the butterfly circus n.
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The Butterfly Circus PowerPoint Presentation
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The Butterfly Circus

The Butterfly Circus

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The Butterfly Circus

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  1. The Butterfly Circus Discussion

  2. Vocabulary • Carnival: A travelling funfair or circus • Circus: A travelling company of acrobats, clowns, and other entertainers which gives performances, typically in a large tent, in a series of different places. • Freak Show: A sideshow at a fair, featuring abnormally developed people or animals. An unusual or grotesque event viewed for pleasure, especially when in bad taste. • Perversion of Nature: The alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended: • Magnificent: Impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking: • Gimp: a physically disabled person, esp one who is lame • Showman: a person who presents or produces a theatrical show, etc

  3. Vocabulary • 8. Buenos Dias: “Good Morning or Good Day” in Spanish • 9. Sideshow: a small show or entertainment offered in conjunction with a larger attraction, as at a circus or fair • A man’s imperfections: a man’s faults or defects • Contortionist: a performer who contorts his body for the entertainment of others • Flying trapeze: (gymnastics) a trapeze used in performing gymnastic displays high above the ground • Beauty from ashes: Mythology A bird in Egyptian mythology that lived in the desert for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from its ashes. • Cocoon: . A protective case of silk or similar fibrous material spun by the larvae of moths and other insects that serves as a covering for their pupal stage

  4. Characters Mr. Mendez: Sammy: The Painted Man: The Limbless Man/Will: Anna: Contortionist: George: Poppy:

  5. Questions Why is this movie called “The Butterfly Circus”? Who was your favorite character, and why? What did you think the first time you saw Will? How did you feel about children throwing tomatoes? Why did Mr. Mendez say, “You are Magnificent.”? Why didn’t Mr. Mendez help Will out of the truck? Mr. Mendez said, “There’s nothing inspiring about a man’s imperfections on display.” What did he mean? Why did Mr. Mendez say to Will, “A man…whom God himself has forgotten.” How do you feel about the quote: “The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.”

  6. Questions Why doesn’t Mr. Mendez help Will when he want to cross the stream? Why does Mr. Mendez dance away as Will talks to the children after the circus? What was your favorite moment in the movie? How does this movie inspire you?