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Inbound marketing

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Inbound marketing

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  1. Boost Your ROI With INBOUND MARKETING Inbound Vs Outbound In contrast to outbound marketing inbound marketing is an approach that utilizes tactics such as videos, content marketing, SEO, etc. to captivate target audioences and enhance bussiness opportunities. 54% more leads come from inbound marketing. Companies drive 3x higher ROI on inbound campaigns than outbound. Average cost of lead generation $343 for outbound whereas inbound is $143. Percentage Of Marketers Marketing Relations Paid ads Online Development Email Social Paid ads Blogging Public Collateral SEO Media Challenges Faced By Marketing Signifcant reduction in marketing and mailing costs due to better data quality. 65% Generating Trafc & Leads 43% Proving ROI of marketing 28% Securing budgets 26% Managing websites 25% Identifying right technology needed 23% 19% Targeting content for audience Training team 17% Hiring top talents 0 20 40 60 80 100 Inbound Marketing Tactics To Promote Sales Inbound Marketing tactics help generate website trafc and in turn help in lead acquisition. Blog SEO Social Media Videos Content webinars Pay per click ads ect. DISCOVER LEADS EDUCATE PROSPECTS CONVERT SALES ROI Impact of Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing tactics are impacting revenue infow in a positive way.. 72% of business executives said social media helped with closing business deals. 275% is the average ROI from online campaigns. 74% of Adults prefer email marketing for commercial communication. 46% of daily searches are for information on products or services. 62% of companies that designed a website specifcally for mobile had increased sales. Companies that blog have 97% more links to their website. Sources : http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/53/HubSpot-State-of-Inbound-Report-2016.pdf?__ hstc=20629287.4add77216449aa56700ca09df4db153d.1487750033482.14912 03679810.1491208512205.37&__hssc=20629287.1.1491212760652&__hsfp= 1721500432&hsCtaTracking=7b8dec0c-af54-4700-899c-3d4907a5cdc4%7C323 c7216-def8-4f80-bb32-0ec9964b65f3 http://www.roshanjoshi.com.np/web/tag/inbound-marketing/ http://www.ironpaper.com/webintel/articles/statistics-on-digital-marketing-opportunities-for-2016/

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