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Valvebody Basics

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Valvebody Basics. Transmission Hydraulic Pressures. Mainline Pressure Throttle Pressure Governor Pressure. Pressure Regulation. Regulator Valve Variable Regulated Pressure . Building to Max Pressure. Pressure Regulator Valve. Bleeds off pressure when maximum pressure is reached.

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Valvebody Basics

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Presentation Transcript
transmission hydraulic pressures
Transmission Hydraulic Pressures

Mainline Pressure

Throttle Pressure

Governor Pressure

pressure regulation
Pressure Regulation
  • Regulator Valve
    • Variable Regulated Pressure

Building to Max Pressure

pressure regulator valve
Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Bleeds off pressure when maximum pressure is reached.
  • Exhausts back to sump
  • If left unregulated can damage components
mainline pressure line pressure
Mainline Pressure(“line pressure”)
  • Regulated Mainline Pressure is source for all flow
  • Controlled by pressure regulator
  • Applies bands and clutches
  • Feeds Valve Body valves
  • Applies pressure to one end of pressure regulator valve
boost pressure
  • Boosted Mainline Pressure
    • Boost Valve to raise pressure at low rpm and high engine load
  • Other pressures are used to modify regulated pressure
throttle pressure modulated pressure
Throttle Pressure(“modulated pressure”)
  • Engine Load Sensing
    • Mechanical
    • Vacuum
  • Works against governor pressure
  • Primary Shift Control signal
  • Always less or equal to mainline pressure
governor pressure
Road Speed signal

Opposes TV pressure to control shift points

Driven by output shaft

Higher speeds = Higher pressure

Governor Types

Gear Driven

Spool Valve Type

Check-ball Type

Shaft Mounted

Valves allow fluid to not bleed off the higher speed you go.

Governors stick sometimes and can be cleaned

Governor Pressure
centrifugal governor operation
Centrifugal Governor Operation

Spool Valve operated

shifting and shift operations
Shifting and Shift Operations
  • Manual Valve
  • Throttle Valve
  • Downshift Valves
  • Governor Valve
    • Spool Valve design
    • Check-ball design
    • Shaft Mounted governors
manual valve operation
Manual Valve Operation
  • Positioned manually by gear selector lever
  • Lever moves valve to one of several detent positions
  • Directs mainline pressure to correct shift valves and apply devices
shift valve operation
Shift Valve Operation
  • Shift Valves are:
    • Flow directing
    • Switching valves
  • Spool Type valves
    • Governor Pressure on one end
    • Throttle Pressure on other end with spring assist
    • Blocks or allows fluid flow
    • Valves must move instantly
shift valve operation19
Shift Valve Operation

-When speed is high, governor pressure is higher than throttle pressure.

-Allows mainline pressure to pass through and cause a upshift

When Vehicle speed low

Throttle pressure and spring

Pressure are higher than

Governor pressure

hydraulic circuit low gear
Hydraulic CircuitLow Gear
  • 1 – 2 Shift valve controls upshifts and downshifts between
  • first and second gears
  • 2 –3 shift valve controls upshifts and downshifts between second and third gears