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Models of Corporate Support for Volunteer Action- A case example from VSO Jitolee- Kenya Presented by: Carol Kiangura PowerPoint Presentation
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Models of Corporate Support for Volunteer Action- A case example from VSO Jitolee- Kenya Presented by: Carol Kiangura

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Models of Corporate Support for Volunteer Action- A case example from VSO Jitolee- Kenya Presented by: Carol Kiangura - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Models of Corporate Support for Volunteer Action- A case example from VSO Jitolee- Kenya Presented by: Carol Kiangura. About VSO, VSO Jitolee & VSO RAISA.

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Models of Corporate Support for Volunteer Action- A case example from VSO Jitolee- KenyaPresented by:Carol Kiangura


About VSO, VSO Jitolee & VSO RAISA

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is the world’s leading independent international development organization that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries.VSO's high-impact approach involves bringing people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action, and change lives to make the world a fairer place for all.


About VSO, VSO Jitolee & VSO RAISA

VSO Jitolee is a registered international NGO in Kenya with the core mandate of promoting volunteerism to address global poverty and enhance participation of disadvantaged members of society in socio-economic and political development.We are part of the international VSO Ffederation. Other members of the Federation are; VSO UK; VSO Bahaginan and VSO Netherlands. Federation members provide resources to support VSO programmes globally.We have over 40 years’ experience of recruiting, placing and managing volunteers overseas. We also work on a national basis with other organisations that use volunteers, offering consultancy and advice.

what is employee volunteering ev
What is Employee Volunteering (EV)?
  • Volunteering is not only something done by individuals in their spare time
  • Businesses are becoming increasingly interested in how their employees can become involved, and are setting up varied programmes to assist their employees to volunteer.
  • This is called employee volunteering
what is employee volunteering ev5
What is Employee Volunteering (EV) ?
  • A three-way partnership between the employer, the employee and the organization receiving the volunteers (e.g. a community group, NGO, hospital, school etc).
  • Greatest resource of any business are the skills, knowledge and energies of its employees
  • Companies can extend the value of this resource beyond their own boundaries through employee volunteering programmes
  • There is clear evidence volunteering brings benefits not only to the community but also to the employer and their employees.
why is ev important to vso
Why is EV important to VSO?
  • We believe in fighting disadvantage and promoting development in communities through using skilled people.
  • We believe that everybody has something to offer but often people don’t know where to go.
  • We can provide links to volunteering opportunities through our network of development partners
  • Companies have a huge human resource of skilled and experienced people who can contribute significantly in tackling disadvantage
  • We also believe in the enhancement of existing skills, personal development and enrichment of volunteers (i.e. the employees)
our ev support to corporates
Our EV support to Corporates
  • Our Employee Volunteering programme at VSO Jitolee supports projects in the following areas:
    • Education
    • Health and HIV&AIDS
    • Vulnerable groups e.g. Women, people with disabilities, children and the aged
    • Sports development
    • Governance and Peace Building
    • Secure Livelihoods
    • Environment and Wildlife conservation
why is ev important to corporates case example of general motors gm ea
Why is EV important to Corporates? Case example of General Motors (GM EA
  • Gain competitive advantage.
  • Gain investor confidence.
  • Avoid social criticism.
  • Prevent public/consumer boycotts.
  • Attract and retain committed employees.
  • Lure patriotic /loyal customer.
  • Provides a ‘face’ in the community /Give back to society.
  • Increase market share./Supports core business needs
  • Builds relationships of trust
  • Improves employee morale and retention
  • Leverage support to corporate giving
  • Meets community expectations
why is ev important to employees
Why is EV important to Employees?
  • Contribution to employees’ personal and career growth through developing and enhancing their skills and broadening their experiences
  • Increased interaction between employees in various departments and levels in the company
  • Increased employees’ motivation and strengthened team spirit
  • Supports community services which employees and their families use
  • Improved employee leadership, teamwork, confidence, social and interpersonal skills
  • Enhanced community awareness among employees
  • Reduces isolation of the employee from community, creates a bond and a sense of belonging
why is ev important to communities
Why is EV important to Communities?
  • Enhanced quality of life in the community through providing solutions to social problems
  • Promotion of community cooperation and cohesion
  • Facilitates the sharing of skills and knowledge from the private sector to the grass root communities
  • Provides services to organizations with desperately needed assistances by well-qualified, enthusiastic volunteers
  • Aids in increasing understanding and breaking down barriers between businesses and the community
  • Increased talent and energy in the community by increasing the number of volunteers and the pool of available skills
  • Enhances the impact of monetary contributions made by corporations
different models of striking partnerships between corporates and community based partnerships
Different models of striking partnerships between Corporates and community based partnerships
  • Brokering/ Facilitating Service delivery between the Corporate and the community
  • Useful when Corporates do not want to manage an Employee Volunteering programme.
  • As a CBO/ NGO, your organization has the knowledge and expertise on how communities work.
  • Your organization could play a critical role in linking the Corporate Company to the volunteering opportunities in the community.
different models of striking partnerships between corporates and community based partnerships14
Different models of striking partnerships between Corporates and community based partnerships
  • Used where a Corporate Company does not want an external party to manage their employee volunteering programme.
  • Your role as a CBO/NGO: build the capacity of the Corporate to manage their employee Volunteering programme.
examples of different evp activities
Examples of different EVP activities


Your Organization can develop community service portfolios of one off events tailor made to Corporate specifications e.g.

Water body clean ups

Tree planting

Construction & renovation of buildings

Spend a day with a group of disadvantaged young people

examples of different evp activities17
Examples of different EVP activities


Your Organization can create long term sustainable community partnerships for corporate company employees, addressing various community needs. 3 months to a 2 year community projects.

Primary school homework clubs

Construct a website for a youth self help group

Set up documentation systems for women’s group in underprivileged areas

Youth mentoring programmes

examples of different evp activities18
Examples of different EVP activities

3) Building local business partnership agreements:

Your organization can develop national short term employee engagements community placements. Programs range between 2 weeks to 3 month placements in community projects, anywhere in the country.

These activities could vary according to the corporate employee’s professional specialization.

Placements could be very focused and offer excellent exposure and professional development for corporate employees, e.g. working in accounting in district community programme

examples of different evp activities19
Examples of different EVP activities

4) Virtual Volunteering:

This could be a deal for the busy corporate employees who cannot afford to take some time off from work. They can offer valuable expertise to communities anywhere in the Southern Africa region from their work station.


Editing reports

Coordinating events

corporates voluntary action
Corporates & Voluntary Action
  • Corporate companies can also get involved in voluntary
  • action in the following ways:
  • Advocacy
  • Sponsor volunteers
  • Sponsor volunteer programmes
  • Help set up volunteer programmes
  • Participate
key ingredients of meaningful effective and sustainable programmes
Key ingredients of meaningful, effective and sustainable programmes
  • Strategic & meeting business priorities
  • Free will
  • Support for employees
  • Flexibility on volunteering time
  • Rewards
  • Reflecting employee interests and skills
  • Addressing community needs
  • Involvement by community members
challenges perspectives from the corporates
Challenges- Perspectives from the Corporates
  • Time
  • Synergy with partners
  • Transparency in charities
  • Accessibility of the charities
  • Acceptance by some charities
  • Motivation of the Employee volunteers
  • Dependency
challenges vso jitolee s perspectives
Challenges- VSO Jitolee’s perspectives
  • Lack of middle management support
  • Urgency of events
  • Ad hoc volunteering events
  • Lack of commitment from employee volunteers
  • Stalled programmes
  • Too many corporate organizations doing the same thing in the same area
  • Initial heavy investment- time and capacity
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