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Red Bull (GmBH) presents Red Bull Instinct

Red Bull (GmBH) presents Red Bull Instinct. Sarah Mah Sandy Mangat Eliel Hindert Chris Duronio Eylul Arslan. What the Hell is Red Bull?.

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Red Bull (GmBH) presents Red Bull Instinct

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  1. Red Bull(GmBH)presentsRed Bull Instinct Sarah Mah Sandy Mangat Eliel Hindert Chris Duronio Eylul Arslan

  2. What the Hell is Red Bull? “For those thrill seeking urban adventurers living on the edge, Red Bull is the leading original performance enhancing beverage that is ahead of the curve because only Red Bull provides the cool and aggressive attitude while stimulating the body and mind.”

  3. Brand Name/Logo

  4. Icons The Extraordinary The Everyday

  5. Colors Blue Red Yellow

  6. Sounds The brand does not currently have a single distinctive sound because being the anti-brand brand it is not one to utilize this form of traditional marketing strategy.  Instead most of the sport related TV spots by Red Bull utilize classical music and Rock music that easily transitions from one to the other. The music is usually by a not well-known artist.  = +

  7. Company Website //

  8. Facebook Presence • Massive Facebook presence – 24 million • Clear, well-designed site • Wall postings consistent with brand • Very engaged – one post per day

  9. Facebook Presence

  10. Facebook Presence

  11. TV Spots/Viral Marketing Everyone has seen the following: Typical Red Bull ad Is it effective? Does it fit the brand image? How about the viral marketing campaign: Red Bull "Holy Sh*t!" Page

  12. Print Advertisements • More known for video advertising • “Largely shun print advertising” – • Similar focus to viral campaign • More on the “extreme sports” level:

  13. Print Advertisements

  14. Red Bulletin

  15. Red Bull Events • Extremely important to the brand • Embody the company’s philosophy best • Core communication method • How does the Facebook page relate?

  16. Red Bull Events

  17. What’s Next? • Created an new market segment • Dominated for over a decade • Ahead of competitors • Current major market is 18 – 24 male

  18. Old Target Market • Industry is maturing • Expand and adapt to new market

  19. Re-Positioning Statement • For those on thego successful balanced urban professionals, Red bull is the original instant energy source that is ahead of the curve because only Red Bull stimulates the body and mind in a portable, sleek, compact 8.3 fl oz can.

  20. Product • 8.3 fl oz of 80 mg caffeinated energy beverage • Premium based on differentiation of packaging, brand image, and brand value • Holds intangible product quality above competition Offer a Red Bull koozie with every 4-pack of the cold drink making it easier to hold while being active

  21. Price     • Currently 8.3 fl oz can suggested retail price is $1.99 • Keeping the current price would maintain reputation • a cut above the rest who sell larger volume (16 fl oz.) for the same price • The psychographic effect • Higher price benefits Red Bull brand Sell limited edition reusable sport bottles shaped like a normal Red Bull can next to the signature red bull shaped dispenser containing both regular and sugar free Red Bull and offer discount on Red Bull if they show their reusable bottle.

  22. Place  In addition to maintaining all current distribution channels: athletic wear stores, campus rec facilities, yoga studios, bicycle shops cross promote sporting events   i.e. Yoga Challenge by Red Bull promoted at YYoga

  23. Place Message: Transition To Whom: Current users and possible new users Current user: PMB 62.6% of Households surveyed for                 drinking Red Bull were couple with Children and the children were typically 18- 24 yr olds Possible new user: young category possibly more towards the 25+, transitioning from living at home, or making a move to professional careers

  24. Promotions • Event: Repurposed Red Bull can art-show at both a local art gallery but also hip clothing boutiques and coffee shops • Ideal location: Gastown • Type of customers: trendy, varied by age and occupation

  25. Do you trust your instincts?

  26. Tag-line “Trust your insticts” Alteration to color-scheme All-Natural Energy Drink • Based on coconut water and ginseng • Healthy alternative to energy drinks with caffeine and taurine

  27. NOTE: The next slide is highly classified. It contains the secret formula for the new Red Bull product codenamed “Instinct”

  28. Red Bull Instinct Formula • Coconut Water • Ginseng and Royal Jelly • Blackcurrant Concentrate • Lemon Juice • Carbonated Water • Component “X”

  29. What’s in a Name? Instincts are primal The first thing you go for Implies something natural Still has an edgy vibe to the name Name implies immediate energy, but naturally

  30. New Target Audience: Instinct

  31. Positioning Statement Red Bull Instinct  For the motivated, health-savvy person, Red Bull Instinct is the energy drink that provides increased focus, physical and mental stamina in line with a balanced lifestyle, because only Red Bull Instinct is the all-naturalenergy drink based on coconut water and ginseng as a healthy alternative. 

  32. Promotions for Instinct  +

  33. New Red Bull Instinct iPhone App

  34. iPhone App/Product Cross-Promotion + = $$

  35. New Red Bull Instinct TV Spot  Trust your instincts…

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