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Please do now:. What makes a fairy tale a fairy tale? What are the characteristics of the genre? On a piece of paper, create a list of common elements of fairy tales. Satire. Eng IV Honors Mrs. McLeod. From Shrek.

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please do now
Please do now:

What makes a fairy tale a fairy tale? What are the characteristics of the genre? On a piece of paper, create a list of common elements of fairy tales.



Eng IV Honors

Mrs. McLeod

from shrek
From Shrek

Which elements of the clip depart from the typical characteristics of a fairy tale?


A literary work that ridicules its subject through the use of techniques such as exaggeration, reversal, incongruity, and/or parody in order to make a comment or criticism about it

four techniques of satire
Four Techniques of Satire

Identify at least one example from the clip for each of the four techniques

Exaggeration: to enlarge, increase or represent something beyond normal bounds so that it becomes ridiculous and its faults can be seen

Incongruity: to present things that are out of place or are absurd in relation to its surroundings

Reversal: to present the opposite of the normal order

Parody: to imitate the techniques and/or style of some person, place or thing

satire criticism of society
Satire: criticism of society
  • Identify the primary comments or criticisms of society being made through the satirical techniques in the clip from Shrek
    • What is the underlying message or unwritten moral?
examples of satire
Examples of satire

What type of satirical techniques?

Comment on society?

examples of satire1
Examples of satire

What type of satirical techniques?

Comment on society?

please do now1
Please do now:

Think of a book, movie or television show that uses satire to ridicule vice or folly or poke fun at a serious subject.

Describe a scene, skit, chapter or episode and explain how it uses at least one of the satire techniques we discussed in class, i.e.,

  • Exaggeration
  • Incongruity
  • Reversal
  • Parody
examples of political satire
Examples of Political Satire

What type of satirical techniques?

Comment on society?

examples of politcal satire
Examples of Politcal Satire

What type of satirical techniques?

Comment on society?

gulliver s travels by jonathan swift
Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
  • A time of religious and political strife
  • Swift criticizes intolerance displayed in these conflicts
  • Four imaginary voyages of a well-educated, but unimaginative ship’s surgeon, Lemuel Gulliver
    • Lilliput: focuses on dispute between Church of England and Roman Catholics
    • Brobdingnag: criticizes politicians as ignorant, lazy and corrupt
about jonathan swift 1667 1745
About Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Born in Dublin, Ireland to English parents, though father died before his birth

Received a good education with help from relatives

Obtained an appointment in household of Sir William Temple, a wealthy diplomat

Wanted to go into politics, but with no support from Temple, decided on a career in the church

Began writing satire—unusual for a clergyman; lost favor among church officials

Gulliver’s Travels began as a humorous assignment from Scriblerus Club, Swift’s literary friends, who dared him to write a series of amusing imaginary travel books.

vocabulary to know
Vocabulary to Know

Avarice: insatiable greed for riches; miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth

Conjecture: guess

Pernicious: ruinous; injurious; hurtful

Schism: a division or disunion, usually into opposed parties

Sustenance: food or money to support life

Commodity: product that is bought or sold; usually sold by many different companies; often of uniform quality

Censure: strongly disapprove; condemn

questions for study
Questions for Study

In “Lilliput” excerpt:

What is the cause of the conflict between Blefuscu and Lilliput?

Thousands of people had died over the religious controversy between Catholics and Protestants in England. Why do you think Swift chose to represent the conflict through such a trivial concern?

How does Gulliver quickly squander the favor that his capture of the Blefuscudian fleet gives him in the king’s court?

questions for study1
Questions for Study:

In “Brobdingnag” excerpt:

What is the significance of the king’s physical treatment of Gulliver while he is speaking about his “beloved country” of England?

What evidence indicates that Gulliver’s response to the king’s criticism of England might be flavored with Swift’s sarcasm?

In Gulliver’s Travels, what satire in the novel is tied to a specific place or time in history and what satire is universal?
please do now2
Please do now:

What foolish behavior, trend or attitude in today’s world merits mockery? Make a list of five institutions, customs or behaviors that you believe deserve criticism. It could be a practice within your school or a custom in your community or in the country as a whole.

create your own satire
Create your own Satire!

In groups of 2-3, create your own 5-8 minute satire video

Brainstorm topic

Create a script

Rehearse scenes

Shoot video; 2-3 days

Edit video for final presentation

To be shared in class

satire presentation grading
Satire Presentation Grading

Content 50 points

Organization 20 points

Collaboration 15 points

Presentation 15 points

Total Points Possible 100 points