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Transferable Job Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Transferable Job Skills

Transferable Job Skills

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Transferable Job Skills

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  1. Transferable Job Skills Shelley Bailey July, 2004

  2. Lesson Objectives • Learn what transferable job skills are • Understand the importance of these skills in the world of work • Demonstrate their appropriate use • Learning application—your assignment Are you ready to get skilled?

  3. Skills you have acquired during any activity in your life - jobs, classes, projects, parenting, hobbies, sports, etc. - that are transferable and applicable to what you want to do in your next job. What are transferable job skills?

  4. Transferable Job Skills – What is all the “hype” about? • Given the current and projected job market, a person will change jobs on an average of 5 times during their working career. • What effect does this have on a person? • What kinds of skills will be helpful to them in these situations?

  5. Transferable Skills Sets • Marketable job skills can be broken down into five categories - skill sets – that job seekers can use in showing applicable skills from one job/career to another: • Communication • Research and Planning • Human Relations • Organization, Management, Leadership • Work Survival

  6. Communication Skills • The skillful expression, transmission and interpretation of knowledge and ideas: Speaking Negotiation Writing Persuading Listening Group facilitation EditingInterviewing

  7. Research and Planning Skills • The search for specific knowledge and the ability to conceptualize future needs and solutions for meeting those needs: Forecasting/Predicting Gather information Set goals Define needs Identify resources Problem solve Analyze

  8. Human Relations Skills • The use of interpersonal skills for resolving conflict, relating to and helping people: • Developing rapport • Listening • Motivating • Counseling • Coorperating • Perceiving feelings; situations

  9. Organization, Management and Leadership Skills • The ability to supervise, direct and guide individuals and groups in the completion of tasks and fulfillment of goals: • Managing groups • Coordinating tasks • Teaching • Promoting change • Selling ideas or products • Managing conflict

  10. Work Survival Skills • The day-to-day skills that assist in promoting effective production and work satisfaction: • Implementing decisions • Managing time • Meeting goals • Accepting responsibility • Organizing • Setting and meeting deadlines

  11. Using transferable skills… • Do you already use some of these skills? • Which skills do you need to work on? Which have you mastered? • Please take a few minutes to share with your neighbor at least two specific examples of how you use transferable skills now, either in school, at a job, in a club, with friends etc.

  12. Transferable skills and your career goal… • Class sharing: • Anyone willing to share what they discussed with their neighbor? • Do you understand how these skills are necessary for success in any job? • Which of these skills would be most helpful to aid your success in your potential career? Why?

  13. Let’s role play… • Please count off by 5’s; get into groups by number • Each group will be assigned a scenario to role play for the class • The class will identify which transferable skills where utilized or needed to be utilized in the situation • Using the chart provided, please individually document your findings • The chart information will be shared with the class.

  14. Role Play Chart

  15. Career bliss… • How to find it? • Transferable job skills can help!