Sector: IT, telecommunication
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Sector: IT, telecommunication Eastern Poland IT Companies Cluster groups persons and entities which contribute to the development of the Polish IT sector.

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Sector: IT, telecommunication

Eastern Poland IT Companies Cluster groups persons and entities which contribute to the development of the Polish IT sector.

The main task of the cluster is the consolidation and cooperation of companies within the sector. The cluster supports the implementation of joint investment enterprises, business cooperation, exchange of experiences, conducting IT and promotion campaigns.

The goals of the cluster are: to increase the competitiveness of companies and to improve the cooperation with Institutes of higher education and administration.

Close cooperation with IT companies within the Eastern IT Cluster, makes it possible to optimally use the potential of the cluster members.






Location - Poland - Rzeszów


- representing companies offering IT and marketing services,

- support of enterprises in obtaining financial support and management,

- support in building innovative networks of cooperating companies, institutions

and institutes of higher education,

- improving social and economic effectiveness of the entire macro-region of

Eastern Poland and limiting the marginalization of this part of the country.


The coordinator of the Eastern Poland IT Companies Cluster is

the IT Association in Podkarpacie.

The most important goals of the Association include:

- integrating the environment of entrepreneurs from Podkarpacie within the IT

and telecommunication sector and supporting the development of business

initiatives and increasing the social awareness and knowledge in the field of

ICT, conducting personnel consulting as well as fighting unemployment.

Cluster activity

The cluster cooperates with the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, National Academy of Sciences in Lwow, State Vocational Higher School in Jarosław and Marshal Office, Voivodeship Office and the Rzeszow City Hall..

Cooperation with public administration is based on the organization of joint efforts with the aim of promoting the region, supporting the development of IT and consulting in the scope of development strategy of Podkarpacie.

Within its own field of activity the cluster implements the following projects:

1 -„Development of the Eastern Poland IT Companies Cluster" – the project includes also the following tasks:

- The construction of a stable inter-regional cooperative platform (creating legal and institutional forms of cooperation) between IT companies in order to create long-term economic and social partnerships;

- Improvement of conditions conducive to conduct economic activity - development and diffusion of innovative undertakings, improvement of product and process quality included in the project and creating innovative product offer of the cluster;

- Creating and promoting the brand of Eastern Poland IT products, overcoming the negative stereotype of lower competitiveness of eastern Poland's companies.

2. „Services related to advanced support for enterprises and groups of enterprises"

The subject of the project is the preparation and implementation of support for enterprises from the SME sector through a comprehensive package of three services offered through channels of communication:

A) e-learning and m-learning training,

B) e-consulting and

V) e-accounting offices.

The cluster members IT systems product range is created by: and groups of enterprises"

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

  • Business Intelligence Analytical Systems

  • Warehouse Management Systems

  • B2B - Systems

  • Safety and IT Infrastructure Management

  • Document Workflow Systems

  • Dedicated Applications -created for individual,

    specialized needs.

The cluster IT solutions are directed to: and groups of enterprises"

Shops, markets, supermarkets and groups of enterprises"

(and supermarket chain)

Manufacturing companies and groups of enterprises"

Administration facilities

Servicies facilities

Servicies facilities

Marketing services:

e-marketing, e-business, web pages, e-marketing campaigns, loyalty and partnership programs SEO, web 2.0, word of mouth marketing, interactive marketing, design, animations

Services related to: facilities

IT system and information safety information safety systems,

Personal protection data, protection of personal data,

Protection of confidential information,

Audits of conformity, IT audits etc.)

Full offer regarding computer equipment, consumption & office materials

Structural wiring systems based on copper and fiber optics technologies in all standards, screened and non-screened networks, 5, 5e, 6 i 7, type wiring, wiring between buildings.

Wireless networks.

Videoconferencing systems office materials

E-learning platforms office materials office materials