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Completing Your Application and Going Forward with the Admissions Interviews PowerPoint Presentation
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Completing Your Application and Going Forward with the Admissions Interviews

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Completing Your Application and Going Forward with the Admissions Interviews - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Completing Your Application and Going Forward with the Admissions Interviews. Like many job applications, a medical school application requires:. References Summary of Credentials Interviews.

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Completing Your Application and Going Forward with the Admissions Interviews

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like many job applications a medical school application requires
Like many job applications, a medical school application requires:
  • References
  • Summary of Credentials
  • Interviews
References come in the form of letters of recommendation. Here’s what we suggest you do to work towards getting good letters:
  • Develop relationships along the way with your professors, research advisors and others who will write letters of recommendation
        • Be proactive!
        • Visit during office hours
        • Focus on learning and improvement
  • Choose individuals who know you pretty well and will write very favorable letters of recommendation for you
  • Investigate if your school has a pre-health committee assigned to write a cover letter providing an overall recommendation of you along with individual letters of recommendation.
  • Make sure your letter packet dossier for the pre-health committee includes recommendations representing both academic, especially science, and non-academic accomplishments.
more on your letters of recommendation
More on Your Letters of Recommendation

Prepare a portfolio (resume, personal statement, self-addressed envelope to the office where the letter must be sent) for the writer.

Request your individual letters of recommendation early … even before finishing your medical school application.

Follow up with the letter writer making sure the letter is in your file at the pre-health office or career center.

your application
Your Application

Pay attention to individual medical school application deadlines (including early decision)

Check for accuracy and arrange for all transcripts to be sent ASAP to AMCAS and/or non- AMCAS schools

Give time and thought to completing your application

Tell who you are and why you want to be a doctor

Describe your experiences using action words

Carefully proofread it

your application continued
Your Application continued

Learn if you qualify for the AAMC Fee Assistance Program (FAP) –

Get money together and pay application fees

(AMCAS Application = $160 + additional schools)

Keep a file of all info for each medical school (including info from our presentation)

Review this file during each step of the application process for each school to which you have applied

Consider using a Google Docs spreadsheet to track your applications and admissions interviews: SAMPLE LINK (requires Gmail account)

Keep your track of Internet IDs and passwords for each school to which you have applied

Ascertain with the medical schools to which you have applied if your entire completed application has been received

Get Organized!!

a checklist for your preparation for the the admissions interview
A Checklist for Your Preparation for the The Admissions Interview!!

Do you have someone qualified with whom you can practice mock admissions interviews?

Are you sure your email connection is reliable checking it often to learn if you’ve been invited for interviews?

When invited for interviews, do you respond in a timely and professional way via email or with a phone call to schedule your interviews?

Are you taking advantage of the available resources at medical schools to which you’ve been invited for interviews?

Diversity/ Multicultural Affairs offices may brief you in advance on admissions interview, review your application, help arrange free overnight accommodations with students or alumni, etc.

so now you have an interview
So Now You Have an Interview!...

If possible, schedule your interviews within a certain region around the same time to save money on travel


Be RESPECTFUL and COURTEOUS to everyone.

Be PREPARED to talk about your role in extracurricular activities in which you had a learning experience or leadership role, which, you believe, has helped you prepare for a medical career.

Be DRESSED conservatively. No attention-getting makeup or jewelry, strong perfume/cologne, loud colors etc.

Be INFORMED. Look over sample interview questions and prepare your answers. Also, every school claims to have something unique about its program. Find out what the uniqueness is by reviewing its website and or brochures. This could be a potential topic to explore with your interviewer.

Keep cell phone on SILENT or OFF.

Follow up after the interview, if you truly want to matriculate at that particular school. Write a thank you note expressing your desire to the Admissions Director.


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