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2007 IOIA AGM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2007 IOIA AGM. This year’s Annual General Meeting was held on March 4 th at the Best Western Inn, in Encinitas, California. There were 39 people in attendance, including staff.

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    1. 2007 IOIA AGM • This year’s Annual General Meeting was held on March 4th at the Best Western Inn, in Encinitas, California. • There were 39 people in attendance, including staff. • For a complete report of IOIA’s activities and accomplishments in 2006, please see the upcoming newsletter, due out in April.

    2. Luis Brenes resides over his final AGM in Encinitas, California. He presented his annual report and called for committee reports.

    3. The AGM started promptly at 1pm.

    4. Treasurer Gene Prochaska gives his financial report. Among other good news, IOIA will shortly own our office building in Broadus, thanks to the generous donation of its current owner.

    5. Executive Director Margaret Scoles, as she recognizes members for their efforts during the year.

    6. Lisa Pierce was recognized for her monumental efforts in putting together a cohesive curriculum for IOIA. The members gave her a standing ovation for her largely self-directed work of the past year. She also served as International Training Manager during that same time period.

    7. Maria Devincenzo of QAI received a bag o’ goodies from Margaret to help ease her upcoming eye surgery.

    8. Debra Bunn, Marg Dixon, Sandra Conway, and Bob Durst listen in.

    9. Garry Lean shows the Board Appreciation plaque for Ann Baier, outgoing board member. Other members to receive plaques were Marina Sexty-Buchan, Ann Lameka, and Luis Brenes.

    10. The membership votes on a board proposal to change the size of the board from 7 to 5 members. The proposal was approved 35 yes to 3 no with 2 abstaining.

    11. Board candidates give a brief presentation on why they want the job. From left: Sandra Conway, Nominations chair; Bob Durst, Arthur Harvey, David Konrad, Monique Scholz, Sue Baird & Erin Beard.

    12. Staffer Sacha tallies the vote in English AND Swiss.

    13. Arthur Harvey is awarded the 2007 Inspector Asset of the Year for his continuing challenges to USDA-NOP.

    14. Arthur with his plaque. Upon receiving it, he used his 15 minutes of fame to share his next plan of action re: NOP, which was given a vote of support by the membership.

    15. Monique Scholz returns to the IOIA board, after serving in it’s founding year. She’s looking out for Canada and it’s new Organic Regime.

    16. It took awhile, but we finally got Bob Durst on the board.

    17. Sue Baird was elected as the Second Alternate, a one year term in the reformed board. Erin Beard will serve as the First Alternate for 2 years. Catherine Ann Cash was also elected to the board in absentia.

    18. New board member David Konrad.

    19. Keynote Speaker Mike Villaneva of the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security jumped right into a Q & A with the membership on the topic of sanitation. Mike was a key inspector in the recent e.coli outbreak.

    20. The AGM dinner party filled the Cabana Room with over 50 in attendance.

    21. Steve Christie introduces the evening’s entertainment, Paul Horn. He could have played until midnight! But the hotel policy was shhh! after 10pm.

    22. Just some of the wonderful items that were donated for the Live Auction. From this small table, auctioneer Brian Magaro, along with some help from the beer & wine section of the local Trader Joe’s, wrangled a whopping $2002.50 from the attendees. Items included Brian’s custom walnut file holders (available thru our website in the Books & Goods section), Blueberry products from Arthur Harvey, wildflower honey, pecans, books, and a Buddha that came all the way from Nepal.

    23. Ace Auctioneer Brian Magaro along with his #1 Assistant Garry Lean. What a team!

    24. I spent HOW MUCH on those sox?????!!!!

    25. Peace and Love from Nepal – Maheswar Ghimire brought this Buddha for the auction - it will now reside with Kelly Monaghan in Toronto.

    26. Brian and Ann Lameka, in between cuttin’ the rug!

    27. It’s good to dance after sitting thru that AGM!

    28. Luis and Brian dance for joy that they’re no longer on the board. Brian was a 2 term president.

    29. You should be dancin’, yeah!

    30. Sacha finally takes off her glasses and lets her hair down!

    31. The last ones standing.