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The Aztec Tribe PowerPoint Presentation
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The Aztec Tribe

The Aztec Tribe

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The Aztec Tribe

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  1. The Aztec Tribe By Grant Himes

  2. Introduction Niltze, I’m Cuauhtémoc, means falling eagle I’m living in Tenochtitlan As an Aztec with a seagull I have a family of four Now it’s 1494 And this… Is my tale

  3. Journal Entry 1: A Day in the life of my tribe Includes: housing, food, clothes, and daily life

  4. #1: My House Yawning. Oh, Niltze, didn’t notice you. Niltze means hi, by the way. I just woke up here, in my house. Do you like it? It’s made out of adobe and straw, with a dirt floor. The hole around my house is a trench. We built to keep rain out. I’m glad we have it because today, it looks like it will rain. Do you want to walk around the village? The really important people have plaster walls and a stone floor! It’s sooo unfair. I’ll show you my normal clothes now. These make me kind of embarrassed. Taken by me

  5. #1: My Clothes Now, let’s see here, which tilma should I wear with my green loincloth. Oh, hi, didn’t see you there. I was deciding what I should wear. You know, us Aztecs only wear a loincloth and tilma, so I want to choose things that match. The women wear skirts and a short-sleeved shirt most of the time so our clothing isn’t that different from this America place you come from. Ringing. Time for breakfast!!

  6. #1: Our Food Yum, nothing like the Aztec breakfast of porridge, flatcakes, fruit, and juice. I can’t wait for lunch. We’re having duck, maize(corn), cheese, and mom’s making cocoa!! You’ll really like it. Dad goes down to the lake with his bow and arrow and brings back a tasty duck. I know, let’s go pick some beans! We have to pick them now so that they can dry so we can cook them for dinner. Come on!

  7. #1: Daily Life Hey, guess what? Today when we played ullamaliztli, I scored 3 rayas! Oh, sorry. Ullamaliztli is a game, kind of like something called rugdy, I think it’s called in America. There is a 9 lb. ball, and two teams can do whatever they want to try to get the ball through the hoop. You should read about it. Oh well, bye for now. (both pics)

  8. Journal Entry 2:Geography of my Tribal Region Includes: Terrain, Ecosystems, and Common Plants and Animals

  9. #2: Terrain There are lots of different terrains here in the Aztec region, but you have noticed, I hope, that we are in the lowlands. There are also deserts, mountains, and valleys in the Aztec Empire. Tenochtitlan, the capital, is right on a lake. I could keep going on and on, but then we would get bored, and we wouldn’t want that, would we(I know I sound just like a teacher).

  10. #2: Ecosystems There are many rivers, with fish and ducks. There are birds above that eat them. There also are deserts with cacti and snakes. We also eat certain types of insects, but not all of them. (I never eat them. Too gross)There are even forests, so you can go anywhere. Today seems like a good day to go to the desert. Let’s go!

  11. #2: Common Plants and Animals Some animals I can show you are coyotes, snakes, rabbits, and armadillos. There are also cacti all over the place, so make sure you don’t run into one!! They grew beans, and a lot of them at that. There also many deer, and by the lakes and rivers there are iguanas. I have never seen one so we can go down there if you want to. Come on!

  12. Journal Entry 3: Weather in my Tribal Region Includes: Weather description, weather impact, and survival strategies

  13. #3: Weather Description Here in Tenochtitlan it is very rainy. It is also very chilly! The rainy season is about to end, and we have a celebration! Sorry, but you can’t come. We can’t trust you fully. I don’t really like it in the winter, because we get frost sometimes!

  14. #3: Weather Impact As I told you before, it is very rainy. This causes it to sometimes flood! It also makes it very hard to hunt, harvest, and entertain ourselves, even though rain’s good for the crops. But unfortunately, this is the only good thing because we do just about every thing outside! Oh no, looks like it will rain! Oh well, I’ll just have to show you how we counteract the rain now.

  15. #3: Survival Strategies As you noticed outside, it looks like a flood is starting! But that’s okay. We have those trenches outside to prevent that from getting in our houses. We also talk to each other, since were always working when it’s not raining. We also like thinking up dances. That is how we survive while it rains.

  16. Journal Entry 4: Reflection Includes: Reflection #1 and Reflection #2

  17. #4: Reflection #1 It is looking like some weird people called Europeans (I think) will attack us. Some dude named Columbus landed near here and when he learns about us he will fight us for sure. I would like to become famous and be at the head of our tribe. If that doesn’t happen, I wish to just be a normal person, like my dad.

  18. #4: Reflection #2 I think I did a very good job on this project. I would give myself a 94-98. I got behind a little because I had 4 slides on A day in the life of my tribe, but did a good job catching up. I had a little trouble on the weather part, too, but I toughed it out. That is how I think I did on the project.

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