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  2. Serving the society is the basic aim of any NGO across the world and so is the case with Relief India Trust; an NGO based in India and trying utmost to make India a better country for all citizens. Quite often there have been claims of financial misappropriation in some charity organizations, but this is far from the truth, since the Relief India Trust tries hard to ensure every single penny from the donations and contributions of well wishers are used in the best way possible to save the needy from their miserable conditions. The trust is a non-profit making organization and so works to deliver welfare services to the needy in the society. There are many people in the society who do not even know how to fight for their own interests; these are the people Relief India Trust for. Relief India Trust- An Educational NGO In India

  3. There are billions of people living in India today. This population also exhibits various diversities as people exist in various classes, religions and tastes. With the rural people comprising of a greater majority, looking into the affairs of the rural areas is noble cause taken by any charity organization. The western society has come in with new and modern styles and cultures and the rural people in India need to step up to the game. However, rural development in India is still experiencing a lot of challenges and therefore lagging behind. The people living here are faced with various difficulties of life, including poverty, illiteracy and poor living standards. The disparity between the rural and urban areas is quite huge than can just be expressed. Relief India Trust: A Real Warrior For Rural Development In India

  4. Together as a team and family, you are assured of a supportive environment with several other volunteers in the NGO so that you can achieve the main objective of bringing about a positive change in the society more especially for the poor and less privileged people. There are several areas you can volunteer, including but not limited to health care projects, street children education program, women's empowerment programs, rural transformation programs, orphanage work and environmental conservation programs among others. Through these programs, you will be able to tell the difference existing between the rich families in urban areas and the poor from rural areas. The Most Fulfilling Experience By Volunteering In Relief India Trust

  5. Since the government has been reluctant in providing better health care to the rural population, NGOs have come up to fill the gap by running various healthcare campaigns and schemes that are focused on improving the health conditions of all people. The Relief India Trust is one of the social welfare organizations in India involved in healthcare improvement of the rural population. The government on its part has tried where possible to set up healthcare facilities, but the truth is they are too little for the ever mushrooming population. The number of well trained and experienced professional medics is also on the low side making it difficult to achieve a healthy society for all. Relief India Trust- Improving rural Health Care In India

  6. There are many NGOs running currently in India and each works for a specific cause. Relief India on its part works determinedly to change and improve the lives of needy people in the society. Generally, it is working for all needy people, including special children, girl child, women, and elderly and physically disabled among others. The organization has also set up various campaigns to help achieve the main objective. The trust has come out with well structured projects and showcasing them to the public so as to garner support from the willing volunteers to help work towards the cause. Relief India Trust- Working Relentlessly For The Cause

  7. D-22, Sector 3Noida – Uttar PradeshSpeak to Doctor:- +(91)-(120)-4258313Speak to a Volunteer:- (Toll free)-18001031777,+(91)-9810102897Email: / CONTACT US