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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow. An A lternate I nterpretation. A bit of backstory, if you would.

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Sleepy Hollow

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  1. Sleepy Hollow An Alternate Interpretation

  2. A bit of backstory, if you would The Sleepy Hollow legend involves a hessian soldier that had his head shot off by cannon fire. Locals say that he still wanders the forest, poised as if on a nightly quest. He is known to take away men foolish enough to wander into his forest. This is where you come in.

  3. Our story so far You are Ichabod Crane, and after having just been rejected by the love of your life at a party. As you ride home you encounter a rather strange predicament. A rider, shrouded in darkness lies in your path across a bridge.

  4. “What ho, rider yon?” you call out to the mysterious man across the way. There is no response. What do you do? Address him again. Approach the rider. Turn around and try to find another route.

  5. Address him again “I call out to you, what ho?” There is no response. What do you do? Address him yet again. Approach the rider. Turn around and try to find another route.

  6. Address him yet again “Why doth you remain silent? At what point shall I address my boot and expect it to call out to me rather than you?” you call out jokingly, yet nervously. There is no response. What do you do? Address him again. Approach the rider. Turn around and try to find another route.

  7. Approach the rider As you grow nearer and nearer to the silent, unmoving figure, the air around you seems to chill. Even the sound of the crow is growing ever softer as you approach. Still, you press on for absolution. When you are but a horsecart’s length away from the dark rider, a flash of thunder breaks the silence and illuminates the sky enough to where you discover the rider has no head. In shock, you exclaim profanities and abscond in a most hasty fashion. The riders gives a cruel laugh and makes chase through the woods! Continue

  8. Turn around and try to find another route. As you make your way back towards the way you came, you wonder what business the rider had to sit out in the middle of the night on a bridge. The thought doesn’t trouble you any more on the way home. You fall asleep easily, and rest well for the big day tomorrow. The End. Restart?

  9. Pursuit! You dart through the forest, the rider gaining on you as you fly through the brush. You need to lose your pursuer. You see a clearing to your right, a denser section of forest to your left, and of course, you selected path in front of you. Which way do you go? Left. Right. Straight.

  10. Left You have chose the denser forest to your left. Your purser is riding a horse, so the greater number of trees should slow him down. You look back, and see with terror that as you duck and doge branches and tree trucks, the rider is passing through them as if his body was vapor. You run faster, your heart in your chest. He swiftly gains on you, as you slow down to the exact effect to which you thought would affect your spectral pursuer. Continue.

  11. Right It was a snap decision, but you chose the clearing to the right. You see now that it was a grave error, as your pursuer gains ever closer. Continue.

  12. Straight It would take too much time to make a turn, so you continue along the dirt path you are currently on. As you run, the sounds of hoofbeatsgrow ever softer. Soon, you cannot hear them at all. You sneak a look behind you, and find nothing but dark, empty forest. You are by now hopelessly lost, but that is not your biggest concern right now. You take a breath of relief, having now lost your purser. You continue along the road for about ten more minutes before rounding a corner, and to your horror, see no more than ten feet in front of you the rider who gave chase. Continue.

  13. It was over much quicker than you thought it would. A swift pain, then nothing. You fall to the ground worn, terrified, and far away from where anyone was ever willing to look for your body. Everybody said they mourned your passing, but in reality, no one really did. End. Continue.

  14. Failure You remove the helmet of the AR entertainment machine. You thought to yourself about how beating all the simulations like how Roger did was going to be impossible. You still had “Sleepy Hollow”, “D-day”, “1984”, and “Apollo 11” to do. You looked out over the glass towers hovering about the violent poison death cloud that raged over the surface of the Earth. You figure that you have at least a few more hours before you have to do your homework, so you jump back into your chair and put the helmet over your head again. Restart?

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