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Professional Learning Action Team

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Professional Learning Action Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Learning Action Team. March 2013 Do Now: Turn on your laptop and locate the Special Educator and General Educator Survey Results (in e-mail).

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professional learning action team

Professional Learning Action Team

March 2013

Do Now: Turn on your laptop and locate the Special Educator and General Educator Survey Results (in e-mail)


MISSION: The mission of the Parkway School District is to ensure all students are capable, curious and confident learners who understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world.

  • Mission Driven Agenda
  • Opportunity to share, be heard and understood
  • Stay on topic , stay productive and be an active participant
  • Utilize protocols to ensure productive discussions, reach consensus and facilitate the work of the team
  • Demonstrate professional courtesies (start/end on time, avoid side talk)
  • Be nice! (positive attitudes, respect others, presume positive intent)
  • Be accountable to school and Professional Learning Action Team

Review the Norms – What is the one you want to focus on today?

eu and eq
EU and EQ

EU: The Professional Learning Action Team’s purpose is to ensure all certified staff members participate in high quality professional learning focused on achievement for all students.

EQ: How can the Professional Learning Action Team contribute to Mission Accomplished 2016?

  • Personalized Professional Learning
  • The Role of PLAT 2013 – 2014
    • Poster Paper Conversation
  • Updates
personalized professional learning proposal
Personalized Professional Learning Proposal
  • Review the Overview
    • Table Talk – Pros and Cons
  • Review the Sample Course
    • Table Talk – Pros and Cons
  • Next Steps
    • PLAT Consensus to Share with Staff
    • Share with Staff
    • PLAT Approval to Move Forward
the role of plat and professional learning
The Role of PLAT and Professional Learning
  • Question Assignments
  • Go to your assigned question and introduce yourself to you team
  • Respond to any question that you are able
  • Create an action plan to get the answers to the unanswered questions by the next PLAT meeting
  • Send the Action Plan to your team members and cc in Liz (emorrison)
  • Summer Workshop Proposals Due by March 29th
  • PLAT Elections – Conduct in April (New PLAT representative will attend the MAY PLAT Meeting)
    • Utilize Google Docs for the Election
    • Send Results to Me
  • Summer Institute Registration
    • Elementary
    • Secondary
    • ELL (June)
  • Summer Course Catalogue
  • 3 in 3 (Teacher Professional Learning and Evaluation Model)