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Welcome to SLEEPY HOLLOW! by Connor green

Welcome to SLEEPY HOLLOW! by Connor green. The legend of SLEEPY HOLLOW.

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Welcome to SLEEPY HOLLOW! by Connor green

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  1. Welcome to SLEEPY HOLLOW! by Connor green

  2. The legend of SLEEPY HOLLOW In the story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow a boy named Ichabod Crane sat around a campfire with farmers and citizens. They would talk about strange creatures around the campfire. One farmer whispered a legend about the Headless Horseman. He told the citizens and Ichabod about the Headless Horseman who was a Calvary man whose head was blown clean off with a cannon ball. Ichabod was a schoolteacher for kids. He was not and ordinary schoolteacher he was sympathetic. Ichabod would accompany the children home while telling them monster stories. He also would go to some family’s houses and have dinner there. He would also teach children to sing, when he would walk home he would remember all of the stories he heard around the campfire trying to get home he tried not to think of the stories. When he was walking the next day he saw a girl who Ichabod likes and he said “hello” and she said “hello back and I’m Katrina.” When Ichobod went to Katrina’s house Baltus van tassel boomed “welcome school master, Katrina spoke much of you.” Ichobod added shakily “Sh she has she is the most talented singer in the group.” Says Ichabod, Katrina says you are the smartest man. When Ichabod went to Katrina's house for the party he 5talked and when he left the horseman chased him and threw a pumpkin at his skull. People looked for him, People looked for him all they saw was his hat and a smashed pumpkin when they stopped looking brom bones married Katrina read the book to find out the rest

  3. Genre the genre for this book is fantasy because there is no such thing as a headless horseman and any ghosts.

  4. SETTING The setting in this story starts off around a campfire at night in the woods. The story moves into the school of Ichabod’s school house where he teaches, singing and knowledge, then Ichobod goes to Katrina’s house.

  5. Recommendation I would recommend this book to people who like mystery and exciting stories, being specific I would recommend this to lliamagular.

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