vocab list 6 into the wild
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Vocab List #6: Into the Wild

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Vocab List #6: Into the Wild - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocab List #6: Into the Wild. 1 . Affluent ( adj ) - wealthy 2 . Emulate ( v ) - to strive to equal or surpass an example of something 3. Asceticism ( n ) - quality of depriving oneself of luxuries; simplicity; anti-materialism 4. Fulminated (v) - pondered; guessed; hypothesized

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vocab list 6 into the wild
Vocab List #6: Into the Wild

1. Affluent (adj)- wealthy

2. Emulate (v)- to strive to equal or surpass an example of something

3. Asceticism (n)- quality of depriving oneself of luxuries; simplicity; anti-materialism

4. Fulminated (v)- pondered; guessed; hypothesized

5. Rendering (n) – creation; someone’s version of something

6. Convoluted (adj)- complicated; twisted

7. Unsullied (adj)- pure; not corrupted

8. Congenial (adj)- friendly; amiable; sociable

9. Meandering (v/adj)- wandering (v); something that has twists and turns (adj)

10. Obliterated (v)- wiped out; destroyed

11. Derelict (adj/n) – in poor condition (adj); a very poor person who lives on the fringe of society (n)

12. Contumacious (adj) – disobedient towards authority

13. Undeterred (adj) – not discouraged or dissuaded

14. Cursory (adj) – basic; not detailed; hastily done

15. Enigmatic (adj) – mysterious; puzzling (usually describes people)

vocab activity 6 1
Vocab Activity 6.1
  • Using all the words on List 6, write sentences that relate to literature from 9th or 10th grade English.
  • Suggestions: Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo & Juliet, Lord of the Flies, Antigone, 12 Angry Men, anything else you can think of.
  • Or you can use The Crucible!
vocab activity 6 2 hw
Vocab Activity 6.2 (HW)

Using all the words from List 6, complete one of the following creative options:

-An article about a crime that was committed

-A story about anything you want. (suggestions: musical chairs, outdoor activities, babies with big heads)

-A letter of any kind: love, hate, break-up, complaint, resignation, etc.

-A song or a poem

letter from chris to his parents
Letter from Chris to his parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know you must be worried sick about me, fulminating about all the terrible things that could have happened to me, and I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch for so long, but the reasons why I left are quite convoluted. I’m not trying to be contumacious, but you are not the kind of people I want to emulate. Though you are congenial and caring, I’ve always felt that our family’s affluence has sullied our values. I need to meander the country, unattached to materials or social institutions, in order to render my own philosophy of life, different from yours. I have brought little with me, and am so far thinking that asceticism is the way to find meaning in life. You may determine at this point that I’m a derelict and that my actions have obliterated our relationship, but I hope when I return to civilization that we can find some common ground. I’m sure you will always find me enigmatic, but we may be able to resolve our differences nonetheless. I know this is only a cursory explanation of my choice to run away, but that’s all I care to say for now. Please don’t try to track me and down and deter me from my mission.

Love, Chris

vocab list 6 parts of speech
Vocab List #6: Parts of Speech

1. Affluent (adj) affluence (n)

2. Emulate (v) emulation (n)

3. Asceticism (n)  ascetic (adj); ascetically (adv)

4. Fulminated (v) fulmination (n)

5. Rendering (n) render (v)

6. Convoluted (adj) convolution (n); convolute (v)

7. Unsullied (adj)  sully (v); sullied (adj)

8. Congenial (adj)  congenially (adv); congeniality (n)

9. Meandering (v/adj)  meanderer (n)

10. Obliterated (v) obliteration (n)

11. Derelict (adj/n)

12. Contumacious (adj)  contumaciously (adv); contumaciousness (n)

13. Undeterred (adj)  deter (v); deterrence (n)

14. Cursory (adj)

15. Enigmatic (adj)  enigmatically (adv);enigma (n)

vocab activity 6 3
Vocab Activity 6.3
  • Using all the words from List 6, write sentences that relate to Into the Wild thus far. If you have read ahead, please don’t give anything away.
epigraph analysis practice
Epigraph Analysis Practice

For your assigned epigraph, do the following:

  • Read it over CAREFULLY
  • Summarize it in 3 sentences or less.
  • Choose 3 or more CHARGED WORDS you see in the epigraph.
  • Note what type of text it comes from (i.e. Is it from a novel? An article? Etc.)
  • Do you think it is being used for logos, ethos, or pathos?
  • How does its use for logos, ethos, or pathos relate to the type of text it is?
  • Knowing all of this, how does it relate to the chapter it introduces? Why is it an appropriate introduction to the chapter?
epigraph analysis example
Epigraph Analysis Example

Ch. 2 Chris’s piece of graffiti

2. In this piece of graffiti that Chris carved into the wood at the site of his death, he shows his admiration for Jack London as a writer, and also strongly identifies with his new chosen name, Alexander Supertramp.

3. The only charged word in this epigraph is KING.

4. Text: self-made graffiti

5. It’s being used for pathos because it reminds the reader of Chris’s love for life and literature, which would likely make the reader feel sad about his death.

6. Since the graffiti is made by Chris, it shows his personal point of view and is therefore more emotional than logical or ethical.

7. This epigraph relates to the chapter it introduces because this chapter details the dangerous terrain of Alaska, which is featured in Jack London’s writing, and it also details what happened when Chris’s body was found. It’s an appropriate intro to the chapter because while the chapter is very factual, this epigraph taps more into the emotional side of Chris’s death.

into the wild journal entry for ch 3
Into the Wild Journal Entry for Ch. 3
  • Re-read the bottom of p. 19 to the bottom of p. 22
  • How does the information given about Chris’s home life shed light on the reasons why he may have taken off into the wild?
  • What conflicts/tensions are implied in the description of his home life?
  • Choose one specific detail of his home life and personally reflect on it. Does it remind you of yourself or someone you know? How does this particular detail make you feel about Chris’s character?