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CFIT Meeting June 17 , 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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CFIT Meeting June 17 , 2011

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CFIT Meeting June 17 , 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CFIT Meeting June 17 , 2011. “Going forward, we’ll see complete self-service and agility — as a user you should have the quickest, shortest path to getting whatever you want. This shift has been coming in bits and pieces, but now they’re coming together.”

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CFIT Meeting June 17 , 2011

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CFIT MeetingJune 17, 2011

“Going forward, we’ll see complete self-service and agility — as a user you should have the quickest, shortest path to getting whatever you want. This shift has been coming in bits and pieces, but now they’re coming together.”

Shekar Ayyar, Head of Strategy, VMware

Cloud Assurance

“The transformation to a true ‘digital enterprise’ will be the business challenge of the next decade. To achieve this, I see the implementation of a flexible, software based process layer across company departments, suppliers, and partners as the key enabling technology. This transformation has already started and today we are radically changing the way our customers do business. We are opening a whole new world of business models and business opportunities to them.”

Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO, Software AG

entire industries are going through a transformation that leverages cloud capabilities
Entire industries are going through a transformation that leverages cloud capabilities…

Business benefits

Enhanced customerexpectations



Revenue growth

Newbusiness models

Cloud Computing

Risk and compliance

Cost reduction

and with any transformation comes the need to manage change and mitigate risk

why go cloud
Why “Go Cloud?”
  • Cost Savings
  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Efficiency

Go To / Use the Cloud

  • Customer Expectation
  • Industry Shift
  • New revenue streams
  • Scalability
realization that the cloud changes industry
Realization that the cloud changes industry





It’s more than the technology.

It’s the reality of the need to innovate, transform and optimize businesses.

It’s the business partner's need to change interactions and expectations as a result of cloud-based businesses change.

2000: At $6B Blockbuster declined to purchase Netflix for $50M

(2011: now Blockbuster is for sale for $290M)

Downstream Internet



Netflix users


Youtube users

Blockbuster owes

$21.6M Fox

$20M Warner

$13.3M Sony

Closed 1/3 stores

Source: Business Insider “How Netflix Bankrupted And Destroyed Blockbuster”, March 2011

recent predictions of cloud computing growth
Recent predictions of Cloud Computing growth

“Cloud Computing was the #1 inquiry topicfrom Gartner clients in 2010.”

“Infonetics Research is forecasting spending on security-related SaaS applications will experience a compound annual growth rate of 31% through 2014.”

“At the Cloud Connect conference Vijay Bhagavath, technology equity researcher for Deutsche Bank, estimates investment in ‘private clouds’ could be a $20 billion dollar opportunity by 2012.”

“ predicts that the global cloud computing market is expected to grow from $37.8 billion in 2010 to $121.1 billion in 2015 at a CAGR of 26.2% from 2010 to 2015.”

“Gartner predicts that by 2015, 80% of enterprises using external cloud services will demand independent certification that providers can restore operations and data. “

“Renub Research predicts Worldwide Cloud Computing market is growing at a rapid rate and it is expected to cross $25 Billion by the end of 2013 .”

“Joe McKendrick at ZDNet states that “very soon, a third of all software will be delivered via cloud.

“Gartner predicts by 2015, 20% of non-IT Global 500 companies will be cloud service providers.”

managing change in moving to the cloud
Managing Change in Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud requires ongoing preparation, planning, management and oversight

You still maintain responsibility of processes after the move

cloud assurance what exists today
Cloud Assurance – What exists today
  • Currently, most cloud customers are gathering information through a series of highly inefficient activities often led by vendor management or procurement functions:
  • Provider self-assessments, typically focus on security policies
  • Responses to customer-prepared questionnaires
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) describing the provider’s obligations
  • Third-party SAS 70 (now SSAE 16) reports
  • Other certifications – PCI, ISO 27002, HIPAA, FISMA, etc.
  • These efforts have been largely unsuccessful because they do not address comprehensively address the service offering and the relevant compliance requirements from the perspective of the customer’s needs or expectations
  • A globally recognized framework of controls and standard for reporting may come in time, but cloud adopters need something sooner 
summary plan for success
Summary - Plan for Success
  • Understand rationale for adopting cloud
  • Engage with relevant functions leaders to identify changes
  • Review impacted business activities in ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ state
  • Assess capabilities of existing personnel to manage transition and to perform roles in new state
  • Treat the move as a “process” not a project
  • Assess risk and build a plan to manage accordingly
thank you
Thank you
  • Cara Beston
  • Cloud Assurance Partner
  • Cara is the National Technology sector leader for PwC’s Risk Assurance practice based in San Jose, CA. She is also a member of PwC’s national Cloud Action Committee and the firm’s representative to the Cloud Security Alliance. She specializes in IT and process risk and control assurance services to IT, Internal Audit, finance and business leaders in the Technology sector. Prior to joining the Risk Assurance practice, Cara has spent 15 years serving the financial accounting and reporting needs of clients across a broad array of clients and sectors including manufacturing, real estate, financial services and technology. In her 2w years with PwC, Cara has served over 80 technology clients, including key Cloud enabling enterprises, Cisco Systems, VMware, 3Par, SaaS providers, and a number of on-line businesses including Shutterfly, CBS Interactive, and others. Cara graduated summa cum laude from Bridgewater College, MA and is a member of the AICPA. She lives in Pleasanton, CA with her husband and 3 children.