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Atlas Financials Upgrade RBEC OM workshop Part 3 13 October 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Atlas Financials Upgrade RBEC OM workshop Part 3 13 October 2008

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Atlas Financials Upgrade RBEC OM workshop Part 3 13 October 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Atlas Financials Upgrade RBEC OM workshop Part 3 13 October 2008. Atlas Manage Projects 9.0. Grants and Projects 8.4 Process Flow. Proposal Project Budget. Generate Award. Proposal. Project Funding / Budget Revisions. Project. Send to Commitment Control (KK). Project Transaction Table.

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Presentation Transcript
Atlas Financials Upgrade

RBEC OM workshop

Part 3

13 October 2008

grants and projects 8 4 process flow
Grants and Projects 8.4 Process Flow

Proposal Project Budget

Generate Award


Project Funding / Budget Revisions


Send to Commitment Control (KK)

Project Transaction Table



grants and projects 9 0 process flow
Grants and Projects 9.0 Process Flow

Proposal Project Budget

Generate Award


Project Funding / Budget Revisions



Send to Commitment Control (KK)

Project Transaction Table



changes in 9 0 grants and projects
Changes in 9.0 – Grants and Projects
  • New Graphically Enhanced Grants Navigation pages
  • New Portal Navigation Labels
  • Projects in 8.4 is Project Costing (PC) in 9.0
  • Enhanced User Interface for Proposal Entry

(new Proposal Budget page and Build Periods functionality)

  • Track Multiple Award Modifications per Period
  • New Award Funding Inquiry Page
  • Funded amount = Project Budget Amount
  • Redesigned Project Budget Page
  • Finalize includes Send to Commitment Control (PC_WRAPPER process)
  • New Commitment Control Errors page
  • Project Manager maintained through Project Team Page
budget checking changes to configuration
Budget Checking: Changes to Configuration
  • Child Ledger Project Budgets: Track without Budget at Project Activity level in Commitment Control
  • Parent Ledger Project Budgets: Control at Project level in Commitment Control
  • Impact on already defined Project Budgets - No
  • Run Budget Details report at Parent Ledger level

(e.g. PAR_DP)

atlas general ledger 9 0
Atlas General Ledger 9.0
  • Improved Journal Processing for GLJE’s as well as GL month end closing processes
  • GL Journal – Projects Hyperlink has been removed and project attributes are on line level
  • Increased ability to inquire detail transaction from summary to detail transaction in subsystem
  • Enhanced features and functions to be reviewed after go-live
    • Chart Fields
    • Upload facility
    • Chartfield grouping
    • Adjustment Periods
    • Subsystem to GL reconciliations
general ledger journal header 9 0
GL Journal Commitment Control Default set to Actuals, Recognized and Collected.

Adjustment Journal Drop down box

General Ledger Journal Header 9.0

9.0 Journal Line PageProject chart fields - Hyperlink removed. No change to Ledger BalanceIncludes Journal Entry as well as entry points in sub-modules (Requisition, PO, AP Voucher))



9 0 journal processing and budget checking improvements
9.0 Journal Processing and Budget Checking Improvements
  • Journal Edit and Budget Checking is captured in the process scheduler – which means that the journal edit and budget checking process continues to edit despite system performance and timeout.
  • Changed from COBOL to Application Engine run COBOL program.
  • You are able to check the status of the process. Just like the paycycle or reports.
  • Better support for running multiple instances of a process in parallel
reviewing process scheduler for journal edit budget checking processes
Reviewing Process Scheduler for Journal Edit & Budget Checking Processes

Budget checking on PO

GL Journal Edit


General Ledger – Review Financial Data Redesigned in 9.0 Additional Flexibility, Create Chartfield rule sets to capture multi or range of chart fields

9 0 ledger review
9.0 Ledger Review
  • Allows a range of chart fields
  • Balance or Transactional
  • Order By
  • Subtotals
commitment control project budgets
Budget Checking at Project Level for UNDP.

Budget Control at Project Activity is an option on a GL Business Unit.

Project Budget Checking is controlled at ledger PAR_DP

Ledger CHD_DP is no longer valid for review of exceptions and balance

Improved Streamline processes with Projects Module – PC Wrapper.

Commitment Control Project Budgets
9 0 commitment control new features
Budget Journal – copy journal functionality

Flat File Budget Journal import capabilities for level 1 ALT_DP and ALT_DP

Graphical Charting Feature on Budget overviews

9.0 Commitment Control – New Features
atlas treasury 9 0
Atlas Treasury 9.0
  • New Features and Enhancements
    • Enhanced Bank Statements Data Entry/Review Pages
    • Enhanced Auto and Semi-Manual Reconciliation
    • Streamlined Deal Entry Pages
    • Associate payment method during deal entry
    • Facility to Review Payment Life Cycle
    • IBAN
  • For the future:
    • Financial Sanctions Service
    • Financial Gateway
    • Investment Pooling

Cash Management

  • Control of Cash Receipts
  • Disbursements
  • Reconciliation
  • Cash Forecasting

Liquidity and Investment Mgt

  • Funding for HQ and COs operations
  • Investment of excess cash

Risk Management

  • Foreign exchange
  • Interest rates
  • Credit ratings
  • Operational issues
peoplesoft 9 0 treasury new features enhancements
PeopleSoft 9.0 Treasury New Features &Enhancements
  • Enhanced Bank Statements Data; Entry/Review Pages
  • Enhanced Semi-Manual Reconciliation
  • Enhanced Deal Entry Pages
  • IBAN
  • Fiscal Closure (soft close at the Treasury modules level)
  • Financial Sanctions Service
  • Financial Gateway
  • Investment Pooling
9 0 security exercise
9.0 Security - Exercise
  • Security - Reconfiguration
    • Security in 9.0 has been completely re-architected for all agencies/funds
    • Requirements submitted by all Atlas agencies according to respective ICFs
    • 9.0 set up is more flexible to accommodate agency-specific requirements
    • ARGUS was redesigned to accommodate agency-specific needs – no significant change in terms of requesting and approval new roles and changes
  • User Profile Conversion
    • User profile conversion is being done based on existing ARGUS business profiles
    • Special instructions are difficult to convert since they do not fit into the basic rules of the new security model
    • May need to be re-requested through ARGUS with approval
    • UNCDF and UNIFEM fall under the UNDP architecture – adjustments may be required based on individual user profiles to accommodate needs of the funds
    • UNFPA and UNOPS have their own conversion rules and security setup
  • Should not see major changes in 9.0
    • Change to CO treasury to adhere to ICF – bank reconciliation and approval of AP Pay Cycle
    • Challenges of conforming to ICF given differing office sizes – will continue to enhance
exercise login and review security
Exercise: Login and Review Security
  • URL for login to test instance is:
  • User IDs and Passwords were converted for all UNDP Atlas Financials Users
  • Contact me at for User IDs and Passwords