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Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University PowerPoint Presentation
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Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

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Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

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  1. 2016 Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University ScienceFestival

  2. Location of the events Institute of Human Sciences Institute of In-Service Training Institute of Humanities Institute of Society Pedagogical Institute Institute of Arts University College Scientific Lab of Educology Scientific Lab of Informatization Scientific Lab of Culture of Leadership Scientific Lab of Grincheko Studies Scientific Lab of Internationalization

  3. OUR PARTNERS National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine Czech Centre in Kiev English School Oxford Class Museum of the outstanding figures of Ukrainian culture National Museum of Literature Sukhomlynskyi State Scientific Pedagogical Library City Youth Library Artist House School № 119 Kindergarten № 340 of Golosiyevo Region of Kyiv

  4. FIRST STEPS IN SCIENCE Students’ scientific conferences • “Auction of student scientific research projects" • "Modern foreign language education through the eyes of students“ • "The first steps in science" (format - "Pecha-heap") • “Science. Youth. Ecology.” • "Language personality of modern researcher“ • “Actual problems of modern education: challenges and prospects" • "The development of primary school children’s individuality: current realities and prospects" • "Actual problems of art education" • "Ukrainian past: sources, figures, phenomenon" • "Ponderous national literature is not conceivable without good translated literature" (Becher)” • "Cloud technologies in education"


  6. SCIENTIFIC confectionery:master classes, workshops, shops Vork,educational workshops • First wave • "Diagnosis and Correction of helplessness’ learning" • "Teach your child to defend - the development of safe behavior of 4-6 years children “ • "Board game" Adventures in Health country "in the formation of healthy lifestyle of primary school children" • "Sand therapy: a practical guide for action" • "Teaching design as innovative strategy of transformation of the educational environment" • "Upbringing of the child: features, benefits, myths and reality“ • "Program for the prevention of aggressive behavior “Stop! - Smile! " • "Dive into the world of dolls ‘persons“ • "Psychological Art workshop: Box of my dreams” • “Decoupage as a method of self-searching and internal resources “ • "The image of a modern university: traditional and innovative components" • Second wave • "Music and art therapy in Psychologist’s activity " • "Infographics of social and socio-educational work" • “Parents’ socio-educational support in raising children with disabilities" • "The influence of the media on the formation of behavior“ • "Sand therapy: a practical guide for action" • "How to create books with children" • "Psychology in comics" • "Eyes in my hands, or the world beyond the visible" • "Theatrical practice of psychologist’s activity”

  7. Science for information society Master class «STEAM and Internet of Things» - familiarization with innovational technologies and equipment, that was received in the framework of the international project Tempus DesIRE Scientific-methodological seminar «Development and implementation of courses in embedded computer systems at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University» Students scientific circle meeting «Creation of computer hardware, systems and applied program software for robotechnic complexes» Defense of students scientific projects «Usage of cloud technologies in professional activity»

  8. UKRAINE SPEAKING • SPEED – TRAININGS • The Brain Advantage: Teacher Leadership • through Neuroscience • How to make your classes special • How to catch up the letter • How to succeed with casual English methods • How to become a Grammar Boss • How to become an ICT Guru in English Class • Training«English – It is easy» • Presentation of Cambridge exams • Film Festival“English Film Fest” • Round tables • «New in Translation studies» • «Actual questions of Philology» • «Studying a foreign language in elementary school: problematic situations and ways of their resolution” • «Problems of Contemporary Linguistics: Semantics, Discourse, Communication»

  9. Science and Arts Opening of new panel of a virtual museum «History of education of Kyiv of ХІХth. – beginning of ХХІst.century» Guest lecture of People’s Painter of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine V. Shost on theme: “Formation and development of a genre of a poster in modern Ukrainian art” Тheatrical plays «Dreams of my life» and«Ingenious strange present of Cervantes»Presentation of a tutorial «I sew with a song: project-technological activity in embroidery» Scientific seminars «From classical to postnonoclassical arts education» «Ballet legacy in the creative work of modern ballet masters» Contemporary Comparative studies «Fiction in intermediality dimension» Round tables «Innovations of a genre in the creative works of Ukrainian painters of 60s-80s of XXth. century». «Kyiv arts expanse of XXth. and XXIst. centuries» «Subject “Arts” at 8th form and new approaches to its teaching» Master class in modelling of ceramics and of statuettes.

  10. Science of the University is for Kyiv Ukraine-wide scientific-practical conference «Kyiv and Kyivitesin historical discourse:personality in history(dedicated to 150th anniversary from the date of birth of Mykhailo Hrushevskyi)» Interdepartmental scientific seminar «Civilization challenges of contemporary humanitarian education», in which leading scientists of Institute of Society and of Institute of In-Service training, teachers of History, methodists of Regional Scientific-Methodological Centre, Heads of Regional Methodological Community of teachers of History of Kyiv city took part. Doors Open Day at the Museum of Borys Grinchenko of the University Program«Borys Grinchenko and Taras Shevchenko» on radio channel «Culture» of Ukrainian radio in «Museums of Ukraine» program. Practical lesson-excursion «Kyiv of Grinchneko’s era» Training «Family tree»in preschool educational institution № 340 of Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv

  11. Ukraine-wide scientificcolloquium «Phenomenon of a city: national and foreign experience» Joint scientific projects of recognized scientists, doctoral and postgraduate students, students in following problems: City as cultural-semantic phenomenon; Multicultural space of a city, dialogue of cultures; Archetype of a city in literature and culture; Megalopoli in the system of administrative-territorial structure; Аrchitectonics of cultural space of a city; Kyiv: the problem of the capital – mental, cultural, geopolitical; Vinnytsiais polyconfessional and polyethical phenomenon; Seton-hall University in New Jersey as an element of New Jersey agglomeration of the USA; Zielona Góra (The Republic of Poland) isthe city of unique sights of the Medieval Ages.