tire recycling plant for you: large-scale tire recycling plant and small-scale tire recycling plant. The final product of large-scale one is 5-60 mesh and that of small-scale one is 5-30 mesh rubber powder. If processed by rubber grinder, the final product can be 40-120 mesh fine powder. Large-scale Waste Tire Recycling Plant

  2. Small-scale Tire Recycling Plant Features of Tyre Rubber Powder Production Line 1. To granulate waste tires into fine rubber powder with steel and fiber completely recycled at ambient temperature. 2. High purity of rubber powder is 99%. 3. Tight construction, small space and simple technique flow. 4. Low energy consuming and good performance-cost ratio. 5. High autoimmunization, fewer labors requirement. 6. Unique design, high output and long service time. 7. In line have dust remover, equipment running pollution-free, no fine dust, no fiber fly in the shop, meeting the environmental requirement of the government. Flow Process of Processing Waste Tire to Rubber Powder The rubber powder production line has the following working process to make waste tire to rubber powder. Waste Tyre→ Ring Cutter → Strips Cutter → Blocks Cutter → Big Conveyor → Rubber Crusher→ Big Shaking Screen → Small Conveyor → Big Magnetic Separator→Small Shaking

  3. Screen →Small Magnetic Separator → Fiber Separator → 5-30 Mesh Rubber Powder → Rubber Grinder → 40-120 Mesh Fine Rubber Powder. Main Parts of Tire Recycling Plant 1. Tire Debeader Tire debeader uses hydraulic system to pull out the whole bead wire of the tire. 2. Tire Shredding Machine The belt conveyor carries the whole tire into the tire shredding machine, which shreds the tire into rubber blocks. 3. Automatic Feeder The automatic feeder conveys the rubber blocks into the crusher. 4. Rubber Crusher Rubber crusher is the main machine of the tire recycling plant. It crushes the rubber blocks to rubber powder, which falls onto the main vibrating screen.

  4. 5. Main Vibrating Screen The main vibrating screen separates different sizes of rubber powder. Larger powder enters into the automatic feeder which send the powder into the crusher for the second crush. The powder with required mesh falls onto the roughing magnetic separator. When processing nylon tire, the thick nylon will flow onto the surface and can be taken out manually. 6. Roughing Magnetic Separator The roughing magnetic separator separates the steel wire from the tire crumb. Steel wire falls down while crumb rubber enters into the vice vibrating screen. 7. Vice Vibrating Screen Rubber crumb that meet the required size enters into the concentration magnetic separator. Larger ones are conveyed back to the crusher for crushing again. 8. Concentration Magnetic Separator. The rubber powder are processed by the magnetic separator again. Pure crumb are bagged directly. Specification of Tire Recycling Plant Model Capacity Power Dimension (L*W*H) Weight Output fineness WRS-350 3T/daily 30kw 10*4.5*2.8m 10T 26mesh WRS-400 6T/daily 45kw 12*5*2.8m 12T 26mesh WRS-450 8T/daily 55/75kw 12*6*3m 16T 26mesh WRS-560 10T/daily 75/90kw 12.5*7*3 22T 26mesh WRS-560D 20T/daily 132kw 13*7.5*3m 25T 26mesh Model Energy Consumption Output (kg/h) XKP-400 Line 103.2 kw/h 200kg for around 5-30 mesh rubber powder. XKP-450 Line 113.2 kw/h 300-400kg for around 5-30 mesh rubber powder XKP-560 Line 133.2 kw/h 500-600kg for around 5-30 mesh rubber powder. Application of Rubber Powder

  5. The crumb rubber made by the large scale tire recycling plant can be used for making rubber flooring, playground surfacing, rubber mats, horse arena footing, artificial turf, reclaimed rubber, modified asphalt, rubberized plastic, waterproof materials, rubber products, sole material, etc. Different size has different applications.