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L ON M ARK ® Transportation Meeting April 28, 1999 Brooklyn, New York PowerPoint Presentation
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L ON M ARK ® Transportation Meeting April 28, 1999 Brooklyn, New York

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L ON M ARK ® Transportation Meeting April 28, 1999 Brooklyn, New York - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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L ON M ARK ® Transportation Meeting April 28, 1999 Brooklyn, New York. Agenda. 1:30 - 1:40 Welcome 1:40 - 2:00 Opening Comments Gene Sansone, New York City Transit 2:00 - 2:30 Introduction Tom Sullivan, TSD 2:30 - 2:45 Overview of L ON M ARK Association

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L ON M ARK ® Transportation Meeting April 28, 1999 Brooklyn, New York

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Presentation Transcript

Transportation Meeting

April 28, 1999

Brooklyn, New York


1:30 - 1:40 Welcome

1:40 - 2:00 Opening Comments

Gene Sansone, New York City Transit

2:00 - 2:30 Introduction

Tom Sullivan, TSD

2:30 - 2:45 Overview of LONMARK Association

Paula Skokowski, LONMARK Association

2:45 - 4:00 Introduction to Open LONMARK Designs

Alex Chervet, Echelon

4:00 - 5:15 Goals LONMARK Transportation Group

Tom Sullivan, TSD

5:15 - 5:30 Meeting Wrapup

the l on m ark interoperability association objectives
The LONMARK Interoperability Association - Objectives
  • Make multi-vendor interoperable control systems a reality
  • Facilitate the development of LONMARK products
  • Create value in the LONMARK brand
  • Communicate to the marketplace that interoperable products are desirable
  • Establish LONMARK /LonTalk/IEEE 1473 as an international standard
structure of the association
Structure of the Association
  • An open global multi-industry organization formed in May 1994
  • Membership open to any company developing, marketing or using interoperable LONWORKS-based products
  • Membership includes manufacturers, end-users, system integrators
l on m ark interoperability the definition
LONMARK Interoperability - the definition
  • Easy integration of LONWORKS-based products from multiple manufacturers without the need for custom software or hardware development.
  • Plug-and-play is the LONMARK goal for interoperability
what does the l on m ark association provide
What does the LONMARK Association provide?
  • Interoperability Design Guidelines
  • Standards setting body
  • Product Conformance Testing
  • Proof of Compliance
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Brand Recognition
what does the l on m ark standard enable
What does the LONMARK Standard enable?
  • Media sharing
  • Information sharing
  • Common installation
  • Use of third party tools
  • Multi-vendor networks
verifying compliance
Verifying compliance
  • The LONMARK Association provides a Conformance Review to verify compliance
  • Products that successfully pass the review can carry the LONMARK logo
  • The LONMARK logo indicates a product is tested and designed according to the LONMARK standard for interoperability
l on m ark task groups
LONMARK Task Groups
  • The LONMARK Interoperability Standard is expanded via task groups
  • Current task groups include:

Automated Food Equipment, Elevators, Fire, Home/Utility, HVAC, Industrial, Intrinsic Safety, Lighting, Network Tools, Refrigeration, Security, Semiconductor, Sunblinds, System Integration,Transportation

getting started
Getting started
  • Any member can prepare and submit a proposal
  • Proposals are reviewed within task groups
  • Review and approval handled on-line
  • Cross functional review ensures consistency between groups
  • Progress to date has been rapid
  • Draft standards move through review process in months rather than years
the review process
The Review Process
  • 30 day review period for all proposals
  • Proposals and drafts posted on
  • Task group members notified when new files uploaded for review
  • Comments posted in task group file area
  • After 30 days draft revised or approved by group and forwarded for final approval by Industrial Council
an example task group lighting
An Example Task Group - Lighting
  • Task Group Leader
    • Noel Bonne, Philips
  • Key Participants
    • Ahlstrom, Lexel, GE Lighting, Douglas Lighting, Helvar, Leviton, Legrand
  • Identified a basic family of seven objects
  • Completed definition work from beginning to end in 6 months
  • Working on five follow-on objects
l on m ark association
LONMARK Association
  • A member organization
  • Three classes of membership
    • Sponsors - market leaders in open interoperable control solutions
    • Partners - manufacturers of LONWORKS-based products
    • Associates - end-users, system integrators
  • Governed by ByLaws
  • Board of Directors comprises
    • Sponsor members and elected representatives
l on m ark membership benefits
LONMARK Membership - Benefits
  • Members have access to all on-line facilities of including
    • task group discussion lists, access to all draft documents, links to member home pages, logo files, presentations
  • Members can comment on draft proposals and vote on approval
  • Members can put the LONMARK logo on all products that pass the conformance review
l on m ark membership benefits17
LONMARK Membership - Benefits
  • Members participate in Association sponsored events (free of charge)
    • tradeshows, demonstrations, press events, training seminars, task group meetings
  • Members receive free copies of Association collateral including
    • brochures, promotional items, literature, Member CD, member contact lists
l on m ark membership benefits18
LONMARK Membership - Benefits
  • Members with LONMARK products receive the following benefits
    • free product certification - first submittal
    • free display panel in the Award -winning LONMARK booth at sponsored tradeshows
    • free product promotion on the LONMARK Wall of Fame
    • free product listing on including downloadable datasheet
    • free design advice
l on m ark membership fees
LONMARK Membership Fees
  • Membership Fees are used 100% toward Association sponsored activities
  • Sponsor Membership - $20,000/yr
  • Partner Membership - $5,000/yr
  • Associate Membership - $1,000/yr
www lonmark org on line information - on-line information
  • LONMARK web site provides up-to-date information on:
    • certified products
    • member companies
    • news & events
    • technical documents
    • membership information
  • Special Member - only area used for :
    • review and comment on proposals
    • discussion groups
keeping up to date
Keeping up-to-date
  • Member e-mail updates (monthly)
  • Interoperable News (quarterly)
  • Task Group Meetings (as scheduled)
  • General Meetings (twice per year)
  • Next General Meeting May25th in Orlando
in conclusion
In Conclusion
  • LONMARK is a multi-vendor, multi-industry standard backed by real products and real projects
  • LONMARK membership lets you drive the standard for open interoperable solutions
how to contact the association
How to contact the Association
  • Via e-mail
  • Via phone
    • +1 650 855 7466
  • Via fax
    • +1 650 856 6153
  • Via mail
    • 4015 Miranda Avenue
    • Palo Alto CA 94304
    • USA