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Different Types of Lying PowerPoint Presentation
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Different Types of Lying

Different Types of Lying

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Different Types of Lying

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  1. Different Types of Lying By Christopher Breen

  2. Introduction Every day we lie, but sometimes we don’t know it. Have you ever wondered if there’s more than one type of lying? Well guess what? There is!

  3. BIG Lies Telling big lies is a big fat No! A big lie is obviously a lie bigger then others. For example: lying in court is a big lie. You swear upon the Holy Bible & END UP LYING! If you’re caught lying, you end up in gaol! Telling big lies is also other things like committing adultery & lying about it or stealing someone else's identity & lying about it.

  4. White Lies White lies are also known as smaller lies, therefore, they are smaller than other lies. For example, stealing the last cookie from the cookie jar & lying about it when chocolate is smeared all over your face. Or it could be playing a prank on someone & saying “It wasn’t me!” It could be just as simple as teasing someone that they’ve got a girlfriend when they don’t.

  5. Lying with omission Lying with omission is a very sneaky thing. It means when you say you didn’t (for example) watch TV when you’re grounded, but inside you know you watched a DVD on the TV. ,More examples: “I didn’t steal the chocolate from the fridge, I stole it from the box in the fridge!” Or “I didn’t let the dog run wild outside, I let him run wild on the road outside!”

  6. Lying to someone’s disadvantage Lying to someone’s disadvantage is lying so someone else gets the humiliation. It makes them get in trouble instead of you. For example: when you’re in trouble, you lie that your best friend did whatever you’re in trouble for when they didn’t do it. You could do the old gullible trick & say “there’s gullible in your hair!” Then they start scratching & you say “you’re so gullible!”

  7. Lying to someone’s advantage Lying to someone’s advantage can be a good thing to other people. You lie so someone else doesn’t get blame. For example: if your teacher asks you why you’re laughing & your best fiend was telling jokes but you don’t want to get them in trouble, you say; “I was laughing to myself” & the person who’s advantage it is doesn’t get in trouble.

  8. I’m now going to tell you a true story. Can you guess what type of lying this is?

  9. The $50,000 Shot There was a competition in America where there was a raffle. Whoever won the raffle got to shoot an icev hockey puck into a tiny hole from 100m away. If they get it in, they win $50,000. A boy with a twin brother got chosen, but couldn’t make it to the stadium. So the twin brother filled in, shot the puck & won $50,000. Nobody noticed this was all done by the twin brother & nothing was done about it. A couple days later the father of the two told the media what happened & they were stripped of their money.

  10. Thank you for watching my PowerPoint! I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to clap!