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Graphic Design Technician PowerPoint Presentation
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Graphic Design Technician

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Graphic Design Technician
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Graphic Design Technician

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  1. Graphic Design Technician

  2. Description Graphic Design Technician is the person who designs the service or product to be introduced and makes it ready for printing.

  3. Duties Consults with customers helps them determine the needs and design of the product or service, He prepares the designs brought out in the studio environment for printing, He takes photos of the products or services at the studio or any other place. He shows the designs he built in accordance with customer demands and expectations and receives approval, or makes necessary changes, Checks the designs before printing.

  4. Tools and materials used in this job Computer and printer, Scanner, Digital camera, Computer programs (especially desktop publishing programs such as), Photocopying and other office equipment and supplies, Different types of paper, paint, ruler, printing equipment and tools, Text catalogues, books, magazines and so on.

  5. Features required by the profession The people who want to be a Graphic Design Technician; Be able to see Shape and Space relationships, Be able to notice differences in colours and shapes, Be creative and have rich imagination, Be able to express thoughts with lines, Have an aesthetic insight and interested in fine arts, Can focus attention to a certain point, Successful at human elations,.

  6. Working environment and conditions: Graphic design technician works in a closed space, laboratory, studio or an office, The graphic technician is always in communication with his/her Colleagues and clients, They go to the printing house at the printing stage, Printing houses are noisy and smelly, They work outdoors when taking photos.