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Charlotte Voice Lessons PowerPoint Presentation
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Charlotte Voice Lessons

Charlotte Voice Lessons

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Charlotte Voice Lessons

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  1. Charlotte Voice Lessons

  2. Expert Voice Instruction & Coaching Top quality vocal instruction for healthy, natural, efficient use of the voice resulting in maximum freedom, tone quality, range, power, flexibility, musical expression, and ease. Expert instruction in multiple styles. Robert Wendell offers the Charlotte area music training services that range from teaching beginning singers to coaching accomplished professionals in multiple styles: Classical Classical Blues Blues Jazz Jazz Scat Scat Rock Rock Country Country Robert Wendell

  3. A Personal Note to You Welcome to my Website and thank you for your visit. I hope you find what you learn here interesting and informative. One visitor asked me whether I have had students who started off with a bad sounding voice and improved enough to sound really good. This visitor stated that her voice was not bad, but she just wanted to have some idea of how much improvement was possible with my approach. The short answer to her question is "yes", but that doesn't really tell you much, does it? I've had many students who came to me with a very strained way of producing a tone that sounded as strained as it was, a somewhat unpleasant, rasping quality, with some hint of pinching the voice to get a sound out of it. This typically comes from lacking vitality in their breathing and trying to make up for it with the vocal mechanism, which cannot work...ever. Most singers, even experienced ones who have had producers and regular recording dates, come to me with some sort of unnecessary strain or effort in their voices. Most also have at least minor pitch problems with a few students for whom this was pretty severe. Some of them came to me after trying online vocal training that simply did not work for them. Others came to me with the hope that I could help them, since the university professors they had been studying voice with had not. We should let the voice ride easily on the power in the breath the way a surfer finely adjusts the board to guide the power in a wave. The surfer just finely balances and subtly tweaks positions while all the power comes from the wave. The voice is the surfer and the respiratory system is the wave. All the power comes from the breath and its coordination with the voice. The voice must just relax and finely adjust to use that power efficiently.

  4. Tech Info for Vocal Geeks Although the articles presented here represent principles of basic vocal function applicable to any style, these principles are historically the product of vocal pedagogy (voice teaching) as applied to singing as a classical art. It is important to understand, however, that efficient, beautiful, natural vocal function is universally applicable to any genre, including all the popular genres. No one has to sound like a classical singer to use the voice well. These articles are likely more interesting for voice teachers than for voice students, but are offered here for those students or potential students interested in the technical aspects of good vocal function. For some it may seem highly technical while for others it will seem easily accessible to anyone with an analytical mind and a good grasp of basic science. It is not necessary to understand all these technical details, however, to acquire practical skill in good vocal function.

  5. A Fountain of Deep Vocal Knowledge It is important to honor the sources of valuable knowledge we have had the good fortune to acquire. The vocal tradition and source of Robert Wendell’s deepest knowledge and personal experience of ideal vocal technique was passed to him through his studies with the late Lav Vrbanic. As you can read in the image of the brochure below, for twenty- six years Professor Vrbanic had been chair of the vocal department at the Zagreb Academy of Music in the former Yugoslavia, widely known as one of the premier music schools in the world. Later he served for five years on the faculty of the New England Conservatory (NEC). Robert studied privately several times a week for three years under Professor Vrbanic at NEC. Mr. Vrbanic had an incredibly profound knowledge of the traditional Italian school, the German approach known as Stimmbildung and modern voice science. He understood each in the light of the other, and so integrated them effectively into his teaching. In Europe, Vrbanic was widely considered one of the four or five greatest vocal instructors in the world. Vrbanic often invited students interested in teaching to sit in on lessons of his other students. The depth of understanding and experience acquired from his study with Mr. Vrbanic has enabled Robert to use unusually well informed judgment in expanding his teaching approach to include tools that he has since acquired from other sources. This understanding has also served to inform a number of very effective proprietary tools he has structured to creatively solve problems encountered in teaching his own students over the years.

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