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Oral Health TIps PowerPoint Presentation
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Oral Health TIps

Oral Health TIps

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Oral Health TIps

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  1. Website: Website: | Contact: Contact:(+91) 9825719810 ORAL CARE: BRUSH UP YOUR DENTAL HEALTH! Understanding the basics to promote oral health. Your Oral health and your smile depends on your dental care habits, such as flossing and brushing. Brushing for oral health Oral dental care comes with clean teeth. Keeping the area clean where your teeth meets gums can prevent from gum disease. Clean teeth helps to stave off cavities.

  2. Consider these brushing basics: 1. Brush your teeth twice a day: Don’t rush while you brush. Approximately take 2 minutes to brush your teeth. Don’t try to brush immediately after eating, especially if you had some acidic thing for example soda. Clean your tongue after brush with your tongue scraper. your teeth 2. Practice technique: Hold toothbrush slight angle- aiming the bristles towards the area where your tooth meets dental gum. Gently brush in circular motion. Don’t brush so that which may hurt your gum. good dental hygiene

  3. 3. Keep your equipment clean: Store your toothbrush in upright to get your brush dry for next use. Don’t forget to rinse your toothbrush with cold water after using it. Avoid to keep all brushes together. Never cover your brushes or store in close packets, which can cause the reason for the growth of bacteria. 4. Know when to change brush: After every three month you should change your brush. Flossing for oral health Brush can’t help to remove bacteria in the tighter area of your mouth and also under the gum line. So flossing is also important

  4. for maintaining your optimum dental health care. Basics for flossing your teeth: 1. Wrap most floss around the middle figure on one hand and rest all around the other middle figure of the other hand. Hold the floss tightly between thumbs and forefingers. 2.Be gentle: Don’t be harsh for your teeth while flossing. Try not to snap your floss with your gums. Make C shape when floss reaches your teeth and curve for every tooth.

  5. 3.Take single tooth at a time: Always remember to take single tooth while flossing your teeth. Rub both the sides of the tooth in motion. 4.Keep it up: If you are not comfortable using floss then use other interdental cleaner such as dental pick or tiny brush that reaches between your teeth.

  6. Other oral health tips In addition you can also use mouth wash containing fluoride to promote your oral health. Avoid using toothpicks or any other objects that may injure your gums and leads to the creation of germs. Don’t eat Tabaco as Tabaco increases the risk of many diseases, including gum diseases or tooth loss. When to visit dentist To overcame with the gum diseases or any other oral health problems scheduled your dentist visit frequently. Regularly do have dental cleanings and x-rays. Even u can consult dentist if you find any other oral dental problems such as swollen gums, gums that bleeds while brushing your teeth, unusual sensitivity to hot and cold.