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Welcome to. iSanguine | Corporate Profile. iSanguine Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Unit No-6, Mahavir Industrial State, Nr. Paper Box Factory , MIDC , Andheri (E ) -Mumbai , India Tel (+91) 22- 40157604 ▪ E-Mail : sales@isanguine.com Website : www.isanguine.com.

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Welcome to

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    1. Welcome to iSanguine | Corporate Profile iSanguine Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Unit No-6, Mahavir Industrial State, Nr. Paper Box Factory , MIDC , Andheri (E ) -Mumbai , India Tel (+91) 22-40157604▪ E-Mail : sales@isanguine.com Website : www.isanguine.com

    2. The Brand Essence

    3. CompanyFacts -Overview

    4. OurFocus & Values Since its inception, we strongly believe that core values form the character of the company and shape the culture for dealing with all its stake holders . A system of shared beliefs that are at the heart of everything we do and make decisions :

    5. Company Vision & Mission

    6. ServiceOfferings Our Service Offerings & Expertise Span in the following spaces.. 

    7. ServiceOfferings • Software Development & Maintenance Services. • Be-spoke/Custom application development • Our unique capability in technology , people , process and tools such as PMO and selecting right delivery model we custom develop the application to meet your SPECIFIC needs It has its own advantage to your completions thus differentiate you from crowd. So, if you got even a new idea and looking for a technology partner to help you to reality , we will assist you in all along the way to go to market. • Software Maintenance Enhancement & Support • We don’t just deliver the best application but support it post development and help you identify the improvement and enhancements to your existing applications as well as newly developed applications. • Software Migration & Re-Engineering • So, if its quite a time you have just been thinking of adoptinh something new and better but at the same time happy with best practices , We can re-engineer and migrate them as per your needs , data as well as old and new benefits. We have specific models developed for such requirements to transform it to the need of the current requirements.

    8. ServiceOfferings • E-business & Rich Internet Applications Development • E – Commerce & Content Management • Over the last decade the internet is adopted by mass businesses and matured models have evolved e-businises as well as framework and contents managements .We can assist you to capitalizing this investment on adopting them to specific need and customized further that comes with its advantage such as build in seo, social media integrated and tested modules and payment gateways integration capabilities.. • Web Software Application Development • We see and experience the internet from a different perspective than most of our competitors do . Thus transforms to the capability to do the things such as analytics and innovative development utilizing unmatched UI capability to deliver the product and web based applications • Web Portals & Rich Internet Applications • Developing applications for masses comes with a greater challenges and responsibility as well as security of the data that should support the mass user base as well as its horizontal and vertical scalability that is where we come to assist you and help taking your idea to masses.

    9. ServiceOfferings • Smart Phone & Tablet Application Services. • Ever increasing mobile market and its user adoption for business and general consumers for socializing to playing game online -we have come a long way -so you no longer need to wait to reach you desktop . GPRS based Solutions OR Enterprise apps based on -JSON, XML . We can do all for you not only just better than but at very cost effective way. • Cross platform Mobile development -PhoneGap, Sencha-HTML5 , CSS , Titanium frawork, wowza streaming etc. • i-phone /I-Pad & Tablet development- Capability to deliver high-end mobile applications on Using Obj-C, X-Code, 2d-3d, cocoa, • Android & J2ME based development • Our unique capability in web analytics & Amazing UI and your innovative idea can be delivered to your smart phones and tablets to create migic

    10. Our Service Offerings • Strategic Business & Technical Consulting • We offer Confidentiality & NDA and assurance to deliver the 100% result and help you achieve your business objective. There can be N n reason for your unique business for not out sourcing including any risk to just IPR or just business objective to streamline your process . • Technical Consulting - We can arrange team or technical experts to work at your premises mutually monitored by both the organizations and provide results prove the risk & reward sharing models. • Team Augmentation & Sourcing- For , having expertise in technical recruitment and sourcing model build internally by we help you for your strategic sort term staffing need for your project starting from 3 months commitment . • Professional Business Consulting - We can offer Training , QA /Testing and Process coaching and many more services uder this offerings required by your business arrange team or technical experts to work at your premises mutually monitored by both the organizations to help you grow strategically.

    11. ServiceOfferings • - Digital Creative Identity & Online Marketing • With follow simple steps like -Create , Optimize and promote your content and capitalize on current market and unlimited internet possibility : • Digital Creative Identity : • We help you create your best digital identify online over the internet such as your Brand Identity like Logo, Broachers , Letter heads to website and training materials to video and movies. Etc • Search Engine Optimization /Search Engine Marketing : • We help you reach to your prospect or to be found by them using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-per-Click-(PPC) . Once you are found by your prospect keep them engage with your content. • Multi –Media- Content : • We can help your consumers engage with various other specialize and focussed services such as Flash work , Animations , cartoons or Video and Graphics like 2d-3d. • We help you with presenting & Marketing your services to the world.

    12. ServiceOfferings • Offshore Development Team • Economic globalization has presented us a great opportunity for out sourcing work to remote location full-time working 24X 7 facility for you and getting new expertise from a different culture and environment and reinvent your processes to cater to the global citizens .. • Strategic Outsourcing – An offshore development center comprising of various services discussed in a long term engagement model. Integrating various process and tools and technologies at very cost effective way can be delivered to your business. • Center Of Excellence strategy – Creating a center of excellence for your business and Strategy to leverage specialization in your business at one location say for technology to deliver long term business result. • Infrastructure Based Strategy - With our economic growing the infrastructure advantage has presented a great and improved over a time to the world class facility for the entire western word. A lot of research and development based businesses have moved their R/D Centers to India.

    13. Industry Capability We are uniquely capable and our expertise spans in the following industries :

    14. Technology Capability

    15. Strategic Alliances iSanguine strategic alliances include some of the most respected international hardware, software, and service providers in the industry.

    16. Engagement Model

    17. Service Delivery Model Global Delivery model offers access to talent across the globe, scalability and flexibility (ramp-up and ramp-down) of project teams and cost optimization while not compromising on the quality of the deliverables.

    18. Program Management Office • iSanguine realizes that irrespective of the industry type or size[, e]very project undertaken today requires a framework in which to start. • State of the art technology, people, processes and quality integrated framework for different and diverse need of our customers. • Repeated success is achieved by use various framework as leverage tool to add value to all client assignments. • "When all projects in the enterprise follow a standardized template, then and only then will project management evolve gradually into an everyday way of life.“

    19. Project Management Office Our internal Project Management System + Our internet based QMS System Ensures High Quality Practices Higher Quality deliveries Large Projects to be managed with ease

    20. Quality Management System

    21. Delivery Life Cycle Iterative incremental ( Agile ) Capability -> Waterfall Project Time ->

    22. Time Cycle Reduction Off -shore Development Customer Site/On site

    23. Delivery Life Cycle

    24. PDCA-Model

    25. QC & QC @ Development

    26. Quality Management System

    27. Products @ Glance • iLLuminous- • An ERP for Institution Like College, School, Coaching Etc –It’s a comprehensive information management system developed from the ground up to fulfill the needs of Education Institution. The Education Edge integrated information management system connects daily operations in the College environment ranging from Admissions and Registration to Finance, Faculty, Medical and Business Development

    28. Products @ Glance • iXTrend- Technical and analysis platform A Technical charting and analysis platform in Indian capital market. This is a feature reach product -with 50+ technical indicators. the data is streaming in real-time and the features beat expensive trading platforms. you can analyse and forecast processes that take place over time. You can identify previously unseen trends and anticipate fluctuations so you can more effectively plan for the future. Whether you want to understand past trends, forecast the future or better understand how your business functions, we provide a wide range of analytical tools that ensure your success. • iGoMobile-A mobile platform for capital market provides most of online features related to Capital Markets on demand .The viable features of the product are . Market Snapshot, Equity Trading - Options Trading, Portfolio-Sample or live, AnalyticsScreener, Gainers/Losers, Portfolio Risk Analysis, Portfolio Performance, Watch list, Research Desk, Trend Forecaster outlook - 5min/Hour/Day/Week/Month & Year - Alerts-UP/Down/Technical-SMA/EMA/PSAR/Trailing Stop/News on ticker - Global Market Indices -Live News and Analysis Real Time Streaming Quotes, Tools and Utilities and Smart Interface

    29. Products @ Glance iMPLYiNTELi Financial Portal Framework is an innovation to rapidly building capital market / financial market portals. Feature reach product in capital market to take care of connecting masses to learn about stock market analysis and investments. NaViXact Search and Navigation Engine is an innovation in text mining industry such as such as catalog search, site search etc. It not only allows you to search the information decisively but navigate thru the information. A frame-work based product which provides advanced Search based capabilities for web-based solutions powered by analytic s and intelligence for Data Mining, Catalog Search and Navigation.

    30. Products @ Glance • The range of supported video sources by the application is: • Continuously updating JPEG source; • MJPEG (motion JPEG) streams; • Some Axis cameras and video servers (205, 206, 2100, 2110, 2120, 2130R, 2400, 2401, 2460); • D-Link cameras (JPEG support only); Panasonic cameras; PiXORD cameras; StarDot cameras (NetCam, Express 6); • Local devices, which support the DirectShow interface; • MMS (Microsoft Media Services) streams. • IPRecording for Surveillance (in the whole video frame, or in specified areas of interest); • Motion detection/tracking (in the whole video frame, or in specified areas of interest); • Traffic control and plate numbers recognition; • People tracking with ability for person identification; • Integration with Un-manned weigh bridge iN-flux: An advanced wealth & portfolio Management System. It's the web based system having reach featured such as 1. Portfolio Group Summery 2. Individual Portfolio 3. Asset Class-Multiple , 4. Risk Management,

    31. Products @ Glance RACING CENTRAL -A Horse racing Platform for betting for an Australian client AI Technologies Pty, Australia on Microsoft .net , ASP, c# AND SQL

    32. Products @ Glance X-Feed RT –Being used @-Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. Is your market data not real , or travelling world before reaching you. It’s time to switch to Real Time -X -Feed. An innovative product suite for real time risk monitoring. The product directly connects to the exchanges in real time to get the broadcast. Hence the market data delivered to you is almost real-time, hence better risk monitoring. The OLCH data ( open, low, close, high ) is readily available and already processed hence can be directly plotted or consumed by your portal or other ancillary applications.  Today, all data provided by global providers is expensive and it’s not real time. Which leads you to pay again for the data for which you have already paid, so why not use your existing investment to work for you. Also, in case of traditional data acquisition it reaching you after travelling the world. So, at the end of the day your real time risk monitoring is at stake and it’s expensive too.  The Real Time X-Feed suite is developed on MS VC++ , ATL , MFC on Win 32 and Win 64 bit platform and can work on MySql or MS SQL or Oracle as per your need.  The business value deliver to you is tremendous.

    33. PROJECTS-@ Glance-A Case Study

    34. PROJECTS-@ Glance-A Case Study

    35. PROJECTS-@ Glance-A Case Study

    36. PROJECTS-@ Glance-A Case Study

    37. PROJECTS-@ Glance-A Case Study

    38. PROJECTS-@ Glance-A Case Study • RACING CENTRAL -A Horse racing Platform for betting for an Australian client AI Technologies Pty, Australia on Microsoft .net , ASP, c# AND SQL • .X-FEED-RT- A real-time feed engine for capital market feed , developed in vc++, MFC, ATL, COM supporting NSE-CM, NSE,-F0,BSE-CM • Billing and operations , Support for Java, and related technologies currently used by Writer Safe Guard. • Loan Originating System implementation for Neorithms Technologies Pvt. LTD, client’s on Microsoft .net , ASP AND SQL . • Z- Node ecommerce implementation project for Veerman Consulting INC. for their clients GallowJwellery , CYRUS & BBQ AND SYSPRO integration on Microsoft .net , ASP, c# AND SQL • FilmyParda.com- A portal for connecting casting agency and strugglers developed on Microsoft .net , ASP, c# AND SQL . • Game World Cup RPS: A Game Wold Cup developed on iphone /Android –Java /glashfish for Denmark Based Client Kasper

    39. PROJECTS-@ Glance-A Case Study • HMS– A platform for Hospital , Medical and Healthcare industry for Sudha Hospitals and Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd • CMS– A platform for Engineering, Medical , Science and Management colleges ERP Implemented at 5+ colleges. Shri ram institute of Technology , GyanGanga etc • A Weigh –Bridge Solution and Integration for centralization on information and reporting for RMC Readymix (India) Pvt. Ltd • Surveillance+ Suite- IP Camera Recording for Surveillance, Motion detection/tracking , Traffic control and plate numbers recognition as well as People tracking with ability for person identification; • iN-flux: Advanced Wealth & portfolio Management System Implementation going on for AddfinsFinancial Services Pvt. Ltd. • SharePoint/ShellScript: Advanced SharePoint and windows shell script implementation for Verney a USA based client

    40. Clients @ Glance • Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. • Writer Safe Guard Cash Pvt, LTD. • Veerman Consulting Ltd. USA • AI Technologies Pty. Australia • Gazalee Costal Foods Pvt. Ltd, • Addfins Financial Services Ltd. • ACE Commodity Exchange (I) Pvt Ltd • Neorithms Technologies Pvt. Ltd. • Kotak Securities Pvt. Ltd • Verney LLC, USA • Al-Jaber LLC , Doha, Qatar • MotilalOswal Financial Services Ltd

    41. iSanguine – Why ?? How we are unique ? -We do not have clients or customers , just partners' !

    42. iSanguine - Advantage

    43. Wedeliver clear value in every assignment we execute with our clients such as ..More time for you to focus on strategic work, lower costs, and improvements in version control, lifecycle management, and in documentation of procedures and best practices. iSanguine is your right sourcing partner to achieve your vision and make sure you do or focus on something you always wanted to do.  We hope this was helpful to you. Thank you ! www.isanguine.com iSanguine Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Unit No-6, Mahavir Industrial State, Nr. Paper Box Factory , MIDC , Andheri (E ) -Mumbai , India Tel (+91) 22-40157604▪ E-Mail : sales@isanguine.com Website : www.isanguine.com