the legend of sleepy hollow n.
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The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow PowerPoint Presentation
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The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

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The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

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  1. The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow By: Dorys Barbosa

  2. What I Know • 1. it has to do with someone or something being sleepy • It’s a legend • Written by Washington Irving

  3. What I Want To Know • What is a sleepy hollow? • Who is this story about? • Where was this legend originated? • Could this be a true story? • It’s a horror/suspense short story? • Who are the main characters? • What does this story teach you? • Who were the good housewives? • Where exactly is this place?

  4. Who is hendrickhudson • What exactly is sleepy hollow? • How did the man become headless? • Is the cognomen the headless man? • Who are the larger boys? • Is the man of letters the same man as inchabod? • howdo the tunes of psalm keep bad spirits away?

  5. Who is the woman inchabod loves/likes? • Who is Katrina Van? • Does katrina like inchabod back? • Are inchabod and katrina going to end up together? • Will they have kids? • Could money be an impediment from them being together?

  6. Is brom bones rich? • Will inchabod and brom fight for katrina? • Who will win katrina? • How will they get her , by fighting? • What will bones do to inchabod • Will broms gang get him and hurt inchabod?Will people make fun of inchabod at the party?

  7. Is inchabod nervous?What will he do when he gets to the party ? • What will happen when he tries talking to katrina ?Will katrina not talk to him?Whar will bones do to inchabod is he gets katrina?Is he going to get rid of inchabod?

  8. Do spirits actually scare people? • Does the headless horseman kill people? • Will they end up together? • will something happen to inchabod on his way home? • Why is inchabod scared? • Will he encounter any ghost?

  9. Is the headless horseman going to kill him? • Who actually shot him I dotn think a ghost can ? • Did brom have something to do with what happen to inchabod? • I wonder what will actually happen?

  10. Learned • The place is very calm • Inchabod remembers being a boy • The place is called sleepy hollow • The town is bewitched • There is a headless man that appears • The country is called the state of new york • Inchabod is a teacher

  11. Inchabod is a really helpful person • He is a really good singer he sings at the church • He believes in tales and legends • When he would walk through the woods he would play tunes • Inchabod likes Katrina • Katrina is a rich girl

  12. Inchabod imagines how his life would be with Katrina • When he went to Katrina's house it was full of food and it was really big and nice • Katrina has a lot of admirers • Inchabod is going to try to win her • Inchabod knows brom bones is his rival • Inchabod and brom got invited to a party

  13. He borrowed a horse from his friend • Inchabod dressed really nice but not as nice as the rich people • On his way to the party he smells all these different farm crops • When he gets to the party he sees alll these nicely dressed peoplle • Bones was dressed nice, better than anyone

  14. Once he got inside the house it was full of color and there was tables and tables of food • Inchabod is realy good at dancing and bones got jealous • The people started telling stories and inchabod was interested • Bones is trying to impress people by telling stories about himself

  15. Inchabod started telling his stories and feels like he has impressed her • Then on his way back home he started seeing and hearing thing • He sees something near the tree and gets scared • He them sees a headless horseman and takes out on full speed • The man started chasing him and then inchabods saddle fell off

  16. Once he passes the bridge near the church and he thinks hes safe the creature shoots him • The next day they go out to look for him but just find his hat and a pumpkin • Some people believe the goblin took him • Then later on Katrina and Brom got married and nobody ever knew what exactly happened

  17. Prediction • I think its about a man without a head or at least something like that or about a hollow that sleeps a lot . Because when I was searching for the short story a picture of a man on a horse without a head kept showing up.