5 inbound marketing strategies that can draw your
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5 inbound marketing strategies that can draw your customers like bees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inbound Marketing Strategy - Looking for an effective Inbound Marketing Strategy in attracting clientele and Increasing Revenue ? Here are a few steps involved in Inbound marketing that can be implemented at your Startup or SME.\nhttps://goo.gl/ETv4Wq

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5 inbound marketing strategies that can draw your

5 Inbound Marketing Strategies

That Can Draw Your Customers Like Bees



A smart marketer always knows when to stop push marketing and adapt to pull strategies. Today’s customers

do not appreciate being chased by cold calls, emails and sales people at the door.

This is the generation that would rather be drawn towards products and services with inbound strategies like

social media marketing, SEO, blogs and more.

While these strategies are a little elaborate and intricate, they are quite effective in attracting clientele and

increasing revenue.

Here are a few steps involved in inbound marketing that you can implement at a startup or SME.

Trust the power of seo

Trust the power of SEO

 If you can’t be found, then you aren’t getting any business. It is a continuous process that requires

a lot of effort, and may take time to show results, but trust us when we say SEO is your digital

lifeline. Optimize your website for relevant keywords, pay attention to meta-tags/titles,

descriptions, and ensure that the media on the website is optimized to be found by the search


 Pump out blog posts regularly for a few important keywords, and make sure that you contribute

posts to other websites to build links (off-page SEO).

 If you need assistance, W2S Solutions is at your service.

Dear readers my apologies for the interruption

Dear Readers, My apologies for the interruption:

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Content is the kingmaker

Content is the kingmaker

 You need have a hook to get potential customers interested in visiting your website, and also ushering

them into conversion.

 Content is what makes everything possible. Effective communication is what you have to barter in the

online world for a good interaction with customers.

 Talking about yourself does not get you anywhere as it falls into the outbound marketing category.

You would have to take a new approach and give consumers something new, practical and useful,

something nobody else can offer.

 As an expert in your field, you can choose to find entertaining ways to educate them with industry

relevant blogposts, newsletters, e-books, webinars, free-trials, testimonials, videos and more.

 Create a content calendar to help you keep track of things to publish. The more you have to offer, the

more loyalists you will create.

 Ring us up to outsource your content marketing needs.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

 Leverage the influencers or thought leaders in your niche to create mutually beneficial

campaigns on social media and other digital platforms.

 The advantages of this strategy include a larger reach, higher positioning of the brand

owing to the influencer’s reputation, and quick results.

 The challenges include identifying the right influencers who can positively reflect on

your brand, and agree to advocate or engage in your campaign.

 We love a good challenge, and influencers are in our circles.Don’t hesitate to contact

us if you are looking to get started.

Consolidate consolidate consolidate

Consolidate Consolidate Consolidate

 Its recommended not to entrust your inbound marketing needs to multiple vendors. It will increase

challenges and waste a lot of your time.

 Make sure that you hire an expert to handle all your marketing efforts so as to deliver the maximum

results. What are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

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