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Control-M is a workload automation (traditionally called batch scheduling) software produced by BMC Software, originally written for mainframes but also available for distributed computing platforms including Unix, Windows, Linux and OpenVMS environments./nBMC Software claims that Control-M is the most widely used scheduling software in large enterprises. It has many features which help maintain an organized job flow environment. It is used to help automate various functions in the enterprise including traditional JCL, batch files, shell scripts as well as routine functions such as invoking database stored procedures, invoking and using web services and handling file transfers inside and outside the organization./nControl-M has the traditional ability to schedule workloads on a daily, weekly, monthly, and so forth interval, but it can also be used to handle dynamic and complex situations where you do not know when, or if, a workload will need to be executed. It does this through trigger mechanisms such as its ability to watch for files, be called by third party applications through an API or be invoked on demand through Java or Web Services./nControl-M can be integrated with applications such as SAP and Oracle's PeopleSoft, to act as a scheduling organizer in these platforms and bring traditionally isolated workloads into the enterprise big picture./nWith the addition of BMC Batch Discovery in 2007, Control-M is now positioned to integrate directly into the Remedy Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This integration helps identify the relationships between batch processes and other business and IT infrastructure components./n

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A typical job execution proceeds as follows:

  • A job waiting to be submitted “waits” on the server computer.

2. When all its prerequisite conditions, resource requirements, and all other scheduling constraints are satisfied, CONTROL-M/Server instructs CONTROL-M/Agent to submit the job.

3. Upon receiving a request to submit the job, CONTROL-M/Agent submits the job for execution according to the job definition. CONTROL-M/Agent can connect to a remote host and can perform requests and actions on that remote host.

4. CONTROL-M/Agent monitors the job and reports any exceptional situation to CONTROL-M/Server.

5. Upon completion of the job, CONTROL-M/Agent and CONTROL-M/Server perform the post-processing analysis.