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The Kyiv medical university in Ukraine

Ukraine is considered as one of the best places to study medicine in the world. Kiev medical university is of the best medical university in the Kyiv city, which is also the capital of Ukraine. Therefore numerous of medical student across the world prefer Ukraine as their first choice.

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The Kyiv medical university in Ukraine

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  1. Doctors are not born! KMU will help you find the way to heritage of this noble Profession!

  2. History of the creation of the University In 1992, the General Director of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine Pokanevich Valery (1950-2012.) Created the Kiev Medical University of UAFM, whose work was based on the need to introduce the most effective, science-based methods and techniques of alternative medicine in the treatment of diseases in system of medical universities of Ukraine. Over time, the University has continued its activities and development.

  3. Courses in Traditional and Alternative Medicine Advanced training courses for doctors: "Traditional and nonconventional medicine" Duration: 3 – 4 weeks Courses in the specialty: "Traditional and nonconventional medicine" for doctors Training: 5 months Unique courses and master classes in the directions:Medical massageBasic medical trainingBioyenergoinformoterapiyaManual therapyPhytotherapyCosmetology ReflexotherapyHomeopathyetc.

  4. Attention! This has not happened in any private university in Ukraine! Kiev Medical University in Ukraine awards free training for a year to intelligent and talented applicants (2-3 students in each faculty), who score high marks in exams. Students will be interviewed by a committee and must write a letter of motivation before qualifying for the grant.

  5. Excellent students receive a discount in tuition fee 2 semesters of continuous learning "perfectly well" - 20% discount 3 semesters of continuous learning "perfectly well" - 30% discount 4 or more semesters of continuous learning "perfectly well" - 50% discount

  6. LOCATE US IN KYIV CITY AT Str. Tolstoy, 9, k. 17, 18-А. Теl.: (044) 234-99-02Web-site:www.kmu-kyiv.comE-mail:info@kmu-kyiv.com

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