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Kennesaw State University

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Kennesaw State University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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M.Ed. Instructional Technology. May 9, 2012. TURN ON ARCHIVE!. Kennesaw State University. Dr. Traci Redish, Department Chair Dr. Julie Moore, Associate Professor Dr. Doug Hearrington, Assistant Professor Dr. Anissa Vega, Assistant Professor Dr. Jo Williamson, Associate Professor.

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Kennesaw State University

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    1. M.Ed. Instructional Technology May 9, 2012 TURN ON ARCHIVE! Kennesaw State University Dr. Traci Redish,Department Chair Dr. Julie Moore,Associate Professor Dr. Doug Hearrington,Assistant Professor Dr. Anissa Vega,Assistant Professor Dr. Jo Williamson,Associate Professor ORIENTATION

    2. Department of Instructional Technology Faculty Jo Williamson Julie Moore Anissa Vega Doug Hearrington Traci Redish

    3. Introductions Faculty: Dr. Hearrington Dr. Moore Dr. Redish Dr. Vega Dr. Williamson

    4. Introductions Candidates: Heather Holder Kwanza LippittEdward MartinCynthia Morgan Sandra Moss Jennifer RomaTifanieSlaymakerMelissa SnellAlison WhiteElizabeth Whittington Candidates: Angela AufderheideJennifer BartaFelicia BelcherTali Ben-SeniorAngela BurgessValerie ConnerAlexandria ElikwuJesse Forte Rhonda GamblinAbbieHedelund

    5. Contact Information Gail DasherAdministrative Associate Please forward your Kennesaw email account to the email account you check daily!

    6. Cohort Advisors

    7. Online Advisement • Students are assigned an advisor upon entering the program. • Send all advisement questions to your advisor. • Online meeting every other semester with your advisor. • Students can visit campus during office hours or meet online with advisor through the LMS (GeorgiaVIEW). • Online advisement website.

    8. Online Advisement • Online cohort advisement session each semester with Dr.Redish. • Classes to register for the next semester • Reminder of paperwork and deadlines • Upcoming opportunities for endorsements/certificate programs • Recurring questions from emails • Student questions

    9. Purpose of the M.Ed.: Leadership: To prepare you to serve as a school-leveltechnology coach/technology facilitator. & Teaching: To prepare you to effectively integrate technology into your classroom.

    10. PSC Instructional Technology Standards(6 standards; 28 Elements) Standard 1: Visionary Leadership Standard 2: Teaching, Learning, & Assessment Standard 3: Digital Learning Environments Standard 4:  Digital Citizenship & Responsibility Standard 5: Professional Learning & Program Evaluation Standard 6: Candidate Professional Growth & Development ISTE Technology Coach Standards .

    11. Program of Study(Tentative) SEMESTER I – Summer 2012 ITEC 7480 Introduction to Online LearningITEC 7460 Professional Learning & Technology Innovation SEMESTER II – Fall 2012 ITEC 7400 21st Century Teaching and LearningITEC 7445 Multimedia and Web Design SEMESTER III – Spring 2013 ITEC 7410 Instructional Technology LeadershipITEC 7430 Internet Tools in the Classroom SEMESTER IV – Summer 2013ITEC 7305 Data Analysis & School Improvement Elective - You may choose to select an Endorsement Program SEMESTER V – Fall 2013 ITEC 7470 Educational Research Elective - You may choose to select an Endorsement Program SEMESTER VI – Spring 2014ITEC 7500 Capstone Experience & Portfolio Elective - You may choose to select an Endorsement Program

    12. 12 courses = 36 hours = 6 semesters = 2 years • 9 ITEC courses (Instructional Technology) • 3 elective courses (9 hours) • Online Teaching Endorsement Program • Teacher Leadership Endorsement & Preservice Leadership • Reading Endorsement – Elementary Only • Gifted Endorsement • M.Ed. Level Content Classes Program of Study

    13. Field Experiences 2 Types: 1. Structured(Course Assignments – 30 hours per course) 2. Unstructured(You Decide – 10 hours per course)

    14. Field Experiences 1. Structured(Course Assignments – 30 hours per course) Turn in the log when you turn in the assignment. The log will also be placed in your portfolio.

    15. Field Experiences 2. Unstructured(You Decide – 10 hours per course) Turn in the log at the end of the semester with all 10 hours documented.The log will also need to be uploaded to your portfolio.

    16. Portfolio • Platform • • Sample Portfolio – • Optional Synchronous Session – June 20, 2012, 5:00pm • Due – July 16, 2012 • Video tutorials – ITEC Website Links, Portfolio Tutorials

    17. Portfolio Purchase a memory stick!

    18. Capstone Culminating experience for candidates in the M.Ed. in Instructional Technology. The capstone should consist of a minimum of 75-100 hours of substantial work. Opportunity to apply and integrate key concepts from each course in your program of study. Must collaborate with their school community to identify an authentic and challenging technology-related need, problem, or research study to complete within the school, district or other educational agency. Design, implement, and evaluate an appropriate solution to meet the need, problem or research study. Proposal due to your advisor the 3rd semester – Spring 2013 

    19. Capstone Examples: Interactive Wiki with “how-to” tutorials on commonly asked technology questions 10-session professional learning program on Web 2.0 tools Professional Learning Program on SMART Board Tools Development of a School Website French Textbook with an Interactive Website School Wide Blog Initiative Online Course for Teachers – PLU credits Parent Technology Training

    20. Registration Register - May 10 - 25 Dr. Vega/Dr. Moore Discuss Class

    21. ITEC 7460Professional Learning & Technology Dr. Anissa Vega Call or Text 404-579-1157

    22. Textbooks • Knight, Jim. (2007). Instructional coaching: A partnership approach to improving instruction. Corwin Press: Thousand Oaks. • Learning Forward (2011). Standards for Professional Learning. • Sparks, Dennis. (2002). Designing Powerful Professional Development for Teachers and Principals. Available FREE online:

    23. Learning Objectives Candidates will: 1 …analyze a School Improvement Plan given feedback from a school administrator and to identify a teacher to coach in technology integration. 2 …develop and implement a needs assessment of technology professional development that addresses LoTi levels and adopter categories according to change theory. 3 …develop and implement a technology integration coaching plan that fits a colleague’s needs. 4 …design, develop, and implement a professional learning session that fits a school technology need. 5 …evaluate the effectiveness of a professional learning session using a candidate-designed evaluation tool.

    24. 8 modules (<1 week to complete each module) • 2 Synchronous WIMBA sessions • June 7th 7pm-9pm • July 12th 6pm-9pm • Largest Assignment: a needs assessment & a 1 hour technology workshop • We will discuss in detail on June 7th • Shared by you on July 12th (why we will start early)

    25. Before June 7th: Watch for the course to be uploaded to our section of GeorgiaView near the end of May (email will go out). Once it is uploaded… • Read course orientation • Read course resources • Read course support • Read course rubrics • Watch APA formatting video mentioned in our online orientation materials. • (This link will be emailed to you within GeorgiaView.) See you on Thursday June 7th at 7pm!

    26. Textbooks: Cavanaugh, C. & Blomeyer, R. (2007). What Works in K-12 Online Learning. International Society for Technology in Education. ISBN: 978-1-56484-236-7 Vai, M. & Sosulski, K. (2011). Essentials of Online Course Design: A Standards-Based Guide. ISBN: 978-0415873000

    27. Course Description ITEC 7480 explores principles for effective online learning and provides an introduction to key terms, issues, policies, challenges, and emerging trends in the field.

    28. 6 modules – 1 per week • Activities and Assignments due Sunday midnight • 2 synchronous Wimba sessions: • Tuesday, June 12 7pm-9pm • Tuesday, July 10 7pm-9pm • Major Assignments • Course Syllabus • Mini module Online Office Hours – Tuesdays 3-5pm in Wimba Classroom in GV

    29. Watch for the course to be uploaded to our section of GeorgiaView near the end of May (email will go out). Once it is uploaded… • Read course orientation • Read course resources • Read course support • Read course rubrics • Read course syllabus • Get textbooks Wimba session, Tuesday, June 12th from 7pm-9pm

    30. Professionalism/Dispositions • Attendance & Punctuality • Class Participation • Contributes and leads class discussions • Displays a positive attitude • Respectful of professor and colleagues • Collaborates to complete high-quality team projects • Submits ALL assignments on time • Submits quality responses to online discussion forums • Plagiarism • If you get behind, email your instructor and ask for an extension.

    31. Orientation Website Develop Portfolio Shellhttp://tredish.weebly.comDue: July 16(Session on June 20 @ 5:00) ITEC Dept. Website Student Files Student Links

    32. Reminder: PSC RULE: You must graduate by the end of summer 2015 to receive an upgrade to your teaching certificate.

    33. Virtual Desktop

    34. Questions?