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Williams Intermediate Physical Education Program 2008/2009. Coach Doss, PE Teacher. 39 yrs. old, married 9 years, son Bailey (9), daughter Macayla (7), son Noah (6) Favorite sports- Football, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Horseshoes

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Coach doss pe teacher
Coach Doss, PE Teacher Program

  • 39 yrs. old, married 9 years, son Bailey (9), daughter Macayla (7), son Noah (6)

  • Favorite sports- Football, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Horseshoes

  • Favorite pastime – gardening, beach, cutting grass

  • Favorite food – pizza, hamburgers, chicken, steak, VEGETABLES

  • Professional goal – inspire students’ love for physical movement and wellness

  • Personal goal – never stop learning and affecting positive changes in others

  • “I CAN’T DO IT” is not in my vocabulary

Fire emergency
Fire Emergency Program

  • Silence! Order!

  • Put equipment down.

  • Walk to emergency door.

  • Walk to safety in single line.

  • Listen for directions.

Tornado emergency
Tornado Emergency Program

  • Silence! Order!

  • Put equipment down.

  • Walk to inside wall

  • Duck and cover

  • LISTEN for directions.

Lock down
Lock Down Program

  • Put equipment down

  • Walk to area designated by teacher


When will i be successful
When will I be successful? Program

I will be successful only if I can develop self-responsibility for my own behavior and learning.

Action levels
Action Levels Program

  • Unacceptable (All Classes)

    • Not following directions

    • Not participating

    • Arguing

    • Being out of control

    • Poor attitude

    • Busting a Sag

    • Shirt Tails UN-tucked

Action levels1
Action Levels Program

2. Acceptable (All Classes)

  • Following directions

  • Participating

  • Taking care of equipment or materials

  • Being under control

  • “Yes Sir” and “No Sir”

  • “Yes Ma’am” and “No Ma’am”

Action levels2
Action Levels Program

3. Outstanding (All Classes)

  • Being self-responsible

  • Cooperating with others

  • Returning equipment or materials

  • Helping others

  • Acting as a role model.

Six pillars of character
Six Pillars of Character Program

  • espect

  • rustworthy

  • esponsibility

  • airness

  • aring

  • itizenship

School rules and procedures

Rules Program

Keep your hands, feet, and object to yourself.

Obey directions the first time given by all staff members.

Speak appropriately to others

No gum is allowed.

No Spaghetti Straps


Follow the rules for all school areas.

Walk without talking in a single line on the right side of the hall.

All students must use designated hall passes and be escorted by responsible student.

School Rules and Procedures

Pe rules
PE Rules Program

  • Enter and leave quietly.

  • Raise hand for permission to speak.

  • Follow directions.

  • Respect others.

  • Ask for permission to leave class area.

  • Take good care of athletic equipment.

Rewards Program

  • Self-satisfaction of doing right thing

  • Teacher oral recognition

  • Monthly Reward slips

  • Letter sent home

  • Fun Day

Fun day
Fun Day Program

Class can be rewarded with a fun day, which is a choice of activities, for consistently good behavior, sportsmanship, and group cooperation.

Consequences Program

  • ONE Warning

  • Time out in the gym with an option to return to class and sign Time Out book.

  • Time out without an option to return to class

  • Referral, contacting parents

  • Behavior contract

Attire put in locker
Attire Program“Put in Locker”

  • Sneakers, tennis shoes, athletic shoes

  • No sandals, flip flaps, dress shoes, high heels,platform shoes of any kind.

  • Shorts, comfortable pants warn on waist

  • T-shirts, sweatshirts

  • Athletic clothing

    Reasons: healthy growth, safety, comfort, cool look

Procedures Program

  • Class beginning (Role Call in Designated Area)

  • Warm up

  • Finding partner

  • Conflict resolution

  • Homework

  • Bathroom

  • Water

  • Injuries

  • Illness

Class beginning
Class Beginning Program

  • Warm-up routine

  • Taking assigned spot and stretching for lesson introduction.

  • Reporting absentees.

  • Lesson introduction

Warm up routine
Warm-up Routine Program

  • Maximum 10 minutes

  • Alternating intensity of basic movement.

  • Basic conditioning

  • Stretch

Seating chart
Seating Chart Program

  • You will have assigned sitting / exercise place for some segments of the class aligned with a class roll

Pe partner
PE Partner Program

  • Randomly drawn, assigned by teacher, chosen

  • Approach another student.

  • Ask: “Would you like to be my partner today?”

  • Answer: “Yes, thank you” or “Thank you for asking, but I would like to be “Susie’s” partner today.”

  • Sit down together.

Teams Program

  • Chosen by students

  • Selected by teacher:

    • Randomly,

    • According to skill level

When someone bothers me
When Someone Bothers me. Program

  • Ignore him/her.

  • Tell him/ her to stop.

  • Tell PE teacher when 1. and 2. are not working.

  • Tell your classroom teacher.

  • Tell your parents at home.

To solve disagreements
To Solve Disagreements Program

  • Discuss, negotiate, ask for other people’s help, take turns, use game solutions:

    • Paper, Rock, Scissors

    • Odd, even

Homework Program

  • Exercise every day 30-60 minutes.

  • In addition to homework given by the teacher, chose your own activity.

  • Keep a log of activities.

  • Try to involve as many members of your family as possible.

  • Do not skip homework even on weekends.

Bathroom Program

  • Use the bathroom before or after the class.

  • In case of emergency:

    • Ask the teacher for permission.

    • Hall Pass Out.

    • Return as soon as possible.

    • Hall Pass In.

Water Program

  • During the class: Ask for permission and follow bathroom procedure.

  • After the class:

    • Line up in a single line on the side of the hall

    • Only one person at the water fountain.

    • After finishing, line up in designated spot on the side of the hall.

Injuries Program

  • Pain is a human’s natural protecting mechanism .

  • After minor incident, pain lasts only a few minutes.

  • Inform teacher, if injury pain is severe and persists long time.

  • Report every case of bleeding.

Illness Program

  • Participation in PE is mandated by law.

  • Only doctor can excuse a student from long term participation.

  • Parent can write an excuse from class in case of common illnesses such as: flu, diarrhea, etc.

  • In case of sudden illness, student can receive excuse for classroom or PE teacher.

Wanted class pe manager
***WANTED*** ProgramClass PE Manager

  • Responsible, sharp, helpful

  • Job description:

    • Report absentees

    • Help to set up equipment

    • Check out equipment for the class

    • Attend meetings for equipment maintenance and cleaning

Report cards
Report Cards Program

  • For grade 6

  • Each 9 Weeks

  • For attendance, effort, behavior

What is pe
What is PE Program

  • One of the components of education

  • Has own tools and methods.

  • Prepares for success in the future.

  • Equips students with information about health and fitness.

  • Teaches sport and games.

  • Provides opportunity to improve skills.

  • Gives suggestion and teaches skills for lifelong sport and recreation activities.

  • Gives opportunity for appropriate social interaction, cooperation, competition, etc.

So what are we going to do in class this year
So, what are we going to do in class this year? Program

Emphasis by each 9 weeks:

  • 1st quarter – fitness, sports, games

  • 2nd quarter – sports and games

  • 3rd quarter – soccer and games

  • 4th quarter – fitness, sports, games

    During each class we will work on sport, fitness, and social skills.

Jump a rope
Jump a rope Program

Dancing Program

Gymnastics Program

Stretching Program

Having fun
Having fun Program

And more fun
And more fun Program

Running Program

And much much more
And much much more! Program

Have a great academic year 2007/2008!!