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rave and club drugs what you may not hear from your friends n.
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RAVE and CLUB DRUGS (What you may not hear from your friends) PowerPoint Presentation
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RAVE and CLUB DRUGS (What you may not hear from your friends)

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RAVE and CLUB DRUGS (What you may not hear from your friends)
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RAVE and CLUB DRUGS (What you may not hear from your friends)

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  1. RAVE and CLUB DRUGS(What you may not hear from your friends)

  2. ECSTASY CASES BY USAF MEMBERS • From 1998 to 2000 there has been a 600% increase in the number of ecstasy cases in the United States Air Force



  5. RAVES • High threat area for illegal drugs • Practically designed for drug use • If you go to a Rave, chances are you will be approached/offered drugs • You never know what you’re getting • Impurities in the drugs can also be lethal

  6. WHAT YOU MAY SEE(Samples of Rave Drug Paraphernalia) • Water Bottles - Water is usually sold at Rave parties for up to $10.00-$15.00 per bottle. • Light Sticks (glow-sticks) • Pacifiers – to counteract severe jaw clenching caused by ecstasy • Eye-Drop Bottles - containing LSD • Vicks Vapor Rub/Surgical Mask • Candy Wrappers or Tins with pills

  7. WHAT YOU MAY BE OFFERED • “X”, ” E”, Disco Biscuit, Love Drug, Dennis the Menace, Clarity, Essence, Lover’s Speed • ECSTASY, MDMA • Grievous Bodily Harm, “G”, Liquid Ecstasy, Blue Nitro, Reviverant, Georgia Home Boy • GHB • Special K, “K”, Vitamin K, Cat Valium • KETAMINE • Acid, Boomers, Yellow Sunshines, Microdot, Blotter, Hit • LSD • Roofies, Roche, Forget-me pill • ROHYPNOL

  8. What your friends may say about Ecstasy • Gives you lots of energy • Makes you feel good • You have cool hallucinations • You don’t get addicted to it • You can party all night • You won’t get caught • It won’t kill you

  9. EcstasyThe Rest of the Story • It increases your body temperature - practically cooking internal organs • You get severely dehydrated and can collapse • You damage your brain’s ability to produce serotonin, which can lead to permanent depression • You can have a heart attack or your kidneys may fail • You never know what you’re getting – how strong or dangerous the pills are varies each time • You can get caught • Urinalysis during the week and on weekends • Informants • Dogs now are trained to find it

  10. Friends may have told you that GHB • Gives a sense of euphoria • Helps build muscles • Loosens inhibitions • Enhances sexual experiences • Increases energy & happiness • Is naturally produced by the body, so it can’t be harmful

  11. But did they tell you that GHB • Can be made by mixing degreasing solvent (floor stripper) with drain cleaner • Has some nasty side effects • Nausea, vomiting, delusions, amnesia • Seizures, loss of muscle control • Can also leave you • Conscious but unable to move • Unconscious, in a coma, or dead • Withdrawal causes insomnia, tremors, and anxiety

  12. What people say they like aboutKETAMINE • Cheaper than cocaine • Works faster than PCP • Visual effects of LSD • Mellow, colorful “wonderworld” • Intensifies colors and sounds • Feelings of pleasant weightlessness • Out-of-body experiences

  13. The facts aboutKETAMINE It can cause • Delirium, amnesia • Paranoia • Aggressive behavior • Severe depression, recurrent flashbacks • Long term memory and learning problems • Convulsions • Coma and death

  14. People say thatLSD • Lets you “feel” colors and “see” sounds • Is not physically addictive • Is cheap • Stimulates creativity • Makes you feel energized Sold in tablet, capsule, or liquid form; on pieces of paper, sugar cubes, or squares of gelatin

  15. But LSD has a lot of problems • Very unpredictable effects • High body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure • Panic, confusion, suspicion, and anxiety attacks • Can trigger schizophrenia • Psychologically addictive • Flashbacks can occur long after you stop taking it! • Long term effects may also include persistent psychosis

  16. Common myths about Rohypnol • It’s better than alcohol because you don’t wake up with a hangover • It is a prescription drug and is safe because it comes in bubble packs • It can’t be detected by urinalysis

  17. The truth aboutROHYPNOL • Common adverse effects include • Drowsiness, dizziness • Confusion • Amnesia • Withdrawal effects • Headache, muscle pain, tension, extreme anxiety • Hypersensitivity to light • Seizures, numbness • Can contain dangerous impurities • Anyone can make a bubble-pack • Is detectable by urinalysis

  18. DATE RAPE and DRUGS • Most common drugs used in date rape are Rohypnol and GHB • Whether at a nightclub, a bar, or at a party, watch your drinks – don’t leave them unattended • Be careful about accepting a drink from someone you don’t know well • Use the buddy system – look out for each other • Date rape drugs can kill

  19. You have better things to Do! • Exercise • Nutrition/Diet • Personal Life Goals • Education and Training • Stress Management • Hobbies and Crafts • Travel • Building Healthy Relationships • Spiritual Goals

  20. 2 AF General Courts MartialInvolving Ecstasy (CY00) GUILTY • 3 Specifications of Ecstasy • 1 Specification of Ecstasy • 2 Specifications of Ecstasy • 2 Specifications of Ecstasy • 2 Specifications of Ecstasy - BCD, 6 months confinement Reduction to E1, Total Forfeitures - BCD, 28 months confinement Reduction to E1, Total Forfeitures - BCD, 15 months confinement Reduction to E1, Total Forfeitures - BCD, 20 months confinement Reduction to E1, Total Forfeitures - BCD, 13 months confinement Reduction to E1, Total Forfeitures GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY

  21. 2 AF Special Courts MartialInvolving Ecstasy (CY00) • 23 cases • 33 specifications involving ecstasy • 100% conviction rate • 18 Bad Conduct Discharges • 70 months of confinement • Loss of up to 2/3 of base pay • Reduction to E-1 • Restrictions GUILTY

  22. Impact of Convictions If you’re convicted of being involved with illegal drugs, here are some of the things that may follow you the rest of your life: • Punitive discharge • Felony conviction • Loss of voting rights • Loss of veteran’s benefits • Limited educational opportunities • Diminished job opportunities

  23. Example: in some states you … • Can’t own or possess a firearm • Can’t be executor of anyone’s estate • Can’t live in some state public housing • Good Luck Getting A Job! • May not be able to get a license in the healthcare field • Can’t be a school teacher or school administrator • Can’t get a liquor license or work in a place that has one • Can’t be an architect • Can’t practice law

  24. Conclusion • Drugs and Other Temptations Are Out There • Peer Pressure is Tremendous • OSI Agents are Watching and Investigating • Sooner or later you will get caught • Drug use is incompatible with the Air Force Don’t Harm Your Body, Your Career, Your Life For One Night of Fun That You May Not Remember OR SURVIVE!

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