Move over, the new cruiser king is here!
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Quickly visit where you can find a balance between a good cruiser bike and able to decide how it would fit for your needs

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Move over the new cruiser king is here 7447866

Move over, the new cruiser king is here!

How many bikes have dominated a particular segment and

have never given away? None! The cruiser market in India has been looked

after by many different bike manufacturers buy always kept at a premium

away from the common owners. It has made it really tough for people to

decide how they can afford a bike in this segment easily. One of the best ways

you can find a balance between a good cruiser and deciding how it would fit in

is easy – look out for the Avenger from Bajaj!

It was without doubt one of the most anticipated bikes of our recent times and

had so many people tuning in from around the world. Everyone wanted to

know what is on paper from the Bajaj stable when this released. It had plenty

of power and plenty of push on the market too. It was the cruiser bike India

was waiting for. Never before has there been a bike that has dominated Indian

markets since its launch. It makes out to be a brilliant fit in the Indian market

no doubt and does not carry the same weight as that of an imported brand.

Yet, the feel and quality is way better than you would find anywhere else. It is

brilliant in every regard and that makes it a complete solution on so many

ways. You would find a bike that makes perfect control on the road and also

gives you amazing riding comfort. There are just a select few that come in this

segment and if you had to choose one of the cruiser bikes India, this would

have to be your first choice.

Powered with different segments, the Bajaj Avenger comes in a 150 cc and 220

cc variant. It does plenty of good on the road with its superior build and a

Move over the new cruiser king is here 7447866

knack of powering through the roads. It does give you more than you need

with plenty of throttle. It does make out to be a comfortable bike on the long

ride too. You can comfortably go through a 150km stretch without a shadow of

a worry. If you had to pick a bike present in the market, this would have to be

it. It comes in a street and cruiser mode too acing the fact that many people

want to maintain the power of a 150 cc street but with a cruiser look. That is

one of the most significant changes that the revamp of this bike brought.

In fact, the Avenger was one of the most sought after revamps of our time. It

was wanted by so many different people and was waited for eagerly. The

earlier version was one of the standout bikes of its time and made sure it was a

brilliant machine on all fronts. If you had to choose a bike from the past that

dominated the cruiser market, it would have to be the earlier Bajaj Avenger. It

not only gives you incredible performance but also high mileage and stability

on the road.