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Khon Kaen Employment Office

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Khon Kaen Employment Office. Welcome. LMM Training Participants of Mekong Institute. Khon Kaen Employment Office Ministry of Labour. Address: 490 , Maliwan Rd., Moo 6 , Banped sub-district, Muang , Khon Kaen Tel: 043-333200-1 Email: Website: Vision.

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khon kaen employment office

KhonKaen Employment Office


LMM Training Participants of Mekong Institute


KhonKaen Employment OfficeMinistry of Labour

Address: 490, Maliwan Rd., Moo 6, Banped sub-district, Muang, KhonKaenTel: 043-333200-1 Email: Website:



  • “Towards to effective organization which promoting the employment, labour protection, and serve the updated information of labour market "


1. Serve the domestic job seeking and promote the employment

2. Provide career guidance

3. Serve oversea employment and labour protection

4. Control and take care of migrant workers and entrepreneurs

5. Develop system and create information network of labour market


Administration structure

KhonKaen Employment Office

KhonKaen Employment Office

Employment Promotion

Job seeker protection and migrant worker control

General admin.


Manpower: 34 staff

  • Civil servants 10
  • Permanent employee 4
  • Government staff 4
  • Temporary employee 4

Sub-contract projects9


Ms. NilubonManunartwimonkrit

Chief, KhonKaen Employment office


Ms. PatchareeKawisawas

Head, Employment Promotion Section


Gen. AtthapholSrikalp

Head, Protection of Job seekers and migrant workers


Employment Promotion Section

  • Domestic Employment
  • Career promotion and career guidance
  • Academic and policy planning

Protection of Job seekers and migrant workers

  • Overseas employment and protection of job seekers
  • Control and take care of migrant workers

General Administration

  • Admin
  • Human resource

Finance and procurement




Serve the domestic employment and job promote

Provide service to job seekers and employers/enterprenuers without charge to promote jobseekers and students to get income and access proper jobs. This will help to decrease the unemployment and labour shortage situation.

process of job application with kkeo domestic
Process of job application with KKEO (Domestic)

- Get application form

- Fill in application form

- Prepare job application documents

Seek for available positions

Meet with the employment officer

Get queue card

Meet employer

Meet officer who provide job guidance


Employment information (domestic)

Available position8,291

Applicant 11,824

Success Recruitment 6,653

employment service activity domestic
Employment service activity (domestic)

Provide service by KK Employmentofficer

Clients of the KK Employment Office

employment service activity domestic1
Employment service activity (domestic)

Job applicants study the job announcement broad(private and government positions)

employment service activity domestic2
Employment service activity (domestic)

Employment Mobile Service


Provide service on career guidance

Provide career guidance for students to prepare for job application (5,253 clients)

Promote employment 8 batched /132 clients

Promote sub-contract working at home1 batch/12 clients


Employment and guidance for sub-contract working at home


Provide guidance to job seekers and students to apply their knowledge for appropriate job or further their study.

career guidance activity
Career Guidance Activity
  • Provide career guidance in office
career guidance networking
Career guidance networking

Provide training to the career guidance providers (teachers and labour volunteers)

career guidance providing in education institutes
Career guidance providing in Education institutes

Provide career guidance for students

career guidance for soldiers
Career guidance for soldiers

Job recruitment

Provide job training

promote alternative careers
Promote alternative careers

Provide job training for women and unemployed groups

promote sub contracted job
Promote sub-contracted job

Provide training for sub-contracted workers


ศูนย์ประสานบริการการไปทำงานต่างประเทศ Thailand Overseas Employment Administration

Providesupport to job seekers who intends to work overseas in term of reducing the relevant expenses, protection labour from trafficking, and facilitating job seekers to directly meet with the legal employers.

process of service for job seekers to access overseas works
Process of service for jobseekers to access overseas works

Methods of working overseas

1. Sent by the agency

2. Sent by employment department

3. Personal arrangement

4. Employer facilitate

5. Employer take employees for training

  • Prepare document
  • Apply job
  • Prepare passport

Job seekers register their intention to work abroad

  • Applying/Selection
  • (Employer and job applicants)

- Health check-up

- Employment contract

Employer request working visa for their prospective employees

Employeeget training before the travel

Employee travel abroad



Provide overseas employment service and labour protection

Provide service for clients who want to work overseas and settle the center for prevention and protection labourfrom trafficking according to the labour laws


Statistic of Thai labour working overseas

(5 Legal methods)

1. Arrange travel by themselves 455

2. Employer bring them out for training 98

3. Sent by employment agency 33

4. Sent by employment department 10

5. Employer facilitate the travel 2


แรงงานไทยที่ไปทำงานต่างประเทศ 5 อันดับแรก












Working overseas service and labour protection

Registration to work overseas 3,205

No. of labour working overseas 598

Return Thailand 2,556

Pettitions 191 person/5,492,000 THB

Get assistance 52 person and get support of 2,009,786.46 THB


Provide service for working overseas

Get assistant to work overseas


Provide service for working overseas

Provide training for workers who intend to work overseas


Provide service for working overseas

Officervisit community to provide knowledge of working overseas


Control and investigate migrant workers and enterprenuers


Administrate migrant workers in terms of considering work permitand investigate migrant workers whether or not they legelly enter the country, especially for 3 nationals (Myanmar, Lao PDR and Cambodia)

process to get the wok permit of migrant workers
Process to get the wok permit of migrant workers

Migrant workers prepare relevant documents and apply for work permit

Officerprovide opinion to the registration chief

Officer check documents

The registration chief consider to issue the work permit

Migrant workers pay the fee for work permit

Migrant workers follow-up the work permit document


Information of migrant workers

There are 4,876 migrant workers obtained the work permit in KhonKaen; 1. Legal migrants 4,291

2. Illegal migrants 585


No. of Migrant workers in KhonKaen

Total number of migrant workers in KhonKaen4,876

Illegal migrants with special permit of immigrant law (cabinet consensus) 585

Legal migrant4,291

Temporary residence (NON IMM) 515

Promote investment 64

Waiting for national verification 562 (Myanmar 288, Laos198, and Cambodia 78

Migrant from high-land 23

  • MOU1,444 (Myanmar946, Laos 484 and Cambodia 14 )

National verified 2,268(Myanmar2,047, Laos169, and Cambodian 52

Updated info. as of 25 Oct 2012


Top 5 Legal Migrant Workers holding workpermit

1. British

2. American

3. Pilipino

4. Chinese

5. Japanese


Top 5 categories of works with the biggest no. of legal workers

  • 1.Teachers
  • 2.Engineer / technician
  • 3.Manger
  • 4.Consultant / Specialist
  • 5.Volunteer / missionary (no wage)

Top 5 business where illegal migrant workers are found

1. Fishing netfactory

2. Shoes factory

3. Domestic works

4. Construction

5. Restaurant (food and drink industries)


Providing service for migrant workers

Migrant workers apply work permit


Develop and initiate the labour market information


Improve the public relation service and information flow of job vacancy for people through government offices and local administrative office, as well as via website