15th annual awards global awards for excellence in bpm workflow n.
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15th Annual Awards Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow PowerPoint Presentation
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15th Annual Awards Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

15th Annual Awards Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

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15th Annual Awards Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

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  1. 15th Annual AwardsGlobal Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow Judges: Nathaniel Palmer, Bob Puccinelli, Cor Visser, Ken Mei, Francesco Battista Lead Judge: Derek Miers Awards Director: Layna Fischer Future Strategies Inc Media support by

  2. Impact Recognizing Excellence in BPM & Workflow • Europe • North America • Middle East/Africa • Pacific Rim • South and Central America Innovation Implementation

  3. Assessment Criteria • Innovation • Innovative use of BPM technology to solve unique problems • Creative and successful implementation of advanced BPM concepts • Level of integration with other technologies and legacy systems • Degree of complexity in the business process and underlying IT architecture • Implementation • Successful BPM and/or workflow implementation methodology • Size, scope and quality of change management process • Scope and scale of the implementation (e.g. size, geography, inter-company processes) • Impact • Extent and quantifiable impact of productivity improvements • Significance of cost savings • Level of increased revenues, product enhancements, customer service or quality improvements • Impact of the system on competitive positioning in the marketplace • Proven strategic importance to the organization's mission • Degree to which the system enabled a culture change within the organization and methodology for achieving that change

  4. Trends • Multiple, complex processes automated • Workflow integrated with CRM and ERP • Portal implementations (B2E, B2B, B2C) • Finance and Commercial Lending • E-gov and customer self-service initiatives • Emphasis on straight-thru processing and One Stop Shop • Still to much emphasis from the vendors on their technology rather than the essence of the case • How the Challenges were met, Pitfalls overcome, Learning Points taken to heart, Team Structures dealt with the issue, etc. • Important to communicate the real business benefits (not the technology) • Many of the submissions were lacking meaningful baseline metrics • Sophistication in the South American market • Last year it was Asia • Africa and Middle East regions disappointing • No Outstanding Entry • No Global Award this year

  5. Finalists • Europe • KPN, The Netherlands: nominated by Cordys UK Ltd • MIGROSBANK, Switzerland; nominated by Action Technologies Inc. • Techspace Aero, BELGIUM; nominated by W4 • Middle-East Africa • PruHealth South Africa, South Africa; nominated by TIBCO • North America • City of Edmonton, Canada; nominated by Computronix Ltd. • Dickinson Financial Corporation, US; nominated by Adobe Systems • Farmers Group, USA; nominated by Pegasystems • Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (AT& L), USA: nominated by Oracle Corp • Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Estado de Hidalgo, Mexico; nominated by PECTRA Technology • U.S. Xpress, USA; nominated by Cordys UK Ltd • US MEPCOM, USA; nominated by Oracle Corp • Pacific Rim • AEGON Religare Life Insurance, India; nominated by Cordys UK Ltd • Australian Health Plans, Australia; nominated by Polonious Pty Ltd • Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd., India; nominated by Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. • Satyam Computer Services Limited, India; nominated by Satyam • South and Central America • INMETRO, Brazil; nominated by Cryo Technologies • ISAPRE Microsystem, Chile; nominated by PECTRA Technology • Produbanco, Ecuador; nominated by BizAgi Ltd • Transfiriendo S.A., Colombia; nominated by TYCON S.A.

  6. Europe Silver AwardTechspace Aero, Belgiumnominated by W4, France

  7. Techspace Aero, Belgium • Situation • Techspace Aero designs, develops and produces modules, equipment and test cells for aircraft and space engines. • Computer Aided Quality Management (CAQM) application. • Implementation & Innovation • Flexible management of quality incidents • Modular components developed and adapted to the specific constraints of the aircraft and space industry • Draws on existing ERP data; definition of assembly or machining ranges, serial numbers in engine sub-assemblies • Benefits • Improved quality participants’ efficiency • Enabled seamless exchanges between the different departments customers and suppliers • Roll-out to other applications and corporate adoption

  8. Europe Gold Award Migros Bank, Switzerlandnominated by Action Technologies, USA Integrator Action Solutions AG

  9. Migros Bank, Switzerland • Situation • Migros Bank is one of 10 leading financial institutes in Switzerland and one of biggest Retail-Banks; multiple contact-points • Faced increasing regulatory and risk issues • Implementation & Innovation • Focused on people-oriented processes (as against the back office core accounting processes). • Highly modular approach • Focus on difficult human processes initially rather than highly repetitive procedures • 23 processes implemented in 81 man days • Benefits • Business focus on a relationship management-centric strategy • NPV over 2 million CHF between 2006 and 2008

  10. Middle East-Africa Gold Award PruHealth, South Africa nominated by TIBCO, France

  11. PruHealth, South Africa • Situation • Health insurance company rewards members for a healthy lifestyle • A requirement for customer centricity • A desire for ongoing product and service innovation • A requirement for efficiency improvements from increased regulatory pressure • Implementation and Innovation • BPM-SOA combination • Rich portals for customers and business partners • Introduced new process for managing appointments with screening partners, tracking usage and preparing corporate bills • Benefits • Reduced the training time for new users and optimized resource utilization • Membership growth 67% with 5.8% increase in staff during 2008

  12. North America Silver Award High Court of the State of Hidalgo, Mexiconominated byPectra Technology, USA and US Express, USAnominated byCordys, Netherlands

  13. High Court of the State of Hidalgo, Mexico • Situation • 51 first instance courts and second instance courts, each having numerous individual, complex and manual processes • Annual average of 40,000 legal actions • Implemented Integral Program of Processes Systematization • Implementation and Innovation • Judges participated in the process mapping • Established portal accessible by citizens, legal parties • Creation of a unique process of civil, criminal and family matters • Benefits • Real time statistics of trials, their ratio and progress status in the criminal legal process. • Substantial cost and time reductions

  14. US Express, USA • Situation • Largest privately-owned truckload carrier with over 8,500 trucks and 26,000 trailers • Bring together disparate systems of acquired companies • Needed integrated solution for various independent trucking entities to bid for each other’s orders. • Implementation and Innovation • Single View of Exposed Orders in near real-time • Fundamental change the way IT thinks of developing solutions • Benefits • Long term cost reduction in order processing as new trucking entities are added • Order processing time has decreased from days and weeks to hours and days

  15. North America Gold Award United States Military Entrance Processing Command (US MEPCOM), USA nominated by Oracle, USA

  16. US MEPCOM, USA • Situation • US MEPCOM processes and qualifies individuals applying for military service in any one of five Armed Services • Processes over 1 million records per year and maintains over 60 million current records across all the armed services • Existing Enterprise Architecture (EA) too antiquated for increasingly changing environment • Implementation and Innovation • Adapted to more interconnected, real-time environment • Four major projects (total cost was around $40 million) fielded in less than one year - only had to build three new services • “Conducting open heart surgery on yourself with a knife, while running a marathon, where the only training you’ve had was from the discovery channel” • Benefits • DoD-wide savings estimated over $56 millions (on one aspect alone) • Screening down from 3 days to 30 seconds, development spirals 12m to 3m • Established an agile and flexible infrastructure, complies with DoD standards and interoperability across all branches

  17. Pacific Rim Silver AwardAustralian Health Plans, Australia nominated by Polonious Pty Ltd., Australia

  18. Australian Health Plans, Australia • Situation • Specialist health insurer providing health plans for temporary residents • Objective to reduce operating costs and to stop them rising with sales • Database unwieldy, expensive and error prone (MS Access & Spreadsheets) • Implementation and Innovation • "The person who answers the telephone answers the question" • Records retrieved in less than a second and show all claims, historical policies, accounts etc • Benefits • Up to 60% productivity improvements • Over 60,000 Saving in Hours per annum • Premium growth of more than 40% over past 4 years • Increased customer and staff satisfaction

  19. Pacific Rim Gold Award Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd.,Indianominated by Newgen Software Technologies Ltd., India

  20. Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd., India • Situation • Every branch an independent profit center complemented by centralized operations and policy governance • Achieve lean but profit-oriented branches, reduced turn-around-times, lower cost of operations and better customer experience • Commercial Mass Market (catering to self employed) and Retail Mass Market (catering to salaried individuals) • Implementation and Innovation • Commercial lending application out-of-the-box, complete customer tracking, etc. • Scaled up to 750 branches in only 18 months • Benefits • One-of-its kind project in India • Substantial process improvement, rapid results, visibility and control • Increase in revenue and employee job satisfaction

  21. South & Central America Silver Award INMETRO, Brazil nominated byCryo Technologies, Brazil

  22. INMETRO, Brazil • Situation: National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) • Support the accreditation of approximately 300 organizations • Aim—strengthen national companies: increase productivity through adoption of mechanisms to improve quality of products, services • Approx 800 manually certifications every year • Implementation and Innovation • Intense participation by the operating team • Extremely collaborative on quite complex process • Total number of activities reduced by 43% (use of BPMN) • Removing many internal review procedures • Benefits • Using just 0.025% of its annual budget, reduced average time for accreditations by 30%. • Substantial improvements in productivity and employee job satisfaction • Reduced from 13 months to 9 in the first year (expect that to drop to 6 or 7)

  23. South & Central America Gold Award Produbanco, Ecuador nominated byBizAgi Ltd., Colombia

  24. Produbanco, Ecuador • Situation • One of most important financial conglomerates in Ecuador • Lack of integration and subjectivity in the approval process • Too many manual activities, rework and exception handling • Implementation and Innovation • All stages performed through a web portal • Activities completed in real time • 80% applications approved (or rejected) automatically • Benefits • Increased reputation as the most efficient bank to handle credit applications with new ways of engaging customers • Almost all automated processes take less than one day on average • Increased revenues and better organizational productivity

  25. Europe Gold Award Migros Bank, Switzerland Silver Award Techspace Aero, Belgium Middle East—Africa Gold Award PruHealth, South Africa North America Gold Award US MEPCOM, USA Silver Award (tie) High Court of the State of Hidalgo, Mexico US Express, USA Pacific Rim Gold Award Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd., India Silver Award Australian Health Plans, Australia South and Central America Gold Award Produbanco, Ecuador Silver Award INMETRO, Brazil 2008 Winners

  26. Thank you Derek Miers, BPM Focus Layna Fischer, Awards Director