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Ancient Treasures Life on board... PowerPoint Presentation
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Ancient Treasures Life on board...

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Ancient Treasures Life on board... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Treasures Life on board...
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  1. Ancient Treasures Life on board...

  2. The travelexperience… When travelling to other countries, we expect to meet different people, see different sights and do different things. As students of the Hotel & Catering School we are expected to explore and document an itinerary within a vocational project. It figures out as a “familiarization trip” to evaluate ground services and determine tour potential. Our travel experience is a tour cruise


  4. … What is a cruise? Cruises mainly concern short sea journeys of about a week. Cruising has become a significant tourist industry. Big cruisers are like floating resorts where guests can enjoy luxury and entertainment while moving towards their multiple destination. The international market for cruising has grown consistently and main cruise lines are the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and South China/ Pacific Ocean. Alaska and Northern Europe fjords are also popular during the summer season. This industry is characterized by a high level of market concentration with a small number of companies.

  5. MedCruising Eastern Mediterranean Cruises Target marketing has given evidence for the increasing demand for cruises along the Mediterranean coast. An Eastern Mediterranean cruise holiday takes you to a paradise that anybody will enjoy. The cruise will combine beaches, history and some of the best scenery in the world. Along the coasts of Italy, Greece, Turkey -an Eastern Mediterranean cruise will entertain travellers from any lifestyle leading them right to the point where Europe and Asia meet and magically blend in the heart of mosques and minarets: Istanbul

  6. Our cruise... Ancient Treasures • Ship: Costa Serena • Number of nights: 6 nights • Departure port: Bari • Departure date: 16 November 2009

  7. The Tour Operator “Costa Cruises” • Costa Cruises S.p.A is an Italian company based in Genoa, which has over sixty years of tradition in the passenger shipping in Italy. • Costa Crociere is distinguished by the continuous pursuit of excellence and the emergence of a distinctive style. Costa Cruises is part of Carnival Corporation & plc, world leader in the cruise industry.

  8. The ship:Costa Serena • Costa Serena is a cruise ship of the Costa Cruises fleet, and has been characterized by the line as its flagship. It entered service in mid-2007. The name Serena was intended to symbolize harmony and serenity. The ship was constructed at Sestri Ponente. Its sister ship, the Costa Concordia, was launched in 2006. The two ships are the largest and longest ships in the Costa Cruises fleet.

  9. Leisure on board... ...Facilities • 1.500 Cabins • 5 Restaurants • 13 Bars • 4 Swimming pools • 5 Jacuzzis • Samsara Spa • Theatre • Casino • Disco • Internet Point • Library • Shopping centre • Video arcade • Children’s splash pool • Grand-Prix simulator • Giant movie screen on the swimming pool deck

  10. Costa Serena Public Rooms... The overall theme of Costa Serena is the Greek and Roman mythology, which becomes apparent as you enter the nine-deck atrium lobby decorated with gold moons and suns , pictures of Gods, paintings of the famous Verona Opera and a Paradise style ceiling. Deck 5 is the social hub of the ship with bars and lounges for guests’leisure. Each area has its own theme: it's like walking through a “movie” leading to the casino and to the flashing lights and thudding music of the disco. The shops around the atrium sell a wide selection of items: cigarettes, alcohol, jewellery, perfumes, logo items . Interestingly, there is also a Greek and Turkish selection of souvenirs, handy if you fail to find anything in the destination markets.

  11. A lot of space around the atrium is also devoted to a huge photo gallery. Ship's photographers pop up everywhere, paparazzi-style, and are more persistent than the sellers in the Turkish bazaars.The library is an attractive space and somewhere quiet to sit during your stay.Internet usage is very expensive at 50 Euros per minute. No special packages are on offer and hardly anybody seems to use Deck 4's Internet room. It's better to travel with a laptop and pick up the free Wi-Fi or use cyber-cafes.

  12. Costa Serena Entertainment... The Teatro Giove, which is just stunning, is a theatre with elegant seating and superb sightlines. The shows are a successful mix of comedy, magic and dance. The Salone Luna, a large entertainment lounge adorned with green moons and stars, is used for private functions mainly. Just outside the lounge Sala Ballo Cupido, with a Cupid theme ( big sofas shaped like lips) and a no-smoking policy, is to be found and enjoyed for the guests’ relax

  13. On the starboard side, the Piano Bar Minerva offers pre-dinner drinks in the evening. The ceiling is adorned with huge green tentacles: your seating is fairly “safe” and comfortable, yet. A pleasant atmosphere is to be enjoyed in in this area: martinis, generous helpings of peanuts, classic piano bar music and a romantic Hungarian piano/violin duo make you feel a special guest…The casino - definitely the most attractive area - is distinguished by a witty design around the theme of god Pan, with a flashing dance floor and cute stools around the bar supported by Pan's goat-legs and red, glittery tops.The casino itself is dedicated to the two-faced god Janus. Minimum bet on the game tables … 5 to 10 Euros.

  14. The Sport Victoria Bar is a small - yet glamorous dance area - with green marbles and giant silver laurel wreaths adorning the ceiling. Stools in the shape of black and white footballs add an amusing contrast to the lashings of golden and silver decors.Costa Serena is very proud of the Formula One simulators and its range of packages from 10 to 30 Euros for a rookie drive and a unique championship experience.

  15. Costa Serena Spa & Fitness... Your health and well-being are important on the Costa Serena. There is a selection of suites available for those who want a true spa experience at sea. By booking one of these cabins you have unlimited access to the impressive Samsura Spa:one of the largest spas at sea featuring a large gym overviewing suggestive landscapes and a wide range of Spa treatments. The gym contains all the latest fitness equipment for your daily training. Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga and much more are demonstrated and assisted by qualified instructors.

  16. The walking and jogging tracks are located outdoors so to enjoy memorable panoramic views. If swimming is your favourite exercise then you are lucky on the Costa Serena. There are three main swimming pools, two of which have a retractable roof. Detoxify in the steam room and sauna, try out the thalassotherapy pool or rejuvenate your body in a warm thermal bath. There are plenty of opportunities for fitness and no excuse for complaining about sore aching muscles with the pampering you can receive on this ship.

  17. Costa Serena Children... The Costa Serena boasts a fantastic program for children in the Squok Club, which is located on Deck 10. Babysitting services are also available when the parents want to enjoy a late night. The programs at this club are divided into three age groups from age 3 to16 with games, books, and movies that are appropriate for each age level.  Treasure hunts, games, books, movies and computers are great fun!


  19. Students’ evaluation

  20. Five Star Experience for the highly qualifying opportunity of… • technical/ business observation. • experimentation / evaluation of quality standard services • comprehension of the management criteria of business units on board • clear perception of the additional value of hospitality from the guests’ welcome up to the satisfaction of their needs by personalized services and facilities • cooperative atmosphere among teachers, tutors and students



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