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Advertising Campaign Plan for:. Adrian Esquilin Ali Smith Zaldy Doyungan. Source: Graphic is from http:// / itunes / itunes -radio/ . Contents. 1. Situational Analysis 2. Campaign Objectives 3. Campaign Strategy 4. Execution & Action Plan 5. Evaluation. Situation Analysis.

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Advertising campaign plan for

Advertising Campaign Plan for:

Adrian Esquilin

Ali Smith

Zaldy Doyungan

Source: Graphic is from


1. Situational Analysis

2. Campaign Objectives

3. Campaign Strategy

4. Execution & Action Plan

5. Evaluation

Situation analysis
Situation Analysis

Consumer’s already have a music streaming service in which they use and are happy with.

iTunes Radio is a brand new product in the market

iTunes Radio competes with other internet streaming options downloadable from the Apple App Store

iTunes Radio is pre-installed on every Apple device running iOS 7 or newer.

Source: Graphic is from

Situation analysis1
Situation Analysis

Source: Web: comScore Key Measures, February 2012;

Mobile: comScore Mobile Metrix 2.0, February 2012

Pandora: Internal Metrics, February 2012

Competitive Market

Each of the main competitors have an advantage and head start in audience, distribution, and user experience

*In an Internal Study 96% of Pandora users requested sharing be user initiated, not automatically shared

Campaign objectives
Campaign Objectives

Sales-target (marketing) objective:

Our objective is to increase sales of the ad-free experience by 25% in the next fiscal year

Communication (advertising) objective:

We want to add onto Apples past advertising campaigns from their various products.

Our consumer uses Apple products to help tell the story of their individual lives. Our goal is to have those same users use the iTunes Radio service to find the soundtrack to these stories.

Source: Graphic is from

Campaign strategy
Campaign Strategy


Consumers who own or use apple products/devices

Consumers with an active iTunes account


Everyday people who love new music

Heavy users of an Apple Mobile Device (iPhone, iPod, iPad)


An easily accessible, broad genre based music streaming service available on all Apple devices and platforms

Source: Graphic is from

Campaign strategy1
Campaign Strategy

“Creative Mix”

Target audience

Our target audience is current owners of Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac Computers and Apple TVs

Advertising message

“Everyone has a story to tell. How can iTunes Radio help find your soundtrack?”

Product concept

iTunes Radio is an internet music streaming service available to anyone with an active iTunes Account. People use the iPhone to take pictures and video, the iPad to put these pictures and videos together to tell their story. We want our consumers to use iTunes Radio to help find the soundtrack to that story.

Support statement

This campaign is a continuation from the past Apple iPhone and iPad ad campaigns. Their iPhone campaign focuses on how their users use the iPhone to take photos and video. Their iPad campaign focuses how their users use the iPad to edit that video to create a story. This campaign will focus on how our users can use the iTunes Radio services to find the music to attach to that story.

Campaign strategy2
Campaign Strategy

  • Video Story Board

  • Ad Format: Musical


Music for wherever you are!

Creative Ideas # 1

Campaign strategy3
Campaign Strategy

Print Ad

Creative Ideas #2

Campaign strategy4
Campaign Strategy

Media Vehicles


Digital Media

4 execution action plan
4. Execution / Action Plan

This iTunes Radio Campaign would launch in the 2014 Summer season

The TV advertisements will run throughout the summer months until the next product announced at the WWDC 2014 is announced in August.

5 evaluation
5. Evaluation

  • We will be able to evaluate and measure data in various ways. We will run data reports before and after the campaign is launched and use those numbers to determine he success rate of our campaign.

  • Specific ways we can measure an internet radio platform is through:

  • Time spent Listening

  • Usage days per month

  • Stations created by Genre, Artist, and song

  • Station Shares

  • Geographic Location of exposed:

    • DMA, MSA, County, Zip

  • Age and Gender Breakouts

  • Consumption and Usage by Device/Platform

  • Unique Reach and Frequency

  • Time of day usage

  • Third party audience metrics

The end

The End

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