ivb7 state of the art video streaming solution www ivb7 com n.
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Live Internet Webcasting PowerPoint Presentation
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Live Internet Webcasting

Live Internet Webcasting

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Live Internet Webcasting

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  1. IVB7State of the Art Video Streaming Solutionwww.

  2. A Brief Introduction of IVB7 • IVB7 is a Streaming Band-Width Service Provider providing dedicated streaming CDN,s (Dedicated Streaming Server) • IVB7 also provides Professional IVB7 Video Streaming Software license that has been developed by IVB7 • IVB7 provides License for its own state of the art Video Player developed by IVB7 • IVB7 provides new Innovative Live Video Web-portal integrated on cloud Streaming CDN • IVB7 Manufactures Innovative HD & AV Video Streaming Equipments along with Video Receiver’s on cutting edge technology

  3. A Brief Introduction of IVB7 • IVB7 Provides Equipments with Total solution on Webcasting, Webinar, Web TV, Video Conferencing & Internet video Transmitting & Receiver’sfor - Corporate, Educational Institutions, Training Centers, Business Establishments, Entrepreneurs, videographers, Event Managers, Web-Developers, Religious Organizations, TV Channels, etc.

  4. Requirements for Webcasting • One PC or Laptop with Windows7 Operating System • One Video Camera Connected to the system • Streaming Software for streaming • Streaming CDN ( Streaming Server) that will support unlimited simultaneous viewers • Streaming Video Player that will show the live video • Website embedded with live Video player

  5. Webcasting Vs other Video Streaming Video Streaming of Webcasting Other Types Video Streaming • Webcasting is Broadcasting on the Web • In Webcast the internet bandwidth needed –is provided by streaming CDN. For its viewers • Streaming CDN in Webcast is similar to FM transmitter, It is one way video web broadcasting. • Webcast will not use local internet as per the viewer. • In Webcast - local internet will not vary according to the no. of viewers. • Webcast is used for broadcasting to more than one on the web - Its Application are used in private Training, virtual class room, IPTV, Mobile TV etc. • Other types of Streaming Include – Video Telephone, Skype, Google Talk, Surveillance , video encoders, and decoders • All the above don,t use Streaming CDN. • All the above work similar to telephone and surveillance. • All the above use local internet as per the viewer’s usage • In all the above the local internet usage or requirement will vary according to the no. of viewers. • All the above is used in applications for one to one video streaming. Like Video Phone, and CCTV for surveillance by one or two using the local internet.

  6. IVB7 Streaming Process on Cloud

  7. Webcasting of 50 Places • 50 webcasting IVB7 CDN Server Accounts are provided along with 50 laptops with webcam, IVB7 Streaming Software, Video Player to webcast from 50 places.

  8. Broadcast Your Live Program in High quality. Call Us at +919841088886 to book your slot. CDTECH Innovations Private Limited 95,Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai-600008 Phone : 044-28193174