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Visser ‘t Hooft Lyceum. Secondary General Education ELOS School City of Leiden The Netherlands 2007-2008. Europe as a Learning Opportunity for Schools. Our school: - uses tools of the Information Age - is part of a collaborative learning environment

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Visser t hooft lyceum

Visser ‘t Hooft Lyceum

Secondary General Education

ELOS School

City of Leiden

The Netherlands


Europe as a learning opportunity for schools
Europe as a Learning Opportunity for Schools

Our school:

- uses tools of the Information Age

- is part of a collaborative learning environment

- embeds European and Global contexts into the Dutch curriculum

- works within a network of schools in Europe to develop European citizenship education: framework of key competencies and portfolio / Europass / Certilingua

Elos knowledge
ELOS: knowledge!



  • how many countries are member of EU

  • of the EU member states the capitals, population sizes, main geographical facts, languages spoken

  • the general outline of history of EU: who is Monnet, 9th May and the Schumann declaration, 25th March Treaty of Rome, Treaty of Maastricht 2001, 6 founding member states of EU, 9 new EU member states between 1957 and 2007, 10 new EU member states in 2004, 2 new EU members of 2007 and which are the candidate countries, which EU countries have euro and which haven’t

  • what UNESCO is

  • articles 1-6 of Charter of Human Rights

  • what we celebrate 21st of September

  • what LLLP is

  • 8 Millenium Development Goals by heart,

  • what Fair Trade and a business plan is

  • what sustainable development is

  • what Dutch Chambres of Commerce do

Elos skills
ELOS: skills!


  • Collect, organize and present information on European and International affairs

  • participate in European and International projects

  • share knowledge on the Netherlands in relation to Europe + the rest of the world

  • use internet for chats, forums, searches

  • write and speak English at A2 level

  • write and speak another language than Dutch or English at A1 level (German / French / Spanish / …)

  • make an effort to learn basic language chunks of the partnerschool (Nepal / Turkey / Portugal / …)

  • take part in mooting and do a short public speech in English

Elos attitude
Elos: attitude!


  • that persons from a different culture might act differently, because they have different norms and values

  • that I need to respect, verbally and non-verbally, the opinion and behaviour of people from a different cultural background

  • that my identity depends on others

  • that in order to work together well in a group I have to take responsibility for my share in the group

  • that to know the other well, means I will have to listen and ask questions in order to understand the other better


  • Project-based teaching

  • Cross-curricular + collaborative learning

  • 3 teachers for 60 pupils

  • 90 minutes a week for pupils ages 12-15

  • Pupils 16-18: no clear structures yet: debating

  • Every week: different groups / tasks

  • Flexibility and Creativity

Themes of vhl
Themes of VHL

  • Personal angle: ME, YOU (my choices, my culture)

  • School <--> Local Community

  • The Netherlands part of EU: ‘unity in diversity’

  • The Netherlands part of UN: One World/Global awareness/action on Environment/Global Peace Agenda

  • Active/Interactive/Practical/Real:shared end product

  • Collaborative angle: WE

Ongoing projects
Ongoing projects

  • Comenius MobilID: jointly building the moodle website on eCitizenship in 6 age levels (eScience, eCulture, eSports, eVocation)

  • ENO Project: Environment Online - Tree Planting Event 21st September

  • Springday Europe 9th May / EU Language Day 26th September

  • BEST Project: iEarn - Chambres of Commerce City of Leiden: pupils creating their own virtual companies by manufacturing recycled products or rendering social services. Teams of 2 classes of 2 different continents: digital divide / fair trade / sustainable development. Participants still welcome!

Evaluation and learning objectives
Evaluation and Learning Objectives

  • New collaborative workforms in the classroom: eMagazine, Digidebate, blogging, podcasting, wiki’s

  • New evaluation methods --> portfolio: which/how and who (pupils + teachers) --> checklists: based on EIO-Framework / key competencies --> tests: experimenting

  • Exchanging good practices:

    in our own school, with other European schools, within the national bilingual and European Elos-networks: meetings, meetings, meetings…learning, learning, learning… “Pupils learn and so do teachers, Life Long Learning Programme”

Contact details mrs marleen spierings sg@vhl nl
Contact Details: Mrs. Marleen Spierings--> [email protected]